Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research Nov. 20, 2004; Whittier College, Whittier, CA. Welcome to the website for the categorical thoracic surgery residency training program of the Loyola University Medical Center Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery! UCLA Department of Medicine Conference, October, 2006. CV is one of the most important documents a medical student will create. (Mark Goodman). International Emergency Medicine Handbook. American Heart Association Scientific Session, 2005. Jeremiah W. Ray and Aram N. Nersissian. Emergency Medicine Residents' Association, Texas, 2011. A strong CV and personal statement can … Western Regional Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Meeting, March, 2010, and accepted for February, 2011. Council Of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors National Conference, San Diego, CA. Vines C, et al. Putting out the Midnight Fires: Dr. Matt Strehlow, Emergency Medicine. As such, it is not owned by us, and it is the user who retains ownership over such content. Meet our current residents at Michigan General Surgery. The Program Director is Joseph S. Coselli, MD , Division Chief, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine and Chief, Adult Cardiac Surgery, Texas Heart Institute. For help writing a CV that showcases your most relevant duties and skills, refer to our orthopaedic surgeon CV example. Holly J, Varghese S, Maeng S, Yeung J, Shen L.  Reduced Renal Function Leads to Impaired Glucose Metabolism in Gdnf Haploinsufficient Mice. For residents involved in a residency program, the program director must give the resident permission to interview for the position; Milestones evaluations Zeng L, Rahrmann E, Hu Q, Lund T, Sandquist L, Felten M, O'Brien TD, Zhang J, Verfaillie C,. (Mark Goodman), Event physician for Park City Pioneers Hockey Club. Emergency Medicine Residents' Association. Application … The Effect of Axial Ligands on Redox Potential of Blue Copper Binding Proteins. Goodman, M, Schroeder E, Becker J, et al. Is Ibuprofen Effective for the Prevention Against Acute Mountain Sickness: the Altitude Sickness in Climbers Efficacy of NSAIDs Trial (ASCENT). Independent Programs (also known as the Traditional Pathway — 5 years of general surgery, plus 2-3 years of cardiothoracic surgery residency);. Write a strong curriculum vitae (CV) that will get your application for medical residency noticed. When applying for these highly competitive residency programs, you will definitely need a medical residency CV or a medical residency resume to highlight your previous experience, skills, complete educational background, awards or any other relevant information that will greatly increase the chances of being admitted. In press. Critical Pathways in Cardiology. Holly J, Schroeder E, Becker J, et al. Intern of the Year - University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital - 2009, Bay Area Cardiology Medical Group - Ayman Hosny, MD, California Heart Institute - Ralf G. Sommerhaug, MD, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital - Joe U. Levi, MD, Duke University Medical Center - Levin Scott, MD, University of Miami/Jackson memorial hospital - Alan Livingstone, MD, Florida educational limited license - 2008-2009, Michigan educational limited license - present. 2008;25(3):144-49. Snowbasin Resort, Ogden, UT (Jeremiah Ray), ACEP Sports Medicine Section representative (Mark Goodman), Utah ACEP chapter resident representative (Sarah Schlein), EMRA resident representative, EMRA international committee member, EMRA health policy committee member (Sarah Schlein), EMRA resident representative (Jeremiah Ray), University of Utah Emergency Medicine website development (Michael Felten), Spanish (Philip Craven & Matthew Stewart), Observation unit chest pain patients (Jessica Holly, Eliza Johnson, Matthew Fuller, Mentor: Troy Madsen), Bedside Ultrasound for Fracture diagnosis (Mark Goodman, Patrick Ockerse, Mentor: Virgil Davis), Writing burn review for EM Critical Care (Jeremiah Ray, Mentor: Robert Preston), Injury patterns in motor vehicle collisions (Jeremiah Ray, Mentor: Scott Youngquist), Ultrasound guided bougies-assisted cricothyroidotomy (Keith Curtis, Mentor: Mike Mallin), Using US to assist in the diagnosis of hydronephrosis to forego CT scanning for flank pain (Ben Williams, Mentor), Using delta trop and CK-MB to reduce need for cardiac rule out admissions (Ben Williams, Mentor), Decreasing radiology turnaround times in the ED (Michelle Reina, Mentor: Christy Hopkins), Helmet use in winter sports injured in area resorts (Michelle Reina, Mentor: Christy Hopkins). High Intensity Resistance Training, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Hypertension in Young Healthy Males. In press. Donald V. La Barge III, M.D., Perry P. Ng, M.D., Edwin A. Stevens, M.D., Nathan K. Friedline, M.D., John R. Kestle, M.D., and Richard H. Schmidt, M.D., Ph.D. Extended intracranial applications for ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (Onyx): mycotic and dissecting aneurysms. Texas, 2011. 06/30/20 Neuroplastic, and Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery (PS)- 2020 / UAB and Children’s of Alabama Hospitals, AL Start: Aug 1, 2020 Vancouver, … Nathan C Dean, M.D. Society For Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, 6/2011. Holly J, Hamilton D, Mallin M, Black K, Robbins R, Davis V, Barton E, Madsen T. Prospective Evaluation of the Use of the Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction (TIMI) Score as a Risk Stratification Tool for Chest Pain Patients Admitted to an Emergency Department Observation Unit. Wilderness Medicine National Conference. Curriculum Vitae and example 28-32 Personal Statement and example 33-36 Chapter Seven: Riding the Interview Trail to Match Day Interviewing strategies 37-39 Evaluation form for surgical residency programs 40 The Interview: outline and questions 41-45 Following up with programs 46-47 Chapter Nine: Question and … Ann Emerg Med. Holly J, Schroeder E, Becker J, et al. Candidates should have completed a plastic, orthopedic or general surgery residency. Upon completion of this sub-internship program, international medical graduates may apply to our preliminary residency program via ERAS. Emergency Medicine Residents' Association. Society of Academic Emergency Medicine National Meeting, Boston, MA. High Intensity Resistance Training Induces Left Ventricular Hypertrophy without Hemodynamic Benefits in Young Healthy Males. Epub 2007 Jul 12. Emergency Medicine Residents' Association. Whether you are applying to the top orthopedic surgery residency programs or general surgery residency you need to make sure that your application document will help you to win a place. Eur J Appl Physiol. 25th Annual Stanford Medical Student Research Symposium May 14, 2008; Stanford University, Stanford, CA. We have the pros that can tailor the LoR for surgery residency, CV or personal statement that will best highlight your preparedness for residency program. 2008 . Fresno California. Administrative Program CoordinatorGabriela MontielEmailPhone (801) 585-9397, Associate Director of EducationChristine CarlsonEmailPhone (801) 581-2272, 30 N 1900 E 1C026Salt Lake City, Utah 84132 801-581-2417, Transplantation & Advanced Hepatobiliary Surgery, Difficult airway course (all residents during PGY2 year), Emergency Ultrasound-ACEP certification (all residents), Hyperbaric Medicine Certificate (Michael Felten), Neurosurgery residency (PGY1-3) (Nathan Friedline), Army Medical Department Officer Basic Course (Nathan Friedline), Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) (Jessica Holly, Eliza Johnson, Caroline Vines, Michelle Reina, Matthew Stewart, Todd Johnson), Moonlighting physician at local Salt Lake City community emergency departments (Jessica Holly and Mark Goodman), Moonlighting physician at DayBreak Emergency Department (all residents, planned Jan 2012), Peer Reviewer for Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Journal (Jessica Holly), Captain, Medical Corps, United States Army (Nathan Friedline), Medical and Rescue Physician. Endodontics CV 1; Endodontics CV 2; General Practice Residency CV International Dentistry CV Sample: Residency Sample CV Before and Residency Sample CV After Orthodontics CV 1; Orthodontics CV 2; Pediatric CV 1; Pediatric CV 2; Surgery CV Holly J, Bledsoe J, Black K, Robbins R, Davis V, Bossart P, MD, Barton E, Madsen T. Prospective Evaluation of an Emergency Department Observation Unit Protocol for Trauma Activation Patients. Wilderness Environ Med. Technology implementation impacting the outcomes of patients with Community Acquired Pneumonia. About the Residency. International Emergency Medicine Handbook. October 2011. Ray JW, Kartunen AJ, Froelicher VF. 24th Annual Stanford Medical Student Research Symposium May 16, 2007; Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Transfered to Henry Ford Hospital as a categorical intern in January of 2010, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital - Kuwait City, Kuwait, West Hawalli Polyclinic - Kuwait City, Kuwait. Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells from Swine Bone Marrow. (Mark Goodman), Event physician for America's Cup Bobsled. H&P - The Stanford Medical Student Journal. ; Nathan C Dean, M.D. Resumes, and other information uploaded or provided by the user, are considered User Content governed by our Terms & Conditions. 2010 Apr;75(4):891-5. Epub 2007 Jul 12.Synergistic effects of ethanol and hyperthermia on carotid artery vasoconstriction. Emergency Medicine Residents' Association, Texas, 2011. Vines, Caroline. Mass General's Surgical Residency Program consists of five clinical years encompassing the broad range of surgery, and provides graded responsibility with adequate supervision at all levels. Vines, Caroline. Genotypic characterization of rotaviruses and prevalence of serotype-specific serum antibodies in children in Kuwait. Wilderness Medicine. Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Vasodilated Myocardial Perfusion by Quantitative MRI. Washington University in St. Louis is an alma mater where you can explore the best subjects and courses for studying the surgical residency program. Chapter: Typhoid Fever. 2009; 20(2): 192-194. Current CV including a photograph; Three (3) letters of recommendation: a. [3] By the September of your application year, you must pass the necessary licensing examinations (see Tip #2), optimize you CV, and obtain at least three letters of recommendation (see Tip #7). And with the creations of new types of operations for different diseases and conditions, the need for surgeons arises. All residents complete the requirements for certification by the American Board of Surgery. Denali National Park, Alaska (Nathan Friedline), EMT Course Medical Director, Salt Lake City, Utah (Jay Blankenship), University of Utah ultrasound course instructor (Jessica Holly, Ben Williams), Visiting House Staff Physician, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana (Caroline Vines, Shaneen Doctor, Jessica Holly), International work in Nepal and India with CIWEC and Shechen Clinic (Nepal) and Tse Phel Tob Kye Hospital in South India (Keith Curtis), Medical volunteer at CIWEC Travel Medicine Center in Kathmandu, Nepal (Jay Blankenship), Visiting Housestaff Physician, Lima, Peru (Patrick Ockerse and Matthew Fuller, planned January, 2012), Attended IndusEM International Emergency Medicine Conference in India (Philip Craven), Volunteer work in South Africa 2003 (Mark Goodman), Medical volunteer in Ecuador (Eliza Johnson), Volunteered building houses in post-Tsunami Thailand (Eliza Johnson), Healthcare Provider, Gift of Life Amman (GOLA), Amman, Jordan (Caroline Vines), Taught English in South Africa (Sarah Schlein), Medical Volunteer in Mali at a Protection Maternelle et Infantile, and Maternité in Mali-Volunteered at a Pediatric and Maternity Clinic (Sarah Schlein), Delegate for the World Conference Against Racism in South Africa (Sarah Schlein), Medical work in Ecuador; Thailand/Myanmar Refugee clinics; Nepal (Sarah Schlein), Volunteered in medical clinics in South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador) (Matthew Stewart), International Health Internship with Global Service Corps (Arusha, Tanzania) (Matthew Stewart), Volunteer at Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (Jay Blankenship), Medical volunteer in Nicaragua (Philip Craven), Medical Mission Initiative to Anáhuac, Mexico (Sarah Birdsall), Volunteered drilling wells along the Amazon River in Peru. Top Surgery Residency Programs. One letter from the current or most recent program director. High Intensity Resistance Training, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Hypertension in Young Healthy Males. Texas, 2011. Anne E. Davis and Jeremiah W. Ray. In Press. University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. Holly J, Schroeder E, Becker J, et al. If you are applying for several oral surgery residency programs at once you will gonna need a few personal statements, all different and suited specifically for the program, like oral and maxillofacial surgery residency personal statement.You should avoid the temptation to submit the same essay for different questions—it’s … The Texas Heart Institute/Baylor College of Medicine Thoracic Surgery Residency Program is a three-year program that accepts four residents annually. Anne E. Davis and Jeremiah W. Ray. Holly J, Johnson E, Hamilton D, Black K, Robbins R, Davis V, Barton E, Madsen T. Prospective Evaluation of Outcomes in Young Chest Pain Patients Admitted to an Emergency Department Observation Unit. Adverse Effects of Preoperative Steroid Use on Surgical Outcomes, Oral presentation at the Midwest Surgical Association and the American College of Surgeons, Kuwait University - Department of Nuclear Medicine. Emergency Medicine Residents' Association. In press. Jones B, Ockerse P, Grissom C, Elliot G, Woller S, Catheter-directed thrombolysis to treat a mobile right atrial thrombus. Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center . American Heart Association Scientific Session, 2005. Johnson E, et al. Johnson E, Youngquist S, Madsen T, Hopkins C.  Hospital Outcomes In Elderly Patients Injured At Winter Resorts. Page 9 Updated: 3/11/2016 Search Committee, Director of Emergency Department – 1999-2000 Search Committee, Chairman of Pediatrics – 1999-2000 Research Strategic Planning Committee – 1999-2001 Pediatric Surgery Guidelines Committee – 1999-2005 Emergency Medicine Residents' Association, Texas, 2011. Singer AJ, Dagum AB. Canadian Citizen. Eur J Appl Physiol. ; Todd Allen, M.D. Sensitivity and Predictors of Positive Lower Extremity Venous Duplex Ultrasound in the Setting of Pulmonary Embolism. National Institutes of Health Post-Baccalaureate Poster Day, 2005. Holly J, McIntosh S, Schimelpfenig Tod, Leemon D. Prevalence of High-Altitude Illness on National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Adventure Courses. 3. The General Surgery Residency Selection Committee, consisting of the chair, residency program director, the associate directors, faculty members and residents meet jointly to review all candidates and to determine our rank order list. Ockerse P, Schroeder E, Becker J, et al. In Press. (Submitted). (Submitted). Read through the “Residency Applications” course for your graduating class. Office: Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Stanford University School of Medicine . Emergency Medicine Residents' Association. American Journal of Emergency Medicine. Hsu L, Rhoads K, Holly J, Kellman P, Aletras A, Arai A. Quantitative Myocardial Perfusion Analysis with a Dual-Bolus Contrast Enhanced First-Pass MR Imaging Technique in Humans. ; Samuel Brown, M.D. In Press. Difficult airway course (all residents during PGY2 year) Emergency Ultrasound-ACEP certification (all residents) Hyperbaric Medicine Certificate (Michael Felten) Neurosurgery residency (PGY1-3) (Nathan Friedline) EMT-B (Nathan Friedline) Army Medical Department Officer Basic … In press. 6th Annual Stanford Fall Forum on Community Health and Public Service Oct. 9, 2007; Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Chapter: Placental Abruption. Chapter: African Trypanosomiasis. American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly, October 2011. How Socialized Medicine Influences the Quality of Emergency Care in Sweden. San Francisco, CA. CURRICULUM VITAE. We hope this site will answer most of your questions about our two year program, and the environment in which we educate and practice. Texas, 2011. Ray JW, Tenforde AS, Frost AM, Slikker W, Deshmukh SD, Forfota CV, Liebert CA, Pearl JI. Western Regional Society For Academic Emergency Medicine Conference, Keystone, CO. 2/2011. Holly J, Sowash J, Johansen B, Abrazado M, Storer T, Cooper C. Analysis of Low Chronotropic Index from 1,145 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests. In press. Blankenship JF, Standley TB, Estrada B. Identifying disseminated tuberculosis. ; Jason Jones, PhD; Dominik Aronsky, M.D., PhD; Caroline G. Vines, M.D. J Am Medical Informatics Association. It includes resources for preparing your CV and personal statement, as well as instructions for completing your ERAS application. Magee Secondary School September 1991 - June 1996. 2009;34(12):586-662. Our graduates have been extraordinarily successful in obtaining premier fellowship positions. Reina M, et al. In: Becker J and Schroeder ED. Mustafa S, Elgazzar AH, Ismael HN. Effect of diabetes on cooling-induced detrusor muscle contraction: mediation via Rho-kinase activation. In Press. International Emergency Medicine Handbook. Detroit, MI Blankenship JF, Rogers L, White J, Carey A, Fosnocht D, Hopkins C, Madsen, T. Prospective Evaluation of the Treatment of Pain in the Emergency Department Using Computerized Physician Order Entry. 2010 Dec;9(4):212-215. ; Columbia University also offers the great opportunity of studying the surgical residency program. Emergency Medicine Residents' Association, Texas, 2011. COVID-19: Updated Visitors Policy. International Emergency Medicine Handbook. Home » CV » CV Examples for 2020 » Medical » Surgeon CV Example Surgeon CV Example More and more professionals are turning to the CV as a job search tool, because the curriculum vitae provides more opportunities for professionals to demonstrate the full range of their skills, experience, and professional … Mustafa S, Thulesius O, Elgazzar AH, Ismael HN. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery - M.B.Ch.B. Please provide a type of job or location to search! Critical Pathways in Cardiology. Johnson E, Holly J, Hamilton D, Black K, Robbins R, Davis V, Barton E, Madsen T. Prospective Evaluation of Outcomes in Geriatric Chest Pain patients Admitted to an Emergency Department Observation Unit. Holly J, Gertsch J, Mulcahy A, Holck P, Basnyat B. Hospital admission decision for patients with community-acquired pneumonia: Variability among physicians in an emergency department. Clin Physiol Funct Imaging. 2011 Sep 8. Julius A. Bishop M.D. Goal of Your CV To make an argument that you are a strong match for the residency program that you are applying to. H&P - The Stanford Medical Student Journal Autumn 2007;12:1:20-21. You gradually assume increasing responsibility for patient care and participate in trauma management throughout the entire residency. Emergency Medicine Residents' Association. CURRICULUM VITAE Daniel J. Valaik M.D. Integrated Pathway (also known as I-6 — 6 years of cardiothoracic surgery residency); and. EMS crews can diagnose pre-hospital STEMI with high specificity after minimal ECG training. Use of Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery (PSIR) to Enable Delayed Enhancement Imaging of Myocardial infarction in an Epidemiological Study: Insights from Quality Assurance in the ICELAND MI Study. In press. Ockerse P, Schroeder E, Becker J, et al. Residency CV Additional Education. American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly, October 2011. Texas, 2011. Blankenship JF, Schroeder E, Becker J, et al. Curr Probl Cardiol. Physical Health Intervention at Costaño Middle School. Josiah-Brown Poster Fair at UCLA, August, 2006. (Submitted). Western Regional and Annual Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Meetings, February and June, 2011. David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Scholarship Day, May, 2009.