Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive Cushion Grip. It’s better than not being able to eat what I want. I just hope that Cushion Grip will return to the stores one of these days soon, at a reasonable price for all of us. Never have bad odor as it cleans well with either tooth paste or Polident, even with mouth wash. How do I order over the internet/. This stuff is amazing and I just want to buy some but not pay that much please help thanks, IF YOU HAVE FOUND NO ZINC IN CUSHION GRIP THEN WHY ARE THEY TAKING IT OFF THE MARKET…….?????? Sonya, Cushion Grip is packaged in a 1 oz tube, zinc-free, and completely non-toxic. What are the ingredients in Cushion Grip? This is longer than the ProSoft directions say. Pro Soft is actually better. You can also find more information about the product listed below by visiting … I have a feeling that one of the Instamorph or Coolmorph (2 forms of moldable thermoplastics)products might work, but still researching to find the best product, whose cooled texture and consistantsy will be closest to a cushion-grip experience. Thanks in advance for a reply. It can be really disconcerting when a product that you depend on has been discontinued, and this is something that many users of the Cushion Grip thermoplastic denture adhesive have been forced to contend with. Hell I’ll save my money and just put it towards implants for my mouth. Unfortunately many users of the thermoplastic denture adhesive have been forced to pay outrageous prices for the product that they once used on their dentures for just a fraction of the cost. Call Merck at 1=800=317-2165 and ask to have this product put back on the market. It’s More Common than You Think! I just clean my teeth every day and make sureb Custion Grip is still in good shape and still holding on good ! I used to go and buy up every tube they had. cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive. THIS IS A WONDERFUL PRODUCT AND NEEDS TO BE AVAILABLE…….UNLESS YOU HAVE WORN DENTURES AND ILL FITTING ONES DON’T BE QUESTIONING THE PRODUCT…… AND IF THERE IS PROBLEMS WITH NEUROLOGICIAL INJURIES……LIST THESE TO THE PUBLIC….. The only place I have been able to find Cushion Grip is on Amazon prices are outrageous! now i see it at over $100 per 1 ounce tube. Please help need something now, dear tony or who ever concerned. Can be soaked with denture cleaner over night and can be used with Fixodent or Poli-grip. I CANT FIND IT ANY WHERE…… I USE TO GET IT AT CVS AND WALMART BUT EVERY STORE IS OUT…..I HAD TO BUY EMERGENCY SUPPY ON AMAZON AND 2 TUBES COST ME 45.00 DOLLARS WITH 16.00 IN SHIPPING THAT IS AWFUL…….HELP……. Cushion Grip is a leading manufacturer of dental and denture products. I guess they all figured out it was going to be discontinued so they all ran out to their nearest and dearest CVS stores and wherever else they could find it at $7.99 per tube retail. Once trimmed stays that way for good. I purchased on Sept 15, 2015 and have only needed to replace once and the second application is still in place and just fine. I have been using Cushion Grip for about 5 years and it seems to be getting more difficult each time to try to replenish the product.Where can I get Cushion Grip? Brenda, So I go online to find it and I can not believe that they are asking hundreds of dollars for this. I don’t have a clue as to why they are charging what they are charging now, but this seems to be the only way to purchase the product these days. My daughter now has plates, within 2 weeks, she used Cushion Grip to help ease the pain by the 2nd day. Time left 6d 8h left. Click to here to learn more about Cushion Grip:  CUSHIONGRIP.ORG. What I really wanted to be able to eat again was salads. 5.0 out of 5 stars Good replacement for previous cushion grip users You CAN buy a four pack of it on BUT you will pay $399.00!!! As for the ingredients go, I have not been able to find those anywhere. And no, I haven’t been taken over by any scab organizations, just connecting everyone with the only place I know where to get this product, Amazon. I looked on Amazon and good lord why does it cost so much money? Free shipping. My mother introduced me to Cushion Grip, which she also had used for years. Couldn’t believe there wasn’t any. 919 sold. Until then we have no choice as to what we are being charged, which is not affordable to any of us. I have been using this product for over a year and it is the only thing that works for me on my dentures. Denture Reline Kits by Perma Laboratories. Denture adhesive is necessary to keep the dentures in place and to prevent discomfort while chewing food and when speaking. Sincerely, This means that the tube of Cushion Grip must be heated in a glass of warm water before applying it to the denture. I just don’t understand, why u ppl would let go, of a product that, is the best…just doesn’t make scence. I, too am shocked at how the price has skyrocketed. DenSureFit: The Ideal Cushion Grip Replacement. Make sure your dentures are completely dry before applying. We are having a problem finding Cushion Grip, which is crazy. This is what happened. Here is the link you can copy and paste into the address bar to find Cushion Grip at I couldn’t eat them at all! Bummer!!! great stuff when it was less than $10 per tube. Cushion Grip is still available on THANKS, I’ve use cushion grip 4 over 25 yrs. 0 bids. Good news is, another pharmaceutical company just brought it back. Copy this link into the address bar and you can find Cushion Grip there to make your purchase. Hopefully Cushion Grip will return to the stores one of these days for all of us. 44 product ratings - NIB CUSHION GRIP Thermoplastic denture adhesive 1oz Hard To Find old formula. Electricians, in particular, seem to swear by Klein Cushion Grip screwdrivers. I see that you said it could be found on amazon for cheap and the cheapest I find is $20 a tube this is not cheap when I’m used to paying $5 for it. The potential risk of denture cream zinc poisoning has finally been acknowledged by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). No one can afford the prices being charged these days and I only hope that it will return at the old prices soon. Brenda the only place I can find it is at Amazon. In a letter dated February 23, the agency has asked denture cream manufacturers to take steps to mitigate the risk of zinc poisoning from their products. I learned today that CVS stores are no longer stocking this product,which has sent me into a panic. As far as removing the Dentures if I have just replaced it I don’t eat for or take them out over night so I know they are set good !! Replacement for the Discontinued Cushion Grip! The reviewer suggested that to get the same results you needed to stir the mixture until the consistency was about the same as the consistency the cushion grip. Our denture reline kits are long lasting and provide a custom fit denture liner for loose, irritating dentures. But so do a lot of others.

why was cushion grip discontinued

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