White Horehound Tea Health Benefits. Horehound candy (syrup or tea) is one of traditional European cough cures for treating coughs, colds, asthma and bronchitis. White Horehound possesses Antibiotic and Antimicrobial properties. For ordinary cold, a simple infusion of Horehound (Horehound Tea) is generally sufficient in itself. Further Green Tea Benefits. Horehound also has antiseptic, analgesic, antioxidant and appetite stimulating properties. But back to the problem with the horehound… It is just so, eye-crossing-ly, bitter. Horehound tea grows wildly in the pastures and the meadows of the United States, Canada and in some parts of Europe. Read on to find out more about horehound tea including its bitter flavor profile and most common uses. Helps with Diabetes. Horehound tea. of the herb to the pint. Horehound is a plant that belongs to the mint family. New York University Langone Medical Center recommends 2 to 6 tablespoons of white horehound juice or 1.5 grams of dried horehound … Horehound. 4.8 out of 5 stars 8. It provides similar health benefits and is used as a vital plant in the traditional medicinal uses. Fighting a Cold: One of the Horehound Tea Benefits I wrote this at least a year ago and lost track of where I’d saved it. $7.99 $ 7. The chief constituents of this herb are 'marrubiin' (a bitter principle), volatile oil, resin, wax, sugar, tannin, and fat. Health Benefits of Horehound (White Horehound) White Horehound commonly known as Marrubium vulgare is a small perennial plant that resembles mint and belongs to the same family. White horehound contains bitter diterpene lactones (0.3-1%) such as marrubiin. This past week I had a cold. Throughout Europe many herbalists used horehound tea in treating constipation, indigestion, wounds and liver problems. 1. Tea brewed with horehound leaves can be used to treat a wide variety of minor ailments. The leaves are Vermifuge. Horehound is a member of the mint family, which offers you several health benefits. Horehound holds number of health benefits. Horehound tea was once regarded as an anti-magical herb. Buddha Teas Organic White Horehound Tea | 18 Tea Bags. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. 95 ($0.50/Count) Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 16. It is a perennial, aromatic herb of the mint family. The horehound is a perennial herb, a garden mint possessing a fiber-rich rootstock from which emerge bushy, square-shaped stems. Green tea has many benefits that keep it popular today. Black Horehound – Medicinal Uses and Benefits. It’s still good info about Horehound so I thought I’d share it. Thus, drinking this tea helps to fight a myriad of health problems. representations have been provided by the manufacturers of the listed White horehound is used for digestion problems including loss of appetite, indigestion, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and liver and gallbladder complaints. The look of the horehound plant can be a bit off setting as it has a rough texture on top and a wooly type of texture underneath. Horehound tea addresses the symptoms of the common cold and improves intestinal health and digestive issues. If you have the dried leaves, you only need about one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water to get the full flavor. Horehound (Marrubium vulgare, White horehound) is excellent to help evacuate phlegm from lungs, relieve asthma and short breathe, especially for children and elderlies. White Horehound Tea Benefits. Health Benefits of Horehound Tea. White Horehound Benefits and Uses – ©The Herbal Resource. Horehound is most commonly used to make horehound candies (hard lozenge candies) that are considered by folk medicine to aid digestion, soothe sore throats, and relieve inflammation. It is particularly effective in alleviating the symptoms of upper respiratory disorders, such as cough or asthma. Horehound tea has a long history of use as an herbal remedy dating back to B.C. The plant has oval leaves covered with white, woolly hairs, and bears small, white flowers. Being a perennial, the horehound plant will continue to grow year after year and will produce leaves that can be picked and turned in to a wonderful tea. Horehound may have the ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Typical preparations include tea, tincture, botanical candy, and syrup. The leaves are boiled and used as an ointment. Horehound herb has a long history of use for its wellness-supporting properties in traditional European folk herbalism. Horehound Tea. The herb is used in the form of herbal tea, liquid extracts or tinctures. ; Liver and gallbladder problems. Free Shipping on orders over $50. This story provides information on the benefits and the recipe of this herbal tea. Horehound Tea - Pure Herbal Tea Series by Palm Beach Herbal Tea Company (30 Tea Bags) 100% Natural. You can find holy basil in supplement form or drink tulsi tea for these benefits. Even the tea provides similar benefits. I spent the first night on the couch with pillows so I could sleep more sitting up so i could breathe better. Egyptian priests referred to horehound as the "Seed of Horus", which some speculate its modern name came from. It keeps free radicals under control, reduces the risk of cancer, and helps prevent heart disease. Horehound is known for its numerous health benefits and it also has very potent antiseptic, diuretic, anti spasmodic, diaphoretic and expectorant qualities. Horehound tea is a herbal tea made from the dried leaves of the horehound.

horehound tea benefits

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