Now, they have evidence. Test them all and see which works best for you. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY AND EASY TO USE: Naturally drives armadillos and pests out without killing them. *Due to the current situation, delays in delivery might be expected. This you can do after you have taught the baby what it should eat. If you choose this method of getting rid of armadillos, make sure you check local ordinances governing the use of firearms and weapons. Here’s what you need to know. For years, scientists have speculated that armadillos can pass on leprosy to humans, and that they are behind the few dozen cases of the disease that occur in the U.S. every year. Just like you would go gigging frogs or spotlighting a deer, you can use a flashlight to distract your game while you walk up to them and dispatch them with a big stick or other weapon. However, picking up the critter is not easy. If you had a contact with an armadillo and are worried about getting Hansen’s disease, talk to your healthcare provider. Made of anti-UV … They are very skilled at digging, and love to do it, so they could potentially have burrows in various spaces of your yard or garden. Bury the food under a bit of dirt and let the armadillo dig it up. ANSWER: Yes, You Can Get Leprosy From an Armadillo. This defense mechanism allows them to spend most of their time basking in the South African sun. Ways To Trap An Armadillo In The Backyard. SAY GOODBYE TO UNWANTED ARMADILLOS With the help of Pest Destruct - Ultrasonic Armadillo Pest Repeller you can get rid of armadillos within 48 hours. It … Nine banded armadillo's can become pests when they pick up your yard and your flowerbeds. You have to make sure that it extends at least a foot under the Earth. So, while not all armadillos have the germ, they do make a good candidate for it. Simply shine the light in the eyes of Armadilllo then walk over and pick him up to dispatch them. Armadillos like all other animals are prone to various illnesses. Otherwise, the armadillo can crawl right underneath of it. In case you’re tempted to pick up a baby armadillo you’ve found, or even catch one for taxidermy or some other reason, think again! If you think you have a problem with the nine banded armadillo you should contact a professional animal control person to handle this problem. The armadillo’s body temperature runs just 89 degrees. Your doctor will follow up with you over time and perform periodic skin examinations to see if you develop the disease. I can tell you from first hand observation that a .223 NATO ball round is VERY effective against an armadillo … You can’t just put up a simple barrier. A trap door allows the animal to leave, but not come back in as it is locked on the outside but not on the inside. You can also use a trap door if you can find the entrance to the armadillo’s burrow. With their cleverness and stealth, catching an Armadillo can be an interesting challenge. Coverage Area: 30 feet to 2425 square feet. You can set out a live trap with fruit or earthworms and hope that it’s attracted to it. One day on the rifle range an armadillo ran across the range right in front of the targets (100 yds). Whether you are using a bait to lure an armadillo or giving it a chase, you will need to pick it up and carry or cage it. In the unlikely event that you have Hansen’s disease, your doctor can help you get treatment. Armadillo Lizards are tiny one-of-a-kind reptiles. As you can see, there are a variety of methods to stop armadillos from destroying your yard. Another option is capturing the armadillo. Caring for armadillos. Many years ago (1971), I was stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio for basic training. Their spiny coats of armor make them the closest thing to a dragon you can own. This lizard is named after the Armadillo because they curl up and bite their tails to protect themselves from predators. In the case of a baby armadillo you will also have to teach it how to find its own food. There are many different brands of live traps that you can use in your yard that can be picked up at any hardware store or in some pet stores. Diseases Spread by Armadillos
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