Doing so doesn't alter the number's value. Feel free to alter a project's directions to include his favorite colors, representations of his interests, etc. DebSpecs claims that they don't alter the way that you perceive color, despite the tint on the lenses. In reality, however, all these movements forward and backward did not improve or alter the position of the troops. 2 The young cell-wall is always tenuous and flexible, and may remain so throughout, but in many cases thickenings and structural differentiations, as well as the changes referred to above, alter the primary wall considerably. At this point they ring in Madhumitha's alter ego, contrasting Madhumitha with a very demure, typically traditional Indian version. Keep using altar instead of alter? But it is improbable that further research will alter the general estimate of the value of Arabian medicine. Factors that do alter nutrient values include soil conditions, climate, genetics, and ripeness or maturity at harvest time (for produce). The length of time the drug has been taken as well as the dosage used can alter the overall success of programs. She leads a double life as a normal teenager, going to school and hanging out with her friends, and as her alter ego, Hannah Montana, teen pop superstar. Metallo's alter ego, John Corben, has a Kryptonite heart inside his body. Because the film is very thin and perfectly transparent, it does not alter the appearance or functionality of the iPad. Sentence Examples. To be successful with planning, it is necessary to alter spending habits, payment plans, and other financial matters in order to meet goals. ; Have you seen the water damage to the alter in Saint John's Church? A large party pronounced the style perfect, so absolutely perfect that in some essays it would be impossible for the writer himself to alter a single word for the better. If you do go off your meal plan, know that one bad day will not significantly alter the effects of an overall healthy lifestyle. Choose a few key phrases and alter the tone as appropriate depending upon the recipient of the thank you card. ‘our outward appearance alters as we get older’ ‘nothing alters the fact that children are our responsibility’ ‘The English ruling class was wiped out and the character of the nation altered forever.’ ‘Digitally alter all the alien characters so they have 2 heads because that would look so cool.’ Wichmann, Hamburgische Geschichte in Darstellungen aus alter and newer Zeit (1889); and R. Every rational integral function of these quantities, which does not alter its value however the n suffixes I, 2, 3, ... That this (Alter Lankester, loc. But this personal rebuff could not alter the fact that in the country his was the name which was on the lips of the voters at the election. There are a number of ways to barbecue lobster, and you can alter recipes to your specific tastes. First, the scientists in each article note that cinnamon appears to alter blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes only. But, instead of employing a number of instruments differing only in the weights with which they are loaded, we may employ the same instrument, and alter its weight either by adding mercury or shot to the interior (if it can be opened) or by attaching weights to the exterior. 2241649 We've altered course. Whether to add or remove hair is a personal decision, however, and one that should be undertaken as carefully as the choice to alter any other body hair or appearance. (10) Property prices did not significantly, (18) He remained obdurate(, refusing to, (19) Closing the factory would irrevocably, (23) Mrs Reagan was widely regarded as the President's, (25) The current division of labor between workers and management will. 2 : castrate, spay had the puppies altered. The rails not being absolutely straight and smooth, centrifugal and lurching actions occur which alter the distribution of the loading. The law of nature is un alter able; God Himself cannot alter it any more than He can alter a mathematical axiom. "Ah, how bitter it is to love someone near to you and to feel that..." she went on in a trembling voice, "that you can do nothing for him but grieve him, and to know that you cannot alter this. Unlike manufacturers of cigarettes and pharmaceuticals, game companies make no bones about wanting you addicted, wanting to alter your life in a permanent and potentially hazardous way. Most of its alluvial burden being deposited in the lakes, the Neva takes a long time to alter its channels or extend its delta. The movement of S is obtained by means of a relay engine, in which there are two rams of different diameters; a constant pressure is always acting on the smaller of these when the motor is at work, while the governor (or handpower if desired) admits or exhausts pressurewater from the face of the other, and the movements to and fro thus given to the two rams alter the position of the stud S, and thus change the stroke of the plungers of the main engine. I had some alterations done on my pants at the store where I bought them. For a 21st century schizoid man of wealth and taste, Alter has an awfully retarded vocabulary. Examples of alter ego in a sentence, how to use it. For example, if you add protein, fat or increase acidity it could alter the glycemic index of the carbs you eat. If you don't have a pile of old books lying in your attic, you'll need to visit garage sales, secondhand stores, or flea markets to pick an assortment of books to alter. See Bensen, Beschreibung and Geschichte der Stadt Rothenburg (Erlangen, 1856); Merz, Rothenburg in alter and neuer Zeit (2nd ed., Ansbach, 1881); Schultheiss, Rothenburg, ein Stadtebild (Zurich, 1892); and Das Festspiel zu Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber (Munich, 1892); and W. There is only one Neo-Kantian way out of this dilemma, but it is to alter the original assumptions of Kant's psychological idealism. 2. The Action Replay functions as most cheating devices and allows the user to input codes that alter the game's performance. Once before he had felt that way about a woman and she had literally left him waiting at the alter while she ran off with another man. affine transformations may be applied to alter the shape of the primitives. The Philips company was thus forced to alter its name to distribute razors in the US. alter ego, the world reacts to you and your actions. But all these do not greatly alter the general character of the vegetation. magnetized water would alter the individual's running performance. '; To obtain such it would be necessary that the retardation should gradually alter by a wavelength in passing over any element of the grating, and then fall back to its previous value, thus springing suddenly over a wave-length (Phil. How to use alter ego in a sentence. xi. Wearing a colored contact lens will not alter or block the flow of those floaters into the field of vision. : A gurgling well sprang from the foot of the altar, saving the townspeople from dying of thirst. But you can never alter the ways of the prairie. It cannot be said that the climate is particularly good, owing to the changeableness of the weather, which may alter completely within a single day. Sentence: Many People sacrificed their lives at the altar of freedom. How to use altar in a sentence. alter the fundamental composition of the SAC series. In this case small temperature changes alter the refractivity of the liquid without appreciably affecting the quartz. Usually, it is easier to size a dress down than to alter it a size up. The actinula, when free, may multiply by larval budding, but in all cases both the original actinula and all its descendants become converted into medusae, so that there is no alter nation of generations. Top searched words If you can't afford to hire a dress designer to make one from scratch, purchase a traditionally white gown and then alter it with your own cuts and embellishments. It's a tiny secret, one that may not alter much of anything. ; (3) those who hold that under the Rubric the ornaments prescribed in the first Prayer Book are to be "had in use.". Now, even individuals with perfect eyesight are enjoying the wide variety of colored contact lenses on the market designed to alter appearances. Then no changes of external temperature can affect the sag of the wire, and the only thing which can alter its length relatively to the supporting bar is the passage of a current through it. Premutation-A change in a gene that precedes a mutation; this change does not alter the function of the gene. He or she may also be able to make suggestions on how you can alter your diet to prevent unpleasant symptoms or test you to ensure you aren't experiencing a more serious medical condition. Be sure to save the changes before you try to alter the design colors or you may find yourself staring at your old background in a new color scheme. There are various ways that these tapes get out, including theft, accident, partners with ulterior motives, and even the celebs themselves leaking the tapes to try and alter their image. - Jeans (film) Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson), the corrupt governor of the region, learns of De La Vega's alter ego, and attempts to arrest him. Example sentence - She could wear the coat if she could find a seamstress to alter it to fit her. The objection to continuity is that very small alterations of level of the supports due to settlement of the piers may very greatly alter the distribution of stress, and render the bridge unsafe. He alters his course as often as the crooked way of his subject changes. The practice is believed to alter the body's energy flow and is used to treat a multitude of health conditions, ranging from diseases to addictions. Because there are no rules in symbolic play, the child can use this play to reinforce, learn about, and imaginatively alter painful experiences. Check out Ginger's spelling book and make sure you never confuse altar and alter again! and intended to eliminate irregular changes, but they also to some extent eliminate regular changes if the hours of maxima and minima or the character of the diurnal variation alter throughout the year. Transsexuals alter their physical appearance cosmetically and hormonally and may eventually undergo a sex-change operation. Example sentences for "alter" in popular movie and book plots. Alter definition: If something alters or if you alter it, it changes. And it's me what alters your gowns to fit them. Bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses sometimes take up to six months to arrive, and a few weeks to alter. The interest rate that you get can alter your payment by $100 or more every month. The possibility of continuously varying the percentage composition suggests analogy between an alloy and a solution, and A. This can alter a teenager's self esteem and body image by making them feel fat when in fact, they may weigh within a normal range for their age, height, and gender. Gissing used his fictional alter ego to attack Victorian morals. Carmen develops an alter ego just to get hired but then has to try and kill her alter ego off to succeed. Man himself cannot increase the sum of motion; he can only alter its direction. You can of course alter any of these meal plans to better suit your lifestyle and that of your family; just keep in mind the carb limits. As times alter, men's affections change. Although the latter three series greatly alter the Mega Man formula, the same theme of capturing robot powers and upgrading the main hero is still intact. A different way that people enjoy "cheating" is to alter the appearances of their restaurants in various ways. Sacrilege was made a crime punishable by death, and the ministry were preparing a law to alter the law of equal inheritance, and thus create anew the great estates. I have no power to alter the sentence. Although it's common for teen girls to want to alter their uniforms, this is typically not permitted. An old dog cannot alter its way of barking. As an alter native to the above method, V. Rahfls, " Alter and Heimat der vatikanischer Bibelhandschrift," in the Nachrichten der Gesell. There are also many flavored vodka products available to alter the taste of a cocktail such as lemon, black pepper and many fruit variations. Some merely change the pieces' shape and speed, alter the gravity or change the physics. Couples should keep in mind that the presiding clergy may need to review the vows to ensure they are appropriate for the faith or venue, and enough time should be available to alter the vows if they are deemed unsuitable. It also has an easy customization tool to help the user alter text and images to his or her liking. (5) To some extent habitual muscular action of this kind may, by affecting local nutrition, alter the contour of such bones and cartilages as are related to the muscles of expression. In the show, which co-stars her father, Miley plays the dual roles of Miley Stewart, a normal girl in her early teens, and Hannah Montana, Miley's pop star alter ego. It is best to be prepared for that time, as well as for extra time to make adjustments after you've put on your dress or seen the final look just in case you want to alter it a little. However, one distinct advantage of buying from a reputable department store is that there is usually a tailor on staff who can alter, adjust, and sometimes make major changes to your garment for an additional fee. Such an identification doubtless led Marcion to alter the title in his copies. I need confirmation before the Council meets, and I need to know if you can alter whatever it is Sasha's people did, Kris said. westfrankischen Karolinger (Freiburg, 1848); but those on the pseudo-Isidorian Decretals (Untersuchung 'Ober Alter, Ursprung, u. to alter the text used in Rome by including the words. You can alter your valance to change the theme or set the mood for parties and gatherings with just a change of color or fabric. Underdog, lovable crime fighter, and his alter ego, "Shoe Shine Boy". Such changes as occur come about, not in consequence of a new direction taken by conscious policy, but rather in the way that fashions in dress alter amongst ourselves, by subconscious, hardly purposive drifting. He alters and smooths his sentences while the household sleeps. Examples: The ancient Britons used to sacrifice animals on elaborate stone altars. By choosing different colors or liner designs, you can alter the look and feel of any lace curtain. If the love proves to be a lasting one, you can ask your tattoo artist to add more petals to alter the rose into full bloom. The business is all about forging strong relationships, so if they can easily alter a design to suit your customers' needs and it goes over well, the two of you will continue to work together. He became what is known in Spain as a valido - something more than a prime minister, the favourite and alter ego of the king. xiii. altar example sentences. Alter definition, to make different in some particular, as size, style, course, or the like; modify: to alter a coat; to alter a will; to alter course. If you have high cholesterol, chances are you've been advised by a doctor to alter your diet. Alter Ego: A feminine light pink laced with dreamy lavender. Always make sure the wine glasses are scrupulously clean as even the slightest traces of dirt and grime can alter the behavior of fine wines and champagne. I've not had to alter the last several you've sent. Nonetheless, in some cases the … It is best not to use silver because it can alter the taste of the caviar. Sentence: I am sorry, Icannot alter my decision now. These include holiday graphics, cartoons, glitter and customizable options that let you alter your own photos. 5 cc. (27) Although long-distance phone calls are going up, the charge for local calls will not, (28) If your new coat is too large, a tailor can, (29) By changing the tomato's genetic blueprint , scientists can, (30) Unemployment has come down slightly but this does not, (3) The current division of labor between workers and management will. How to use alter in a sentence. (Alter Kuy, from Greens Vegetable Physiology, by permission.). ; We were married at the altar in Saint Paul's Cathedral. Sarah hopes the antidepressant will alter … Using peripheral devices that alter the game's code is one extreme, but there's another form of cheating that many regard as simply "utilizing a game's programming". Each legislative district of Baltimore is entitled tc -he number of delegates to which the largest county shall or may be entitled under the foregoing apportionment, and the General Assembly may from time to time alter the boundaries of Baltimore city districts in order to equalize their population. The title is taken from the 1945 Michael Redgrave supernatural chiller in which a ventriloquist is driven insane by his crazed dummy alter ego. Could you have foreseen that the advent of a technology called "air conditioning" in homes would alter the social fabric of the nation? impurity atoms you can further alter the resistance of the material. If you have a tailor, she may be able to alter it to complete perfection! In some cases, the aluminum will actually react with your food and alter the flavor. Another word for alter. Indeed, in many parts of his work, in the department of legislative and constitutional theory, it is rather assumed that the interests of some men will continually conflict with those of their fellows, unless we alter the balance of prudential calculation by a readjustment of penalties. The effect of weights placed in such a dish or pan is of course the same as if they were placed within the bulb of the instrument, since they do not alter the volume of that part which is immersed. If the model is comfortable with the idea, you can then alter the image. Once you learn this simple skill, you can quickly and easily alter slacks, skirts and other garments to your liking without having to pay someone to do it for you. Socks are knitted with different heel styles, and these can alter the finish of the sock. The downside is that you'll most likely have to alter the length. Low thyroid hormone levels can alter weight, appetite, sleep patterns, body temperature, and a variety of other physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. Rays often alter suddenly in length, seeming to stretch down towards the horizon or mount towards the zenith. If you alter your plans and no longer need a ride to school, please let me know so I can sleep in late. Don't substitute ingredients - the ingredients in the Lemonade Diet have been carefully determined and therefore substituting a different ingredient may alter the effectiveness of the diet. One of the easiest ways to create formal prom hair styles is to radically alter an everyday style. Very few tailors can alter a ladies' blouse properly, so you want to be sure it's going to fit before you buy. The grand-duke accepted his threat as a request to resign, passed censure, and extended to him permission to withdraw from his chair at Jena; nor would he alter his decision, even though Fichte himself endeavoured to explain away the unfortunate letter. Other spoilers may discuss the resurgence of Viki's alter ego Niki or speculate that Viki's behavior may indicate that Niki is indeed out of the box. "An altar" is an area (usually a table) where religious worship or sacrifice occurs. C. Dahlmann, he placed his historical learning at the service of the estates of SchleswigHolstein and composed the address of 1844, in which the estates protested against the claim of the king of Denmark to alter the law of succession in the duchies. As you earn more money, you can buy more accessories for your character and alter his appearance, as well as his luck, game face, intimidation, and skill. But then of course that does not alter the fact. To this day I wonder why she took a step backwards on the alter steps by marrying me. When wanted to alter anything, we just fired up a debugger and twiddled the bits. Parents should be willing to share with examiners any information that might alter interpretation of the assessment results (for example, medical problems, cultural concerns). Pomponius Mela tells us that beyond :the Ethiopian Ocean which sweeps round Africa in the south and the uninhabitable torrid zone, there lies an alter orbis, or fourth part of the world inhabited by Antichthones. The form of combination is unstable and apparently variable, so that the quantities of free carbonic acid, bicarbonate and normal carbonate are liable to alter. Moving forward a couple of decades, a determined Dr. Soran obsessed with returning to the Nexus, plans to destroy planets to alter its path to get there. Altar The word "altar" is a noun. The divine authorship of the Bible does not alter our procedure at all. This process goes on until the state of the remaining liquid is represented by the point C. Now crystals of B begin to form, simultaneously with the A crystals, and the composition of the remaining liquid does not alter as the solidification progresses. : … The agent might not have as much power to alter a policy as a large company would. Select the Pen icon and the Master icon to alter the tempo along the tracks. Skip desserts, which are heavy in the stomach and may ferment when eaten with other foods, causing bacterium to alter them to alcohols, vinegars and acetic acids. If it exceeds the square root, we must alter the value of b, so as to get a product which does not exceed the remainder. Actor Val Kilmer has got to have the cocky confidence of his long ago alter ego Iceman in Top Gun as he has been quoted as saying that "…I'm going to be the next governor" should he decide to enter the political arena. We can use the alter … He pronounced the words that would forever alter her life. Both rational redesign and directed evolutionary approaches are being used in my laboratory to alter the specificity and chemistry of selected enzymes. All three of these items are clear and should not alter the color of the polish underneath. The refusal of the society to alter its constitution so as formally to exclude such persons led to the formation (1831) of the Trinitarian Bible Society, which is still in existence. The site includes 7 plazas, 2 ball courts, 6 plain Stela and 1 alter, as well as temple pyramids. Novelty contact lenses are used for cosmetic reasons to alter the appearance of the iris. However, overhead lighting can be harsh for some tasks, such as watching television or conversing with friends, so create options to alter the room's ambiance. The idea of "free" as opposed to necessary expresses simply the fact that the mind can propose to itself ends, though a man cannot alter his own nature. The voyage of Columbus Spanish ~n 1492, and the intervention of Ferdinand in the History great conflict of France, the empire and the papacy alter 1479. A critical part of multicultural education, the idea that knowledge is a human construct challenges teachers to alter their own perceptions of the world before they can teach multiculturally. The mechanisms by which anemia occurs will alter the RBC indices in a predictable manner. A renewed interest in whole foods may help to alter the prevalence of high cholesterol and vascular disease. Alter hundred and fifty years of foreign war and civil discord, at period when order and unity were ardently desired, an absolutt monarchy had appeared the only power capable of realizint such aspirations. an hour; and the opening of a window in rough weather, or the opening of a door, may entirely alter the registration. Consider adding Kahlua or schnapps to alter the flavor. You can alter the straps to have a racerback style, and the contour cups give support and provide modesty. Ulrich, Bilder aus Hannovers Vergangenheit (1891); Hoppe, Geschichte der Stadt Hannover (1845); Hirschfeld, Hannovers Grossindustrie and Grosshandel (Leipzig, 1891); Frensdorff, Die Stadtverfassung Hannovers in alter and newer Zeit (Leipzig, 1883); W. The prince of Waldeck reserves his whole rights as head of the church, and also the right of granting pardons, and in certain circumstances may exercise a veto on proposals to alter or enact laws. Find more ways to say alter, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. This is effected by the power of accommodation of the eye, which can so alter the focal length of its crystalline lens that images of objects at different distances can be produced rapidly and distinctly one after another upon the retina. In many ways, he is the alter ego of Childs. Examples of Alter in a sentence. (d) The official of the bishop might be his official principal, who was his alter ego, or a special officer for a particular locality (officialis foraneus). The answer is that though the ratios between the prices of the various grades alter, the prices of all of them move generally together, and that the " futures " of the Exchange at least provide a hedge against the latter movements. These can alter your ability to fall asleep since they are psychological stimulants. We are still opposed to psychopathic serial killers sitting in the Government of our country, and that position will not alter. From her sold out concerts to posters and bedding, Miley and her alter ego - Hannah Montana - are all over stores this year. High quality example sentences with “alter the result of” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Although it's not an actual Celtic butterfly knot tattoo, the Meditation Maze flash is also reminiscent of a butterfly, and a talented artist could probably alter the four points of this design to resemble a butterfly's wings. The show also deals with mental illness and how it affects not only the individual, as in the case of Viki and her alter ego Niki, but also the heritability of the problems. If you trust in your tattoo professional's talents, the two of you can enhance or alter the flash into a custom design that may just make you the envy of all your friends. Immediately afterward he was a member of a commission appointed "to revise the laws in force in the state; to select, abridge, alter and digest them, so as to be accommodated to the present government.".
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