they will suspend in the water column and follow baitfish around feeding as they go. With a ribbed body and a curved or corkscrew tail, curly-tail grubs swim through the water with incredible action. Ken McBroom is an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer. Fishing Tactics for Black vs. White Crappie. Are you looking for a rich and trustworthy resource of expert outdoor tips, gear reviews, and hot survival topics with a heavy emphasis on hunting and fishing? Spinnerbaits for crappie are similar to those used for bass fishing, just a lot smaller. Black crappie will begin their spawning migration in the spring a little sooner their their cousins. There are two parts you need to buy when you make your own. And Other Knife Buying Criteria, Great set up for crappie fishermen just starting out, Great rod for beginners or crappie fishermen on a budget, Corrosion-proof high tensile strength graphite frame, 9 + 1 MaxiDur ball bearings (anti-reverse), Can reel in large crappies (around 2 lbs), Excellent reel for medium fish fighting and trolling, Smooth drag system with tons of cranking power, Closely matches the quality of many higher end reels, Leader material – monofilament or fluorocarbon. To help you make the most of your time out on the lake tracking down crappie, here are a few insider tips to help you be more successful in your crappie fishing pursuits. Check out this 20 pack to jump start your collection. Fishing with Spider Rigging: Once you have your boat under control, your rods rigged up with different lures dropped at various depths, it’s time to troll. Some jigs are sold as pre-made lures, but for the most part, jigs are more of an interchangeable lure system than a specific lure. Since crappie aren’t the largest or toughest fighting fish, like a carp, you’ll encounter, just about any fishing rod setup will work. Not so much for the jig pole as you just don’t use the reel that much. We are compensated for these ads and links. Once you’ve found structure, your next goal is to discover how deep the crappie are suspended. They also have some key habitat requirements that remain constant. At least until they get older and bigger then they’ll go after small fish. The cast and retrieve technique is probably the most active and involved method for catching crappie. I prefer a medium light power with a moderate action. Many beaver dam. Fishing Cast and Retrieve: When deciding where to cast, look for structure. Growing up in Lynchburg Tennessee allowed him many opportunities afield as a boy and young man. The spinner’s small metal blade, either gold or silver, flashes and vibrates in the water attracting crappie wherever you cast. It goes in-depth with crappie fishing tips for bait to use, crappie fishing tips on hooks, and more. Bobbers can be used with both jigs and lures as well as bait. 23:08. For more details on Rod Length, check out the great video below: Most ultralight or lightweight spinning reels intended for freshwater use will work just fine for crappie fishing. They have a smooth body and a skirted rubber tail that pulsates when pulled through the water. Next, tie the barrel swivel onto the end of the line. Below is another great video by “The Fishin Pastor” that walks through Bobber fishing from a fishing kayak. Visit & Look Up Quick Results Now On! Growing up in Lynchburg Tennessee allowed Ken many opportunities afield as a boy and young man. If you’re not sure which spinner bait to use, grab a Yakima Bait Wordens Rooster Tail. The long length keeps the bait and lures away from the boat and propellers, and helps you cover a broader sweep of water when trolling. They either hovering above, around, or under their favorite areas. These baits are commonly used when ice fishing for crappie. The black crappie and the white crappie are most often confused with each other. You’ll want to avoid fly fishing rods and stick to Carbon Fiber or bamboo, and usually keep the weight on the lighter side. Before introducing crappie, be sure your pond will be clear most of the time. Married now with two beautiful children, Ken now calls Kentucky home where he continues to communicate our American outdoor traditions and the lifestyle it offers. Slide the plastic bead on the line followed by the slip float. Fortunately there are ways to get these crappie out of […], Crappie Fishing Salamonie Lake The only thing that makes this very cold spring better than last year is our lakes are not high and muddy. Crappie anglers set each rod at a different depth and with different baits and lures. We’ve put a bow on our top crappie fishing tips outlining how to catch crappie so you can catch your limit every season. Mature crappie feed primarily on aquatic insects, baitfish, worms, and small crayfish. It also offers a reliable source of food such as smaller bait fish that seek out structure for similar reasons. Lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and ponds are home to these slabby sunfish, and the good news is that where you find one, you often find many. You can catch them with spider rigging, or by cast and retrieve fishing with small curly-tail grubs, tubes, and spinners. With numerous articles and images published online as well as national and regional magazines Ken McBroom is an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer. - Duration: 9:26. They troll along, thoroughly covering the water in search of schools of fish. There are only two species of crappie: the black crappie and the white crappie. If you’re up for it, minnows can be caught in the lake you’re fishing using either a minnow trap or a cast net. White Crappie: Mostly silver, but have only faint vertical bar markings on their sides, and only 6 spines on their dorsal fin. Typically the eye of the hook is positioned 90 degrees to the hook shank. With us, there’s no hiking trip too challenging to undertake and no game too sneaky or massive to take down. White Crappie only have 5–6. Despite their common names, both species are the same color (dark olive or black dorsally with silvery sides) and both have spots on the sides. The length of a common crappie catch is somewhere between 5 and 10 inches. What are their differences? This could be caused by habitat or food sources that the black crappie prefer. Some crappie anglers prefer rods with faster action tips, especially when vertically jigging in deep water. I can target each species if I prefer and in general the closer to the dam you get the more blacks you will catch. You’ll want to have a good selection of curly-tail jigs, and the Mister Twister brand makes some of the best. What to Do When Crappie Don’t Bite There are times when crappie will bury up in thick brush or hug a stump extra tight. Crappie can be caught using both bait and artificial lures. Try casting small curly tail grubs on light jigheads or small spinnerbaits to the bank, then slowly retrieving over the nests. Certainly on a new body of water, I’m always going to give chartreuse a try. Married now with two beautiful children, Ken calls Kentucky home where he continues to communicate our American traditions. This is subtle but just another way to tell the difference between black crappie and white crappie. However, they do co-habitate with White Crappie often, because they prefer similar areas, as you'd expect. June 2020. On the jig head, you fix a plastic jig body of your choosing. The basic rig is the same for both. Male crappie (of both species) in particular turn very dark. Crappie over 1 pound are considered a prized catch. All Rights Reserved 2020. Sometimes even experienced anglers think the primary difference is actually the color – black versus white. Big black crappie will readily strike moving baits like small crankbaits, swimbaits and spinners. The primary choices for body grubs are curly-tails and tubes. Spring Crappie Fishing: The Best Time of Year, 2. They can both be caught using the same lures, bait, and tactics. The white crappie is Pomoxis Annularis while the black crappie is Pomoxis Nigromaculatus. Slip the yarn off the tube and tighten it to the line. Also, the dorsal fin on the silverfish begins further in the back as that of its darker counterpart. Crappie can grow up to 20″ long and weigh 5 pounds, but the average size is around 1/4 – 1/2 pound and 8 to 12 inches long. Fall Crappie Fishing: Our Second Favorite Time of Year, 4. Are there techniques that work for one but not as well for the other? Using eight rods means you have the opportunity to try eight different lures all at once if you’d like. Part #1 – The Jig Head: Jig heads come in a wide range of sizes/colors and are used to catch a multitude of fish species. Where to Catch Black Crappie. Find crappie holding over structure in shallower water. The idea is that the further you get your bait or lure away from the boat, the better your chances are of hooking a fish before scaring the entire school away. Ultralight spinning rods for crappie come in a wide range of lengths from less than 5 feet to over 16 feet. Belonging to most of the eastern half of the U.S., the black crappie has actually been so extensively transplanted that today it entirely blankets the U.S. and rises into southern Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec in Canada. Part #2 – The Jig Body: Jig bodies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Using a shorter rod allows you to keep your lure where the fish are without question. Sticking with Traditional Bobber Fishing, 1. Crappie are a year-round fish, but their behavior and patterns vary throughout the year. Below is a great video from Fle-Fly Lures on how to properly spider rig. Then, when they get a hit on a rod, they take note of the depth and bait or lure used, and start switching the other rods to match that setup. This cool weather is stretching out the good crappie bite […]. Once you key into to where the crappie are and what they want to eat, you can change the rigs on your rod to what’s working and start filling up your live well. 2. Ken spent 10 years fishing bass tournaments and in 2015 finished 12th overall in the BFL Hoosier Division in Indiana. Telescopic crappie poles are a good option if you plan on doing a lot of bank fishing, especially in heavy brush. Crappie like to spend time around cover, and brush piles and treetops, fallen logs, or other debris piles are a … Here’s an overview of the rods best suited for crappie fishing. Married now with two beautiful children, Ken calls Kentucky home where he continues to communicate our American traditions. See more ideas about Crappie, How to catch crappie, Fishing tips. I often fish 1/16 ounce heads and find that just letting them fall on semi-tight line catches as many or more than straight reeling does. The longer rod length helps you make longer, more accurate casts. So today we answer it! Spring time is perhaps the best time of year to fish for crappie. Dipping a jig next to a big stump and giving a few twitches can be deadly on fish waiting there for a easy meal. When you do find those schools of deep water winter crappie, the best advice is to fish slowly and pay close attention to the bite. You will be able to tell the difference of the black and white crappie by noticing the color or dorsal fins. In the winter, fish will often be tightly huddled together, so even though it might take a bit more effort to find them, the rewards will be worth it. How to Set Up Spider Rigging: First of all, you need a boat with a trolling motor, a bunch of rods, and a bunch of rod holders at the front of the boat. Ultralight Spinning Rods: Of all the rod types for crappie fishing, you’ll have the most options in terms of selection and configuration when you go with an ultralight spinning rod. There’s no right way to do vertical jigging; the key is to experiment with different actions, bounce patterns, retrieve rates, and depths until you get a bite. Modern crappie poles come in lengths from 8 feet all the way up to 20 feet. Reel in some line, bounce the jig, and let it sit. This will help test what works best for crappie in your area. Berkeley’s Powerbait Crappie Nibbles are readily available and great if you don’t want to fuss with live bait. I love the Abu Garcia Orra S Spinning Fishing Reel. The difference would be how you fish these lures for black crappie. On a black crappie there is 7 to 8 spines on their dorsal fin while a white crappie has 5 to 6 Black crappie are more rounded in the body than white crappie which are longer in the body. The soft tip helps you detect the delicate bites crappie are known for, and the sturdy butt section gives you adequate power if you need to horse a crappie out of heavy cover. Make multiple casts to likely cover and at different angles. One of the most critical steps in catching crappie is finding them. The slip float rig is just like bobber fishing, except instead of the bobber being fixed to one point of your line, it slides up your line until it hits a stopper. Spinnerbait: These little guys are essentially a jig with a spinner blade attached. The Best Live Bait Choices for Crappie, Five Crappie Fishing Tactics: How to Fish For Crappie. Celebrando Leonardo. Climbing mountains to hunt the Sitka Blacktail deer and Black bears, trolling the ocean for the mighty Chinook Salmon and Coho, Fly fishing the many streams, rivers and estuaries throughout Alaska for the many species that swims there and catching deep water Halibut are just a few of the things that Ken enjoyed as a young man. They have their own genus called Pomoxis, broken up into two groupings. The short rod is more accurate when lure placement on cover is vital. That problem is that you have to be very gentle when setting the hook so it doesn’t break the line. Anglers often differentiate the two by body shape. For many crappie fishing techniques, very long rods are required to fish effectively. Slip float rigs are great for winter as they present your lure at a consistent depth with relatively slow action. Once you locate a school of fish with your spider rigging, anchor up and still fish or do some cast and retrieve fishing. Try to get a count (one Mississippi, two Mississippi) to find out how long it takes your lure to reach the bottom. The Jig head and the Jig Body. I feel that this combination allows for more sensitivity to the hand as well as easier casting. Usually you fix the rods to the front of a boat using rod holders. 2. But what about Black Crappie vs. White Crappie? 6:55. The standard line type for crappie fishing has always been monofilament, but lately, anglers have started using braided line. But, if you don’t have a boat, don’t worry: most of these tactics can be used on a dock, from the bank or while wading.

how to catch black crappie vs white crappie

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