Eggs are a … This costs a total of 1 billion silver. Again without going too deep into this, it’s key to make sure that you use as much of the following as possible: Food Buffs (Simple Cron Meal), Tent buff (Villa Invite or Old Moon Book Needed), Church Buff (Exchange 100g Bars at Church in Veila for Attack/Defence RNG Buffs), Potions/Draughts, Elixir / Perfume and Alchemy stone (Turned on of course! Of course you can cook other foods, they provide various buffs. While cooking anything, you don't just get the food, but various collectibles: Here are the products of cooking beer from 3000 potatoes. ). ... Pre-Engage Buffs. Black Desert BDO Musa Guide 2020. The pets you purchase from the Pearl Shop are Tier 1 and only give buffs once they reach level 10. + Fishing buffs can be acquired from: - Guild Perk (up to +3) - Certain fishing rods, like Steel (+1 or +2, I can't remember) It is quite expensive to make or buy, but I do suggest you work towards making your own – that activity alone will help you discover a lot about Cooking, as well as your node management. The +1 fishing buff decreases the time from cast to bite. Food Rotations & Elixirs. For more Information on Equipment you can check out this part of the guide. Maopan (Duvencrune Food Vendor) Gerez (Duvencrune Retired Mercenary) Tamasa (Duvencrune Marketplace Director) Lior (Duvencrune Stable Keeper) Derjeen (Duvencrune Material Vendor) Bamam (Duvencrune Innkeeper) Drexin (Duvencrune Imperial Crafting Delivery) Heira (Duvencrune Imperial Delivery Manager) Rinta (Duvencrune Storage Keeper) Pre-Engage buffs are exactly what you think they would be, they are self-buffs that can be used without actually hitting a target. For profit, watch the market. Get yourself at least an Imperfect Alchemie Stone of Destruction for cheap +2 AP! Food Buffs for Cooking The best food you can use to boost your Cooking, is Seafood Cron Meal (10% Life XP & -0.6 sec. BDO Pet Notes: Pet Food: gain max pet level 10 by feeding your darlings Pet Food; Pet Exchange: up to 4 Tiers obtained via Pet Exchange (AKA Pet Breeding) Pet Buffs: A long list of passive buffs that help you with Life Skills, Knowledge, and Combat Count in Buff Food as you should have that up all the time. Cooking Time for 120 minutes). With all EXP buffs, level 61 to 62 is approximately 1% per 10 hours, which will take around 50 days if you’re AFK training for 20 hours per day. I don't know the exact amount it reduces it. This time is also affected by the resources where you are fishing and the type of water you are at. Pet Tiers, Buffs and Breeding. Ingredients to more complicated dishes may yield a good return in silver on the market with the proper infrastructure in place. Pets level up only when you feed them food so the faster their hunger gauge depletes the faster they will level up. Experience food is always in demand, but a flooded market will drive the price down and leave your items up for too long. Posted June 4, 2019 January 20, 2020 alext96. Standard 3 food rotation: Hamburg (or Magoria), Knight Combat, Kamasylve. BDO Cooking Data Page with Experience per cook, required cooking level, Buffs and Effects and more for Black Desert Online Menu Home Black Desert Online Conan Exiles Fallout 76 … ... Food rotation for Musa. So if you want to level up a pet faster just leave them out and feed them regularly.
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