I once rooted rose cuttings in six months in a cold, north-facing back bedroom. Sterile conditions are rot's biggest enemy. in spite of nature's attempts to break them down into compost. For that reason I place cuttings at the dark place first week. I've tried on the windowsill, covered in a polythene bag, root powder, root gel, in the greenhouse, outside!! zip lock bag with a bit of water trapped inside as your collecting container. Anonymous. Rooting cuttings in early spring is somewhat easier for me too. looking for some advice please. As roots do begin to form fertilizer, or a lack of sterility will become less harmful. I took cuttings from peach, pear, apple, cherry, plum, muscadine and blackberry. Fill one bin with 2 to 3 inches of water. They were cut above node and the bottom leaves were removed, no leaves touching the water. capillary matting through them. The matting should extend across the bottom inside of the bin with its two free ends dangling below the bin on the outside. Are your succulents dying? planted them in the wrong spot . My Pansies' Leaves Are Turning White → Why are Honeysuckle Vines Dying?