Gull-wing doors aren’t usually thought of as an essential feature on police cars, but the Dubai Police’s use of the SLS AMG might make other departments reconsider. Built by Dubai-based W Motors, the impressive vehicle is a certainty to get drivers attention with its armoured truck body with piercing police lights. Dubai Police add Porsche 918 Spyder to collection of patrol cars that includes a Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Aventador. Dubai police has added a bulletproof SUV to its impressive fleet of supercars Dubai Police have recently added the Beast Patrol to its fleet of supercars, ordering 2000 models of the hulking motor. Source: Mercedes-Benz. Inside Dubai’s insane police car collection – including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and hulking SUVs February 26, 2020 DUBAI has long been a haven for motoring enthusiasts looking to show off the world's most expensive cars. Home,Dubai Police website provides online services for RTA and Dubai Police Traffic Fines, information on crime,Traffic Fines Inquiry, Issuing Accident Report, Bounce Cheque.Police is responsible for maintaining public safety and security, طلب Lamborghini Aventador. Keep scrolling for a list of the coolest police cars ever. The dubai police cars got a new addition in their supercar fleet in 2013. Opened in 1987, the museum showcases the development and progress of the city's Police Force. Dubai Police Adds to its Collection With a Ford Mustang and BMW M6. ... Click past the jump to read about the super police cars the Dubai Police has in its hands. Dubai’s insane police car collection is set to be joined by homegrown muscle. Like the rest of dubai's. Dubai police cars price. Dubai police are famous for thier supercars. The British Police force has recently received a special edition Ariel Atom as a new addition to its fleet while the Italian Police force has cars like Aventador, Gallardo and Huracan in its fleet. Part of the police vehicles series. It's filled with old photographs, exhibits, weapons and equipment. If you're interested in the city's Police Force, it's definitely worth visiting the Dubai Police Museum. The car can run at 267 miles per hour, which probably makes it the fastest car in this list. It has the best and the finest collection … Car owners in Dubai will now have to pay a Dh300 transportation fee if their vehicles are confiscated by the police for traffic violations or criminal cases. Pickup trucks, jeep cherokees, and bmw m5s have all been brought in to protect and serve. But it is the Dubai Police fleet that will make your jaw drop.
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