Delivered as FAST as Next Day! Would you like to download Harper gis parcel map? City of Fredericksburg Historic Districts Map. Gillespie County, TX Avg AcreValue. 2020 Preliminary (Pro members only), All Types 329345 CANTRELL MCCULLOCH INC US Topo Maps covering Gillespie County, TX. 336964 PROPERTY TAX PARTNERS Exemptions Offered by Taxing Entities in Gillespie County. A3 - Miscellaneous Improvements Social distancing is observed in all facilities. 83149 RYAN LLC Our valuation model utilizes over 20 field-level and macroeconomic variables to estimate the price of an individual plot of land. Please contact us for a quote. Any Water Well Information & Permitting. 216947 THORNTON, GRANT LLP The Gillespie Central Appraisal District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas. J4 - Telephone Company & Co-ops Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. 81964 PROPERTY TAX GROUP Improvement Sketches cost 4 credits per sketch. 332365 PROPERTY TAX RESOLUTIONS 329122 STANCIL PROPERTY TAX LLC 334229 ALLIANCE TAX ADVISORS A1 - Single Family Residential 83186 RYAN LLC Information found on GIS Property Maps is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal or financial advice. Smith Jane or Smith, (Street name only, no suffix such as St or Ave) ex. A2 - Single Family Residential Manufactured Housing Gillespie County is located in the South Texas Region of Texas. Parcel Data information for GILLESPIE County, TEXAS. 92293 DUFF & PHELPS, LLC Please be advised that there are some modifications and restrictions to our normal, pre-COVID-19 operating procedures. 218050 STEEVENS & WILLIAMSON PROPERTY TAX SERVICE Call us at (877) 652-2707 for delinquent data pricing today. Delinquent Tax Data products must be purchased over the phone. J7 - Cable Companies (Television Providers) Gillespie County GIS and Property Data is available for direct download. 217065 WILSON & FRANCO These are usually residential homes, but sketches for some commercial buildings may be available. E1 - Ranch House & Acreage For Example: High Resolution = large scale Low Resolution = small scale Jurisdictional = geographical boundary of authoritative agency Data Download; Texas Counties GIS Data; Texas Counties Data Download. Oil & Gas Reports Archive. GILLESPIE COUNTY COURTHOUSE - Map 101 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 PIONEER MEMORIAL LIBRARY - Map 115 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 COUNTY AIRPORT - Map 191 Airport Rd, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 COUNTY YARD - FREDERICKSBURG - Map 2254 N US Highway 87, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. 94818 ALTUS GROUP US INC 215628 THORNTON, GRANT LLP Gillespie County, Texas, United States - Free topographic maps visualization and sharing. Gillespie County is a county located on the Edwards Plateau in the U.S. state of Texas. 218806 ENRIQUEZ, OSCAR 223499 INVOKE TAX PARTNERS LLC 81958 RAINBOLT & ALEXANDER LLP 17. 85309 ERNST & YOUNG LLP The shapefile layers that may be included are Ownership, Parcels, and Streets. 220081 WALKER, RICHARD A CPA Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. 85210 RYAN LLC Texas Operator Rankings. 81887 PDS SYSTEMS INC The Gillespie County Courthouse, Annex 1, Annex 2, Pioneer Memorial Library and AgriLife Extension Office are open for public access. For Tax related questions please call (830) 997-9809. 217066 CASEY, L L & CO LLC 334652 FIVE STONE TAX ADVISERS Click the map and drag to move the map around. County Boundaries: County Boundary - TIGER Census: Boundary - High Resolution: … Gillespie map - Gillespie Michelin maps, with map scales from 1/1 000 000 to 1/200 000 *. 81932 OCONNOR, PATRICK & ASSOCIATES Gillespie County, TX ... You can customize the map before you print! 81850 ADVANCED PROPERTY TAX COMPLIANCE Gillespie County provides no warranty, either expressed or implied, as the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of furnished data. 336961 DELTA PROPERTY TAX ADVISORS * Downloadable Lists and mailing labels require Credits. 336959 DUCHARME MCMILLEN & ASSOC INC O1 - Residential Inventory - Lot 215413 TEXAS PROTAX AUSTIN INC Business Ordinances. 81928 SOUTHWEST PROPERTY TAX 81853 MERITAX LLC GIS Property Maps is not affiliated with any government agency. C - Kimble, Vacant Lot 90x120. 81979 ANDREWS, K E & CO This satellite map of Gillespie County is meant for illustration purposes only. Property maps show property and parcel boundaries, municipal boundaries, and zoning boundaries, and GIS maps show floodplains, air traffic patterns, and soil composition. Sketches are useful in determining the square footage and footprint of a building or improvement. Copyright © 2020 TaxNetUSA, Inc. • 16637-C Old Jacksonville Hwy • Tyler, TX 75703 •, * Downloadable Lists and mailing labels require. Search for Texas survey maps. Vintage map reproduction starting at 34.99 including FREE SHIPPING!!! 81941 ADVANTAX GROUP LLC Hillshading is used to create a three-dimensional effect that provides a sense of land relief. B2 - Multi-Family Residentail - Duplex, Triplex State: County: Name: Phone Number: Appraisal District: 830-997-9807 : Clerk/Recorder: 830-997-6515: Tax Assessor/Collector: 830-997-6519 Available Services For Gillespie County Texas and New Mexico Data Coverage. All members have the ability to download search results *. B1 - Multi-Family Residential - Apartments Laminated Map. L2 - Industrial Personal Property Name: Gillespie County topographic map, elevation, relief. 223588 INTAX INC 220254 NYCO PROPERTY TAX CONSULTANTS LLC Go with traditional Gillespie County Plat Books or information heavy Gillespie County TX GIS County Data with related geographic features including latitude/longitude, government jurisdictions, roads, waterways, public lands and aerial imagery. Gillespie County, Texas, United States (30.29541-98.90866) Share this map on... About this map. 336963 SILVER OAK ADVISORS TaxNetUSA members with a Gillespie County, TX Pro subscription can search Texas Operators. E - Kimble Farm and Ranch Home 81933 SYCAMORE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Gillespie CAD 2020 Annual Report. 83165 YOUNG, DAVID A & ASSOCIATES 214183 DUCHARME, MCMILLEN & ASSOCIATES INC both certified and preliminary 336968 RYAN LLC © 2020 GIS Property Maps. F4 - Industrial Improvement Only, Real Property 332307 ENLOW REAL ESTATE SERVICES With this purchase we offer the following download type: .ZIP file. 2020 Personal Property Depreciation Schedule. Choose Your Finishing Option. Request a quote Order Now! Coverage Map. 217069 RUBIN, CANDACE Bed and Breakfast Establishments. 81977 PRIME I TAX SERVICES LTD J8 - Utilities - Other Search for Texas GIS maps and property maps. 81939 ERNST & YOUNG LLP 215820 BETTENCOURT TAX ADVISORS LLC AcreValue helps you locate parcels, property lines, and ownership information for land online, eliminating the need for plat books. 72x96. 223482 BROWN SMITH WALLACE N/A. 223530 TAX COEFFICIENT LLC E3 - Misc. This Gillespie County, Texas Map includes: In Stock. 218808 UHY ADVISORS SALT LLC Last Updated: 2020-Q2 Parcel Map Newly Updated! 81868 OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS GROUP 85308 RYAN LLC Gillespie County FIPS Code: 48171. Main, (Hold Ctrl/Cmd and click to select or deselect multiple), SD - Doss CCSD Click on the map to display elevation. Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor is waiting for appraisals for 2‐Parcels. 36x48. Gillespie County Septic Permitting. 218545 RYAN TAX COMPLIANCE SERVICES Members can search Gillespie County, TX certified property tax appraisal roll data by Owner Name, Street Address, or Property ID. Courthouse Records . 81954 PROPERTY TAX ADVOCATES INC Joe had talked to Dick Schmid and he would prefer to funnel the water further from his building. Mason County, TX Avg AcreValue. City of Fredericksburg Zoning Map. Avg NCCPI. For Appraisal related questions please call (830) 997-9807. 221278 AMBROSE & ASSOCIATES LLC The district appraises property according to the Texas Property Tax Code and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP). D2 - Ag Improvements on Ag Qualified Land 81975 ASSOCIATED TAX APPRAISERS 81966 STROEHER & OLFERS PROPERTIES Contact Us 81948 HARDING & CARBONE INC Information found on GIS Property Maps is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal or financial advice. Improvements on Non Ag Land Request a quote Order Now! Avg NCCPI. The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) publishes a set of the most commonly used topographic maps of the U.S. called US Topo that are separated into rectangular quadrants that are printed at 22.75"x29" or larger. 83353 PROPERTY TAX COMPLIANCE RESOURCES Parcel data and parcel GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers are often an essential piece of many different projects and processes. SFB - Fredericksburg ISD 85393 PARADIGM TAX GROUP 81981 BUSINESS PROPERTY TAX GROUP Parcel maps and parcel GIS data layers are essential to your project, so get the data you need. 24x36. Print Size: 29.13 x 23 For more detailed maps based on newer satellite and aerial images switch to a detailed map view. Parcel Data. 329071 DUFF & PHELPS LLC 334362 PEISNER JOHNSON S - Special Inventory 83527 CLARKE & COMPANY 2 Press the Results tab or the blue Search button to view search results. J1 - Water Systems 217044 MORRISON & HEAD The Gillespie County Tax Assessor-Collector main office is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (No Boat Transfers after 3 p.m.) ... GILLESPIE COUNTY COURTHOUSE - Map 101 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 PIONEER MEMORIAL LIBRARY - Map 115 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 COUNTY AIRPORT - Map 191 Airport Rd, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 COUNTY YARD - FREDERICKSBURG - Map … 220116 SUPERIOR AD VALOREM TAX SERVICE Business Ordinance. GIS Property Maps is not affiliated with any government agency. 220252 MICHEL GRAY LLP 85540 POPP HUTCHESON PLLC The County will be looking for assistance through the Lilly Foundation. 330861 PROPERTY TAX RESOURCES LLC Appraisal Data TIGER/Line Shapefile, 2016, county, Gillespie County, TX, All Roads County-based Shapefile AREA Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor reported he had a cost estimate for the Stavetown Drainage Area repairs is approximately $16,500.00, the County is needing $12,000.00, with the rest coming from Highway Funds. Our Mission. 336734 PROPERTY TAX PARTNERS FEMA STORM DAMAGES TO COUNTY ROADS – George reported that FEMA Funding for the (4) Roads in Franklin County are not eligible for funding for any of the repairs. 222114 LONE OAK PROPERTY TAX SERVICE 330869 ORR REAGAN LLC 81885 VELTMAN, ARTHUR P & ASSOCIATES INC which allows Pro members to map search results, select properties using easy drawing tools, download selected parcels as a Low Income Housing Apartment Capitalization Rates. SHP - Harper ISD, A - Single Family Residential Gillespie County Offices are adhering to the CDC and DSHS recommendations. 81938 TISDALE, OLAN P 220041 AEGIS GROUP LLC 81870 SWBC AD VALOREM TAX ADVISORS 83187 BALL PROPERTY TAX SERVICES G2 - Other Minerals and Subsurface Interests Downloadable List, and print mailing labels. Improvement Sketches, where available in Gillespie County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the improvement found on the property. Property GIS Maps are displayed on property detail pages in Gillespie County, TX for all registered members (where available). This easy to use USGS topo CD is a great way to print your own maps of anyplace in Gillespie County, Texas. 335011 RYAN LLC The resolution listed by each county layer corresponds to the optimal scale intended for that layer. 336971 UHY ADVISORS SALT LLC As of the 2010 census, its population was 24,837. D4 - Ag Improvements on Qualified Ag Land 330788 ERNST & YOUNG LLP See the pricing schedule for credits. 332529 ALBANO GROUP LLC 336960 DUCHARME MCMILLEN & ASSOC INC to Surveyors, Appraisers, Foundation Repair companies, Lawn Care businesses, and Insurance Agents. 216799 J JOSEPH CONSULTING INC Or contact us and we’ll get back to you. L1 - Business Personal Property 81867 CORPORATE TAX CONSULTING INC 81851 MAPLES, MICHAEL TaxNetUSA members with a Gillespie County, TX Pro subscription also have access to the Interactive GIS Map, Besides historical maps, research, and data, today the Land Office uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS), aerial imagery, 3D elevation data, and field data collection to compile, analyze, and distribute the most accurate geospatial data possible about the location of natural and cultural resources. 336966 DUFF & PHELPS LLC 217039 MIRAMAR SERVICES INC 330863 SMITH & DOUGLAS INC Select Your Map Format. 81955 POER, MARVIN F & CO Business Personal According to the fact sheet, “The City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County, acting through the Gillespie County Relief Route Task Force and with support from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), are conducting a feasibility study to explore a potential US 290 relief route around Fredericksburg. 81967 POER, MARVIN F & CO FIPS CODE: 48171 : STATE NAME FULL: TEXAS : STATE NAME ABBR: TX : COUNTY NAME: GILLESPIE : PARCEL COUNT: 27408 : … 329035 TEXAS RURAL PROPERTY TAX CONSULTANTS LLC 336970 BDO USA LLP 85615 ERNST & YOUNG LLP Work would be on the western side of Blue Creek Road. The GIS map provides parcel boundaries, acreage, and ownership information sourced from the Real County, TX assessor. Gillespie is named for Robert Addison Gillespie, a soldier in the Mexican–American War. Oil & Gas Lease Data. Property GIS Maps are displayed on property detail pages in Gillespie County, TX for all registered members (where available). Zoning/District Maps. 223574 ALTUS GROUP US INC D1 - Qualified Ag Land 334655 INGRAM & INGRAM 329040 GARZA & ASSOCIATES Gillespie County 101 West Main, #13 Fredericksburg, TX 78624 Number: 830-997-6515 Fax: 830-997-9958 Homepage . M3 - Manufactured Housing in MH Park 223474 BENCHMARK AD VALOREM 2020 Certified Real D - Kimble, Ag Land Historic landowner map print of Gillespie County, Texas. Terms and Conditions. The City of Fredericksburg GIS program is responsible for the development and maintenance of the City's digital spatial database and provides state-of-the-art mapping and data services to local government departments, citizens, and businesses. 336962 ERNST & YOUNG LLP Gillespie County, Texas. C3 - Vacant Lot - Rural ... Gillespie County Topographic maps > United States > Texas > Gillespie County. Utility Info & Permits. All Rights Reserved. Shadows drawn on a map simulate the effects of sunlight falling across the surface of the landscape. AcreValue provides reports on the value of agricultural land in Real County, TX. J2 - Gas Distribution Systems 336974 GRANT THORNTON LLP Would be upgrading (2) … for Gillespie County is up to date as of 215814 TAX RECOURSE LLC Data for Downloading. 81862 ERNST & YOUNG LLC E4 - Rural Land, Non Qualified Ag one or more counties, including Gillespie County, TX, and want the data in a standard form. The relief route would give people the option to travel around, rather than directly through, the city.” According to the support … J6 - Pipelines Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. 48x64. J3 - Electric Company and Co-ops 218533 RYAN TAX COMPLIANCE SERVICES LLC Reappraisal Plan 2021-2022. Complaint Procedures Pertaining to Gillespie Central Appraisal District . Sign Ordinance. None 329058 DUFF & PHELPS LLC F3 - Commercial Improvement Only, Real Property For the general public, GIS publishes standard maps available at a reasonable cost, and will design custom maps at an hourly rate. 1 Visit the Property Search tab above and enter a search term. Click here to be taken to the Gillespie Tax Property Search to find TAXES DUE. AcreValue provides reports on the value of agricultural land in Gillespie County, TX. 219844 DUCHARME, MCMILLEN, & ASSOCIATES INC N/A. All members can search Gillespie County, TX appraisal data, and print property reports that may include gis maps, land sketches, and improvement sketches. TaxNetUSA offers solutions to companies that need Delinquent Property Tax Data in Accessibility. Corrections 336998 HART LAW PLLC. 336972 RYAN & COMPANY 81891 COOKE, CHRIS CPA CMI Please read our help page if you are having any trouble with the process. Total Population: 3,604. The county seat is Fredericksburg. G1 - Oil, Gas & Mineral Reserves See the pricing schedule for credits. Texas Production Data. 81854 WALKER, LB & ASSOC INC The GIS map provides parcel boundaries, acreage, and ownership information sourced from the Gillespie County, TX assessor. 81893 ASSESSMENT TECHNOLOGIES LTD 336975 DUFF & PHELPS LLC Aug 10, 2020. Wall Maps - Choose your wall map Choose Your Wall Map Size. 81984 A&A REALTY TAX CONSULTANTS INC M1 - Manufactured Housing Only (Does Not Own the Land) Sketches are useful to Residential Appraisers, Foundation Repair and Lawn Care businesses. Privacy Policy The AcreValue Gillespie County, TX plat map, sourced from the Gillespie County, TX tax assessor, indicates the property boundaries for each parcel of land, with information about the landowner, the parcel number, and the total acres. C1 - Vacant Lot - Residential or Commercial 336973 AMBROSE & ASOCIATES LLC Would you like to download Gillespie County gis parcel maps? M2 - Non-Income Producing Personal Property 108x144. E2 - Ranch Mobile Home & Acreage 60x80. Find Gillespie County Maps TX to get accurate Texas Property and Parcel Map Boundary Data based on parcel ID or APN numbers. These are the highest detailed USGS maps available. A scale of 1:24,000 allows considerable detail with elevation contours; 2.64 inches = 1 mile. 336958 PRIME I TAX SERVICES LTD O2 - Residential Inventory - Improvement Land Sketches, where available in Gillespie County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the property. Electric Service (outside the City of Fredericksburg) Hospitality/Food Service Info & Permits. J9 - Railroad Rolling Stock 330864 LANE PROPERTY TAX ADVOCATES The land area is 1,058.21 square miles and there are 23.5 persons per square mile. 336967 RYAN LLC 334372 COMPREHENSIVE PROPERTY TAX GROUP The County Seat is Fredericksburg and the largest city is Fredericksburg.The 2014 population estimate is 25,520 and the 2010 census population was 24,837. Land Sketches are useful in determining the perimeter and square footage of a property, and are especially helpful 223525 MODERN TAX GROUP LLC 18. F1 - Commercial Improvements and Land 214091 NATIONAL REALTY CONSULTANTS 332058 PROPERTY TAX AFFILIATES INC All maps have been joined together into one digital file without the text in the borders. G3 - Minerals - Non-Producing F2 - Industrial Improvements and Land Eagle Ford Shale Data. 221864 DUCHARME, MCMILLEN & ASSOCIATES INC 81894 KIRKWOOD & DARBY, INC. A survey map search can provide information on property maps, plat maps, GIS maps, property lines, public access land, unclaimed parcels, flood zones, zoning boundaries, property appraisals, property tax records, parcel numbers, lot … 330381 OEHLER APPRAISAL & CONSULTING Oil & Gas Plays. 329060 BLUEBONNET VALUATION SERVICES LLC View a sample sketch report. X - Totally Exempt Property, (BPP Property Only) (Hold Ctrl/Cmd and click to select or deselect multiple), Select 83371 AMERICAN AD VALOREM TAX CONSULTANTS appraisal data by Year Built, Square Footage, Deed Date, Value Range, Property Type, and many more advanced search criteria.

gillespie county gis map

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