Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' (Thrift 'Rubrifolia') will reach a height of 0.15m and a spread of 0.3m after 2-5 years. 4,00 ... Armeria maritima – Alba Erbacee perenni. vormt dichte grasachtige pollen, mooi als randbeplanting alsook in de rotstuin, deze soort valt extra op door zijn mooie donkerrode bladkleur. A wonderful rock garden accent or container plant. Sea pinks have traveled the world enough to be thought of as native on coastal areas of both European and Western North America. I hope someone can help me out. The dense, clump-forming, grassy-textured foliage forms neat green tufts topped by a profusion of bright, rosy red flower heads on stiff, upright stems. DELEN CA native. Will thrive in well-drained soil with limited water once established. Armeria maritima, commonly called thrift or sea pink, is a compact, low-growing plant which forms a dense, mounded tuft of stiff, linear, grass-like, dark green … Sea Thrift forms a dense, mounded tuft of grass-like, dark green leaves that will spread slowly. Армерията цъфти в края на пролетта (м. май). An easy to grow tough and hardy plant that is drought tolerant. Prefers year round moisture with good drainage and bright light. PLANTGROEP. Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' RHS Plants for Pollinators plants This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. Armeria maritima, the thrift, sea thrift or sea pink, is a species of flowering plant in the family Plumbaginaceae. Plant number: 1.070.240 Thrift are native to seaside cliffs, and are durable perennials for most any sunny location. Clumping dark reddish purple grass-like tufts w/ rose pink ball-shaped flower heads spring-fall. Your plant(s) will ship to the garden center you chose within the next 21 days. This page is preserved for informational use, ar-MER-ee-uh ma-RIH-tih-muh roob-rih-FOH-lee-uh. Armeria maritima ‘Rubrifolia’ NEDERLANDSE NAAM. Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers. Perfecte planten voor de rotstuin, vormen paarszwarte grasachtige pollen dat in de zomer en herfst naar groen en bronsgroen verkleuren. Luscious little, hot-pink, pom-pom blooms over burgundy to smoky-green, shiny grass-like foliage. Light foot traffic. Tags/labels: RobsTuinplanten, Rotsplant, Wintergroen, Armeria Engels gras of strandkruid. © 2020 Ball Horticultural Company - All rights reserved Bloeien rozerood.Groeit in elke normale tuingrond mits niet te nat. This selection has particularly burgundy leaves to only 8-10 and a tightly mounding habit that is adorned by a long series of saturated purple-pink flowers. Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' Red Leaf Sea Thrift Very shiny green hair-like foliage that turns reddish-purple tones in the spring and holds the darker color the rest of the year. Armeria maritima (Sea Thrift) is a compact, evergreen perennial boasting round clusters of pink to lavender (or sometimes white) flowers borne atop slender stalks that rise well above the foliage. By clicking "LOGIN", you are Copyright © 2000 - 2020 Valleybrook International Ventures Inc. Armeria maritima ‘Morning Star Deep Rose’, Alphabetical list of all 4,000+ perennials here. Een gemakkelijke tuinplant die weinig verzorging nodig heeft. Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' 4" Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' 4" Log in for pricing. Finely textured leaves develop a bronze hue in cool weather. More About Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' Tufts of foliage resemble turfgrass Foliage is burgundy in the spring and fall, fading to dark green in the warmer months Globe-shaped hot pink flower clusters form a layer of colour above the semi-evergreen foliage Vaste planten BIJZONDERHEDEN. Tolerates varying amounts of foot traffic. This unusual selection forms a low tufted mound of grassy purple-black leaves, with contrasting magenta-pink pompon flowers for many weeks starting in late spring. wide. If you do not see the quantity you need listed as in stock, please email to see if we have what you need. (Common Thrift) Armeria ‘Rubrifolia’ displays dark burgundy mounds of grass like foliage that are topped with a profuse display of adorable little magenta-pink balls in the spring. Finely textured leaves develop a bronze hue in cool weather. Trim off the spent flowers to encourage repeat blooming. Armeria maritima A useful mat-forming evergreen perennial with dense, grass-like, leaves. It is covered with abundant clusters of pink flower globes on slender stems in late spring and early summer. | Planten online kopen Name: Natalie North Central Idaho (Zone 7a) Natalie Aug 7, 2012 11:48 AM CST. Tolerates deer, drought, fire & coast. Engels gras. This unusual selection forms a low tufted mound of grassy purple-black leaves, with contrasting magenta-pink pompon flowers for many weeks starting in late spring. Great evergreen for rock garden, landscape accents, or containers. Perennials forum: Dividing Sea Thrift (Armeria maritima) Views: 14968, Replies: 19 » Jump to the end. Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' is a low-growing, clump-forming, compact plant with small, pom pom shaped flowers rising up on stems above the dense, rounded mat of purple-red leaves which spread to about 12 inches in width. Genus Armeria are evergreen perennials forming tufts or mats of strap-shaped or linear leaves, with long-stalked, dense clusters of small cup-shaped flowers Details A. maritima is a mat-forming evergreen perennial with dense, needle-like leaves and erect scapes to 15cm, bearing compact clusters of cup-shaped pink flowers in late spring and summer Especially nice when planted together with the more common green-leaved selections. Тогава цъфтежът е обилен. Growing sea pinks and how to take care of thrift plants is easy. Thrift are native to seaside cliffs, and are durable perennials for most any sunny location. Hi Everyone! The botanical name is Armeria maritima, and with many colourful cultivars available it is the flower colours that provide variety. © 2020 Monrovia Nursery Company. This tough minded perennial has a soft side with rosy-pink, tuft-like flowers held aloft individually on narrow, 4" stems in April and May and purplish-red, grass-like foliage that adds color to the landscape after the flowers are gone. No worries. Plant database entry for Sea Thrift (Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia') with 15 images and 44 data details. Small species like Armeria juniperifolia are easy plants for the trough, rockery, scree or even dry stone walls The pom-pom flowers appear from late spring and can continue sporadically all summer. Sea thrift, Armeria maritima, is an herbaceous perennial in the sealavender family (Plumbaginaceae) native to mountains and temperate coastal areas of the northern hemisphere, especially northern Europe, from northern California to Iceland to Siberia.There are several geographic subspecies that vary mainly in flower morphology and pollen structure Perfect for rock garden plantings, containers or between pavers. Dependable border or pathway edging. Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Enter your email and we'll email you instructions on how to reset your Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' Sku #1946 A profusion of rose pink flower heads dance above neat mounds of red-tinged evergreen foliage. Moderate growing; forms clumps 8 to 10 in. Note: This plant is currently NOT for sale. An herbaceous perennial. A dependable plant for use in borders and along pathways. Sea Thrift Plant Info Your plants are actively growing and we will only deliver them once they meet our rigorous quality standards, Discover new plants and design ideas for your garden, 817 E. Monrovia Place Azusa, California 91702-1385. It will make an excellent addition for the rock garden or combination container! Narrow, stiff, evergreen leaves grow in compact tufts or basal rosettes; small white, pink, rose, or red flowers are carried in dense, globular heads. Excellent when planted in mass and used as a border plant or as an accent around other perennials. password. ARMERIA / SEA THRIFT – ‘Rubrifolia’ Sea Thrift Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' Common Name: ARMERIA / SEA THRIFT - ‘Rubrifolia' Sea Thrift Type: PERENNIALS Zone 2-9 Height: 6-9" Spread: 6-12" Bloom: April-May Sun Needs: Full Sun Description: Low tufted mound, magenta pink pom pom flowers, grassy foliage is purplish black. Im Onlineshop und im Praskac Gartencenter gibt es Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia.Rotblättrige Grasnelke. ARMERIA maritima Rubrifolia has stunning pink pom-pom flowers which sit on long stems above a rich dark bronze foliage. Foliage is more green in summer and returns to burgundy in cooler weather. Blütenfarbe: rosa One particularly good variety is Armeria … Prefers sun and well-drained soils. Trim off the spent flowers to encourage repeat blooming. Rock garden, ground cover, edging, pot, cut flower & border plant. SKU: UPC: Availability: The quantities available online are less than the total that we have available. I have lots of Sea Thrift in my yard, and it's done really well. LinkedIn. In some cases purple, white or red flowers also occur. Perennial Subshrub: Evergreen. Great for rock gardens and the front of the border. An herbaceous perennial. Blooming profusely in mid to late spring, sporadic additional flowering may occur throughout the summer. Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' has dense tufts of purple-red, grass-like foliage which contrast nicely with bright rosy-red, pompom-shaped flowers. A profusion of rose pink flower heads dance above neat mounds of red-tinged evergreen foliage. Blütezeit: Mai - Juni. Armeria maritima Rubrifolia-web.JPG. Armeria maritima Rubrifolia grow and care – herbaceous of the genus Armeria also known as Sea thrift, Armeria maritima Rubrifolia perennial evergreen plant, grow as ornamental plant and can used as groundcover and flowers can be used as cut flower, can grow in mediterranean, subtropical or temperate climate and growing in hardiness zone 3-10a and with the right care in hardiness zone 10b. Armeria maritima makes excellent ground cover amongst paving even tolerating the occasional treading of gardeners and animals. Bee Balm (Monarda); Coneflower (Echinacea); Salvia (Salvia); Speedwell (Veronica); Coral Bells (Heuchera). Armeria maritima 'Bloodstone' Sku #0304. tall, 12 in. Sea pink, also known as sea thrift plant, thrift plant and common thrift (Armeria maritima), is a low-growing perennial evergreen that is hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8. Good rock garden or edging plant, also excellent in alpine trough gardens. Somewhat gopher resistant. Voorjaarsbrenger Engels gras of strandkruid, Armeria maritima een zoutminnende, wintergroene tuinplant met grasachtig blad, die met prachtige roze of witte bloemen bloeit in april en mei. Main bloom period is spring to early summer, but shearing off faded flowers may prolong flowering. Sea Thrift is well suited to coastal gardens. Sea Thrift (Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia') - New and Unread Tree-Mails Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia' Sea Thrift. logging into Armeria maritima – Rubrifolia. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Space on 6" centers. All Rights Reserved. The foliage turns bronze in the fall providing interest in the garden. It is a compact evergreen perennial which grows in low clumps and sends up long stems that support globes of bright pink flowers. From white through to pinks, reds and lilacs you can find an Armeria to fit any colour scheme.

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