You can therefore order your cat tracker directly online, or go to one of our partners if you prefer to buy it at a physical location. If Your cat doesn’t go out for long periods and you have good cellular coverage this device would be perfect. Find out where your pet spends most time and the boundaries of its territory. Avec une utilisation de 8 à 11 heures/jour en moyenne, la batterie tient 2 jours ou un peu moins. Excellent but would love it to be smaller and for battery life to be longer. I was very happy with Weenect I was able to see where my cat was at anytime. 4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect tracker for a cat in the countryside. This is a good product with a good app. And 26% of lost cats are never found. 72 hours battery life / Waterproof (IP67). The tracker is ready for use. GPS Unit for Pets by Biotraka3. The GPS cat tracker is a complete tracking system that shows the GPS location of your feline with different modes: maps (classic or satellite view), compass and radar (opposite). Very accurate. When registering the tracker on our site (after having received it). We only experience GSM coverage issues in our area. It is very accurate. It’s very reassuring to know where he is. Weenect 2 Cat Tracker Weenect uses three features to track your pet, as – Google Map, Compass and Radar. Give a whole new view of your cat’s outdoor life, and a very helpful tool knowing where your cat is at every given time. Sometimes there are blips during the day, but most of the time it gives you a good idea where your cat is and has been. No need to stand in the back garden rattling the cat food waiting for your four-legged friend to come home. I love the ringing feature, as I can locate my cat by listening. Simple et efficace....excellent produit !!! He's fairly well trained to come when I ring him. When we thought there was a problem we were advise by the supplier and it was obviously ‘user error’. He escaped from it last week and we didn’t have a tracker on him. Sometimes there are blips during the day, but most of the time it gives you a good idea where your cat is and has been. It gives me peace of mind. You can locate all your animals equipped with a GPS tracker for cats or a GPS dog collar from the same account. We get to know our cats secret places where he goes and where he is. also weenect were great about replacing it when she lost it. If your animal disappears, you only have 36h of communications and then it's off. It is very useful in tracking our cat and helps us find him every day. So even if he doesn’t come in , we have an idea where to look. The secret life of your cat will soon be revealed to you. So far, I have not needed to use it to find him so that test is yet to come. If it's hiding in a bush, you can also ring the cat GPS collar to quickly locate it. We are able to call her home (not that she listens) & locate where she is or where she’s locked in!! Dougie happily accepted wearing this tracker, he can carry on as normal whilst still being comfortable and it has proven to have a decent accuracy level. Other than that, it's brilliant! From what I can find by my experience and research, this is the best product available in this product segment. It uses the GPS technology to detect the location of your cat, by means of a tracking device that attaches to your cat’s collar and a mobile app. It is therefore important not to confuse it with the microchip which allows the identification of a cat. So overall I’m extremely pleased! A verry good tracker! Good and fast replies to any queries from the team. It kept me calm whilst getting to know her behavior since I adopted her with 6y.o. On the whole this is a good product. Shipping takes place within 24 working hours and delivery takes between 1 and 2 days, depending on the country of delivery.
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