We know, just by looking at the world around us, that inequity exists and that things are unjust. J Big Data 6, 12 (2019). Is that person privileged or no? Often, their culturally diverse ways of being are not reflected back by those around them. She is a licensed professional counselor and national certified counselor. We, human beings, are different from one another. Similarly, 87% of blacks and 61% of whites said the U.S. criminal justice system treats black people less fairly. We can choose to live in silent disapproval and never challenge the status quo, but is that what we want? However, I believe in educating our society rather than fighting it with protests and exposing everyone with COVID-19. We are not attending to the oppression of our neighbors and how they feel; instead, we are attending to the impact of the information on our own sense of self. These are not “equally valid” viewpoints. The answer to many problems as we know as Counselors is having a conversation. It makes all sorts of assumptions about “White” people, assumptions that could not be made in such a manner about any other group of people without being labeled racist or prejudiced. To access writing guidelines and tips for having an article accepted for publication, go to ct.counseling.org/feedback. Michelle Trotman Scott, Brian L. Wright, and Donna Y. Ford. With a lens focused equally … The goal of the conversation is to invite White individuals to engage in a dialogue about systemic privilege and oppression rather than become defensive. Isn’t this author rather racist by assuming that cultural competency only applies to White people in regard to Black people (and for some reason, Hispanics). 1) What characteristics do we attribute to race? For example, it’s harder for them to find a mentor. What would it be like to let go of the strong grasp we have on our own cultural preferences and enter into the preferences of others (despite the unfamiliarity)? Lets distract by arguing semantics. (+1) 202-419-4300 | Main (The 2016 report on how blacks and whites view police in their communities also was based on that survey.) The reader wonders how Black and White people can understand each other, live together in harmony, and promote well-being. What psychology needs is some good philosophy, and I wish that I were a philosopher and could correct these ills, but I’m not so all I can do is touch upon some of the problems. In fact, no one should apologize for the behavior and thoughts of another person. Also, if we allow our unjust system to continue, we likely will never experience the true joy that comes from living in a diverse community and celebrating cultural differences. As a counselor of color, I’m finding it more difficult to have these conversations with my peers rather than my clients. Unmasking White supremacy and racism in the counseling profession, Encountering and addressing racism as a multiracial counselor, The historical roots of racial disparities in the mental health system, @TechCounselor: Retaking ownership of your time, https://doi.org/10.1186/s40537-019-0177-4. The 2017 police report was based on two surveys. Misunderstanding is an inevitable part of life. For this reason, it is necessary for all of us to cultivate a sense of understanding all the time. How would this article even apply to him? Days of protests across the United States in the wake of George Floyd’s death in the custody of Minneapolis police have brought new attention to questions about police officers’ attitudes toward black Americans, protesters and others. In the same way, we need to examine the correlations we make between a person’s race and her or his personal characteristics or behaviors. (The questions asked for these reports, as well as their responses, can be found in the reports’ accompanying “topline” file or files.). Reading this, I am appalled that the ACA would print this. Perinatal health: Education and screening in counseling, CEO’s Message: So long and good riddance, 2020, From the President: Renewing focus on self-care and wellness. I’ve found that the best book club discussion questions are ones that are open-ended and that get people to share their personal opinions. Big Data and discrimination: perils, promises and solutions. He would have been arrested without incident, just as so many other White perpetrators have in the past (see Dylan Roof). The majority of children in the study—both black and white—had a “strong and consistent pro-white bias.” To explore how young children may show racial and gender bias, the researchers conducted two experiments to examine whether preschool children are aware of and demonstrate bias toward other … Explorations in Economic History. We do it so frequently and so automatically that it often goes unrecognized. 1615 L St. NW, Suite 800Washington, DC 20036USA One strategy that can help us maintain the proper focus is to listen with the goal of. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts. In a racially diverse group, this is a useful way to raise sensitive issues and build mutual understanding. ... the unique discrimination that Black women face at the intersection of race and gender. At the same time, we must acknowledge that the stories we’ve read and the accounts we’ve learned in school represent one perspective, one side of the story. Again, it is likely that one will get the interview because he seems like a “better fit,” whereas the other will stay on the job market. Stay in the loop! There is a certain way of being that we deem “normal,” and it makes us comfortable when people behave accordingly. The viewpoint that 1 + 1 equals 3 is not equal to the fact that 1 + 1 equals 2.