Garmin was always either 2.8kg or 2.9kg and Tanita RD953 was always 4.1kg. Alternatively, you can view more details in the ‘Weight’ section under ‘Health Stats’. If it is my cycling workout data from the Wahoo Element Bolt or simply a hike through the forest from my Polar Vantage M. No I manually enter weight data into the TrainingPeaks app, so I’m curious to learn which metrics can be automatically pushed into TrainingPeaks with this smart scale. Now the user must consider doing Wifi Temporary Access Point on their Android phone each time…. Now, if they could run YouTube on that thing…then we’re talkin’! It is a perfect correlation between price and quality. For example, you can’t just add one of your teenage children, they need to have a Garmin Connect account first and they need to be 16 years old to do that. While I don’t use it myself, a bunch of people seem pretty happy with it. After reading the article, I decided to buy the smart scale. It’s been working flawlessly for I think 2 years now syncing my Withings scale to Garmin. I have an Index S1 scale and have noticed an inverse relationship between body water percentage and body weight.  Looking for the equipment I use day to day? In any event, by the time you’re done dorking around with that switch, you’ll find the Index S2 showing off its new color screen, waiting for you to pair it up. I’ve been using the scale for a bit now, but also just as importantly the original Index scale for quite some time before that. To use it, simply tap or kick it. It has a desktop software associated with it…. A: Consistency. Usually quite a bit off. Well. ), correct? I didn’t specifically test that each user’s screen preferences are separately saved, I assume they are. After all that’s done, it’ll display your weight one final time, and then shut itself off – waiting patiently for its 30 seconds of use each day. As long as this data is still shown on the Garmin Connect website (not in the app), I have no reason to upgrade. Completely inconsistent, Bizarro World random number generator on the body-comp side. For example, I’ve found that for most 45-60min indoor trainer workouts I tend to lose about 2 pounds. It seemed to me that the last reading of the day is saved in Apple Health and that Apple Health only stores one reading per day. MediaMarkt had it Monday here: link to, already sold out then. I am a recreationally cycler and I … Literally any time my scale gets a splash of water on top the weight units reset to default and I have to manually change it back to kg using the silly button that sometimes can’t detect a finger. – 9 Month Battery Life (4xAAA batteries) Do the scales connect with MyFitnessPal directly please ? you could use an ant+ dongle on a Pc You can select and save up to 7 WiFi networks within the Index S2 scale. By now the scale will have updated itself and be ready to use. You currently can’t even link Fitbit to google fit on the same phone. I’d also read that Apple Health gives priority to certain sources so it is possible that the Garmin S2’s reading can be inadvertently overridden by another source. And when they do, they can just tether over wifi, and connect to that. I am still thinking that an in-depth-review of a body fat measuring device (and that is what differentiates it from just a scale) should address if and how the device can meet that basic claim. Hi Ray – Thanks for your review. I really hope Polar will release their Balance 2. I’m curious if they improved something in that area or they just changed display and software a little bit 🙂, when you checkout your weight on website version of Garmin Connect (direct link to GC Web for today’s weight: link to There was an app I used before buying the Index, with which I could do that. They don’t want you to be using none Garmin devices. I agree, great service. This is a slight change from the Index 1 scale, where I can simply step on. Could be the reason why it didn’t work! Also, does the scale itself connect to the cloud and post the measurements to the cloud? Obviously, it’s not recommended to wear socks since that’ll impact things. Wondering about the scenario of taking it to a workout or race venue etc where there’s no access. After a few attempts, you will get the gear icon on the S2 Scale display. For example if you have relatively skinny legs and most of your fat is stored in your upper body, home scales might be under reporting your body fat. If so what would be a good alternative? And will your presentation be available on youtube? Below are the most popular. not ideal, Speaking of scales –, they must be new? Readout shows weight as well as body fat, BMI, body water, and bone mass. You likely won't find a better option that works this well with Garmin Connect. I have a question regarding the weight trending chart. I’d expect a scale from garmin that knows every step I take all day would know my weight is low because I just ran. Can you size it up against a hydrostatic weighing – fat test? With a sleek, stable design packed to the brim with features, the Withings Body Cardio is an upscale take on the smart bathroom scale. I mean it’s one thing to “measure” (most people would associate buying a scale with trying to actually “measure” something) and another to look up some averages! The size is a bit smaller, though not massively so. Seems like no so much to me. Thank you for replying (and the review as well – great reading as always!). Also, as I’ve showed historically, weight is on-point, but even the best Tanita scales were all over the place for body fat when measuring a bunch of athletes at a BodPod facility. Ideally this would be more cohesively presented to a user upon any link-up, but it’s not today. Ok, with those quick newness bits covered, let’s get it out of the box. Hello Ray, do you have any idea of avaibility for the Index S2 ? As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well. My favourite application is link to for the smoothed graph and trend-line. The data are in cloud anyway. There is a lot of guess work there. I do see more of a difference though for other impedance metrics, as noted. Seems like some sort of manuf issue. This is very annoying, as links don’t even redirect to the same product on other websites (in France they redirect to the top page of Some places in the world the connection to the garmin ntp server is really bad. Hi, I’m asking for advice. Smart Trainers Buyers Guide: Looking at a smart trainer this winter? The readings matched within .5%. If you want a weighing machine and you are vested to the Garmin ecosystem then I guess this is a good, but expensive choice. Do you know if this has been rectified, at least to give a more gradual phasing of algorithms between different Activity Levels? Connect to the correct WiFi network on your smartphone (The WiFi Networks page should change automatically to allow this), Manually link Garmin Connect to Apple Healthkit or Google Fit. Otherwise, all the detailed information follows afterwards so scroll down for that. Yeah, I’d love to be able to do more testing with a larger group of people beyond our household, but realistically speaking that’s just not viable right now in a COVID era where I live. That chart shows how useless these things are, except to give indications of the direction of change…As a canonical example your bone mass changed 0.6 lb and back in the same day… I think that is a physical impossibility. ), so make sure all 4 legs are properly in contact with a hard surface. In my case it always shows 7% which is definitely off (I have 22.7 BMI), and I don’t care, but I can’t see the evolution, because I’m stuck at 7% except after Christmas for a few weeks.

garmin index smart scale review 2020

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