*/. Noted for its excellent garden performance, Armeria pseudarmeria 'Ballerina Red' (Great Thrift) is a compact, evergreen perennial boasting large, ball-shaped blooms packed with small rose-red flowers. A delightful clump forming evergreen plant ideal for edging, container culture or simply adding colour to the front of garden beds and rockeries. Arenaria care need full sun, fertilizer, place to spread, water regularly, generally it’s easy plant to grow might need more water in the summer. Main bloom period is spring to early summer, but shearing off faded flowers may prolong flowering. Life Cycle: Hardy Perennial. Thrift is a dwarf evergreen that has small white or pink flowers. Armeria maritima is a charming plant, with abundant positive characteristics that make it well suited to modern gardens. Full sun or light shade, drought and wind tolerant and fairly deer resistant. The large, dramatic flowers grow to a height of 30-40cm (12-16") and spread 30-40cm (12-16") meaning they make beautiful flower displays in rockeries and patio container displays. Statistics. Thrift is a dwarf evergreen that has small white or pink flowers. Flowers: Spring to Early Summer. Botanical Name: Armeria alliacea x maritima Bees Ruby . If you prefer to grow seedlings indoor then seeds should be prepared about ten weeks before they are due to be put out (early spring). Early spring or start of autumn. Any winter kill can be teased out in spring if needed. Available for Kindle (MOBI), iPad (ePub) and as a PDF. It is hardy to zone (UK) 4 and is not frost tender. When the seedlings are ready for transplanting they should be put out /* Add your own MailChimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. GardenersHQ © 2005-2020 Dean Ravenscroft / Thank you for visiting my gardening site; 2020 - 12 - 02 : Privacy Policy. Soil pH 5.5 to 7.5. Armeria essentially grows along the coast, even in places where sea spray and wind usually make life tough for vegetation. Foliage: Rosette. Soil – rather acidic and well drained Annual pruning is eventually possible at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring, proceed lightly in order to stimulate the blooming and preserve the shape. Sea Thrift forms a dense, mounded tuft of grass-like, dark green leaves that will spread slowly. Tidy habit is perfect for landscape and patio containers. Plant armeria where the plant is exposed to full sunlight. A great addition to the perennial border, with bold bright pink flower display. Plant armeria in a sunny location with dry, rocky, well-drained soil. If you intend to sow Armeria seeds outdoors, they should be sowed on the surface and lightly covered with soil in the early spring or early autumn. Arenaria care. Armeria (Armeria spp.) The plant grows 6 to 12 inches tall (15 to 30 cm) and blooms in mid-spring with purple and pink flowers. Darkness. Can be divided in spring by splitting clump with a spade. Sow Indoors: Soak seeds overnight in warm water. Heat tolerant. The sowing of armeria or sea thrift is best done in spring, after any risk of freezing has disappeared. Some even use it as a flower-bearing lawn where regular grass has tried and failed to grow…. Armeria maritima, commonly called thrift or sea pink, is a compact, low-growing plant which forms a dense, mounded tuft of stiff, linear, grass-like, dark green leaves (to 4" tall).Tufts will spread slowly to 8-12" wide. Armeria facts, a summary list. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. Although Armeria performs best in sandy soil, the plant tolerates nearly any type of well-drained soil, including poor, dry soil. The plants would normally have germinated after two to three weeks. It is in leaf all year, in flower from June to August. A low growing tuft of stiff green foliage 8 inches tall, 1 to 1 1/2 foot spread. ... Care Level Easy . Thrift is a very salt tolerant plant and can therefore be grown at seaside locations, and it makes an ideal rockery plant wherever it is grown. Armeria, also called sea thrift, is a superb plant that makes for great lawns.

armeria plant care

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