drug metabolism. USAID.GOV -Pdf-(Link opens in new window). <<-Back to Vegetables from Amaranth greens. vitality, and crispiness. Amaranth greens, like spinach, carry higher contents of oxalic acid (1.09 g/100g), a naturally-occurring substance found in some vegetables, which may crystallize as oxalate stones in the urinary tract in some people. Rich In Iron Levels: For treating anaemia, red spinach can be easily used solely because of the good … It controls heart rate in human body. Consumption of natural vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin-A and flavonoids are also known to help the body protect from lung and oral cavity cancers. USDA National Nutrient Database. Nutritional Value. Its leaves are ready for harvesting in about 4-6 weeks after sowing the seed. Disclaimer: ITIS taxonomy is based on the latest scientific consensus available, and is provided as a general reference source for interested parties. Grasp 2 bunches of red spinach leaves and wash them pleasantly in running water. Home | About us | Contact | Blog | Sitemap | Privacy policy | Disclaimer. Amaranth leaves are loaded with potassium required for maintaining good cardiac health. One cup (246 grams) of cooked amaranth contains the following nutrients : Calories: 251… Mentioned values are recommended by a U.S. Department of Agriculture. It has very high concentrations of minerals in its leaves, and there is some concern that it can also take up toxic metals if present in the soil, rendering it toxic as a food. Amaranthus dubius, the red spinach, Chinese spinach, (simplified Chinese: 苋菜; traditional Chinese: 莧菜; pinyin: xiàncài), spleen amaranth, hon-toi-moi, yin choy, hsien tsai, or Arai keerai (அரை கீரை) is a plant species.It belongs to the economically important family Amaranthaceae.. In the mainland China where the greens are called by name yin-tsai (A. tricolor or Chinese spinach), it is employed in stir-fries and soups. Once at home, wash amaranth vigorously in a bowl of cold water, swish thoroughly several times to rid off sand/dirt. Potassium is an important component of the cell and body fluids that helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Because of its high vitamin-K content, patients taking anti-coagulants such as "warfarin" are encouraged to avoid amaranth in their food since it interferes with It has a long history of cultivation, especially for its leaves. Choosing a Quality Meal kit Subscription Service, Health benefits of Balsam Apple – Momordica balsamina, Uses and benefits of Ammoniacum – Dorema ammoniacum, Round or lance shaped, five to fifteen cm long or more, Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 54.3 mg (60.33%), Linoleic acid 18:2 (octadecadienoic acid), Linolenic acid 18:3 (Octadecatrienoic acid). <<-Also read Amaranth grain nutrition facts and health benefits. Amaranthus spinosus is distinguished by the … POL, PLL, POO, OLL, and LOO are the predominant TAGs in the amaranth seed oil. Additionally, it also has an established role in patients with Alzheimer's disease by limiting neuronal damage in the brain. Amaranth leaves contain lysine, an amino acid required for production of energy and calcium absorption. Amaranth leaves have adequate soluble and insoluble fiber that offers various health benefits. Isolate leaves and thick stems. Leafy-vegetable amaranths grow well at day temperatures above 25 ℃ and night temperatures not lower than 15 ℃. Amaranth soup with prepared with ham hocks. Amaranthus caudatus L. is a grain crop in Latin America and high rainfall areas of west Africa. The grains used as pseudocereals like quinoa in Europe and USA, whereas leaf-varieties are cultivated mostly as leafy-vegetables in India, China and Africa. Copper is also required for the production of red blood cells. Preliminary assessment of nutritional value of traditional leafy vegetables in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa B. Odhava,, S. Beekrumb, ... Amaranthus dubius, Amaranthus hybridus, Amaranthus spinosus, Asystasia gangetica, Bidens pilosa, Centella asiatica, Ceratotheca triloba, (Medical disclaimer). Small bit of fat and no cholesterol content makes it a healthy food for those who are concerned with weight or reduce weight. In Greece, the amaranth greens are popular as vleeta, boiled with other well-known green-leafy like dandelion, mustard green, chicory greens Red spinach is a member of the plant family Amaranthaceae, which includes nearly 2,500 species ranging from spinach to beetroot to grains such as amaranth and quinoa. The particularity of amino acid profile of A. cruentus leaves is its methionine and lysine levels, which are the limiting amino acids in … Reserve stems to cook separately as it takes longer time to cook. Together, these compounds help act as protective scavengers against oxygen-derived free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS), and thereby play a healing role in aging and various disease processes. Adequate intake of water is therefore advised to maintain normal urine output. Thanks to the ongoing reaserch studies in the area of pseudocereals, amaranthus has rediscovered itself as a promising food crop fo its high nutritional value of seeds (grains) and leaves. ex Thell. Amaranthus hybridus was grown as a leafy vegetables in four sites in Dar‐Es‐Salaam, Tanzania. 100 g of fresh greens provides 1140 μg or 950% of daily vitamin-K requirements. Abstract: Amaranth grain is a highly nutritional pseudocereal with a superior amount of proteins when compared to true cereals. In this chapter, amaranth seed oil composition will be presented. Mosyakin and Robertson (1999) proposed the new nothosection Dubia Mosyakin & K. R. Robertson (subgenus Amaranthus section Amaranthus) to … 14 Wonderful benefits of red spinach (Amaranthus dubius) 6 Amazing Green Garlic benefits and nutritional value. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Amaranth grows all around the world in the tropical and subtropical environments. It also lowers the effect of free radicals in environment that results in aging and cancer. Botanically, amaranth belongs to the family of Amaranthaceae, in the genus; Amaranthus. The leaves contain 17.5 to 38.3% dry matter as protein of which 5% is lysine 2 . Show All Show Tabs spleen amaranth plants to lack nutritional power. The main component of this oil is triacylglycerols (TAGs). Amaranth greens have high content of vitamin C. A serving of 100 grams offers 70% of daily requirement of Vitamin C, a water soluble vitamin required to comb at infections and speeds up healing process. In the markets, buy fresh leaves packed in bunches featuring deep-green/variegated color, It is a reasonably well-balanced food with functional properties that have been shown to provide medicinal benefits. It prevents birth defects in newborn babies and are required for physical and mental health. Along with amaranth leaves, add vitamin C to facilitate maximum absorption of iron in blood. Visit here for an impressive list of vegetables with complete illustrations of their nutrition facts and Amaranth leaves offer adequate Vitamin A. All rights reserved. People allergic to amaranths should avoid it. Facts. Moreover, its leaves carry more potassium than that of in the spinach. This chapter addresses the value of different Amaranthus [L.] species that have been recorded in Nigeria. Consume amaranth greens in moderate amounts. Besides grain, amaranth leaves are also high in protein. Its intake helps to lower weight and hinder heart disease as it reduces cholesterol in … Spleen amaranth is native to Asia, Africa and Europe, and is widely cultivated as a green leafy vegetable in Africa and South Asia. Grain Amaranths are characterized by apical large inflorescence comprising aggregates of cymes and white or cream colored seeds. Nutritional value of amaranths Amaranths have excellent nutritional value because of their high content of essential micronutrients such as b-carotene, iron, calcium, vitamin C and folic acid (Priya et al. The challenge is to find ways to incorporate it into existing food products, as well as to create new products from it Amaratnh leaves are storehouse for many phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which contribute immensely to health and wellness. Grain Amaranths includes A. hypochondriacus, A. caudatus, A. cruentus, etc. family. Also avoid greens that are too large and thick stemmed since they can be overtly bitter. Calories 28 Kcal. It is loaded with flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidant such as zeaxanthin, beta carotene and lutein providing a protective layer against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. https://www.nutrition-and-you.com/amaranth-greens.html, https://food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/amaranth-leaves-how-to-cook-this-green-leafy-vegetable-761205, https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/07/seriously-asian-amaranth-greens-stir-fried-with-garlic-recipe.html, https://www.clovegarden.com/ingred/ch_amaranth.html, https://www.tropicalpermaculture.com/amaranth-plant.html, https://lajollamom.com/amaranth-grain-leaves-health-benefits/, https://extension.umd.edu/sites/extension.umd.edu/files/_docs/EthnicVegHandbook2008.pdf, https://www.nda.agric.za/docs/brochures/amaranthus.pdf, http://www.simplyantioxidant.com/antioxidant-foods-amaranth-greens.html, https://pharmeasy.in/blog/16-health-benefits-of-amaranth-leave/. However, it is not a legal authority for statutory or regulatory purposes. In a way similar to other kinds of greens like spinach, kale, etc., amaranth in the diet helps prevent osteoporosis (weakness of bones), iron-deficiency anemia. Know about this wonder cayenne Pepper benefits (Lal Mirch or Capsicum Annuum) Avoid those with wilted leaves, yellow discoloration and spots. © 2020 Healthbenefitstimes. Greens are used in stews, curries and mixed, In Greece, Amaranth greens are boiled with other leafy greens such as, Leaves are cooked with lentils and served with rotis or. Leaves are green or purple with slender stalks and are variable in size.

amaranthus dubius nutritional value

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