The tree can be easily kept in shape using a pair of sharp bonsai scissors, and new growth can easily be picked out with your fingertips. YAOPON HOLLY. Product Compare (0) Show: Sort By: Juniper Bonsai Tree Starter - Medium (Shimpaku) Amazing little trees, Sargent Juniper are extremely popular Bonsai trees. The Bonsai Man also has a variety of trees for sale, from starters to show trees. Arakawa. Product Videos. I found another one of my shimpaku junipers ready for the next steps in development. The Bonsai Man stocks all your Bonsai needs, Wire, tools, pots and ornaments are all available for purchase. Juniperus chinensis ‘Shimpaku’ (the shimpaku juniper) is a dwarf, irregular vase-shaped form of the Chinese juniper, Juniperus chinensis. They range from large trees to small shrubs. Favorite Trees. Juniperus Chinensis 'Shimpaku' is a dwarf variety of the Chinese juniper. Home; Shop Now. Juniper bonsai trees for sale. Price: AU $185.00. List Grid. Appreciated by bonsai enthusiasts for an irregular form and exposed, peeling bark, it also makes an interesting addition to container arrangements and garden beds. Add to Wish List. The item you've selected wasn't added to your cart. Be sure to check our Facebook page and Gumtree as we advertise new trees often as only a selection is pictured here. Their roots are weaker compared with other pines. Tree develops robust, green foliage. 3 Black Pine 15″, Informal 7 Round x3 Brown. AU $300.00. I think you have this mixed up with JWP. Ponderosa Pine $ 485.00. Pre-Bonsai Shimpaku Juniper … $55.00/each plus shipping. Itoigawa Shimpaku Juniper $ 375.00. Out of stock. Plenty of healthy branches to work with, though some have already been wired for what seems at least a year (wire is embedded in the branches). 8 Black Pine 20″, Informal 14x9x3 Rect Brown. Click on each picture for information and price. 25% off Books MENU MY CART 0; Bella Bonsai. Under Construction. The is one of the best varieties of Juniper to work on! or Best Offer. Loading... Resume making your offer, if the page does not update immediately. But your Junipers should take from cuttings, no problems! Pre-Bonsai for Sale: Our pre-bonsai stock trees are specifically grown and developed with a bonsai future in mind. Great tree for creating Jin & Shari. Juniper Shimpaku Bonsai Tree in a 10" hand made unglazed bonsai pot. $50.00) Choose Options. Not available for the Early Order Sale. Pre Bonsai Valley Oak and Coastal Oak Specimen Oak. 6 Black Pine 9″, Informal 9x6x2 Rect Brown. The Juniper Shimpaku is one of the more popular Bonsai Species. Want to make a Bonsai? Product Reviews. The foliage is needle-like on young trees and scale-like on older trees. or Best Offer . Under Construction. or Best Offer. 5450 Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' (Shimpaku Juniper) The classic Japanese bonsai species. My shimpaku juniper arrived in great health, potted in a nice and unexpected round clay pot. or Best Offer. UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: SHIMPAKU JUNIPER is a cold hardy evergreen. Shipping Size: Mini conifer ships in 4" pot. Quick view Details. $350.00. Pre Bonsai Cork Bark Oak Specimen Cork Bark Oak. The Shimpaku Juniper is native to Japan, the Kurile Island and the Sahalin Peninsula. Bonsai trees for sale. Shimpaku juniper grow in the mountains of Japan and China. On older trees, the needles can become scale-like, and its fruit is a small, hard, bluish berry. Dimensions: 21 H x 20 W x 2.5 inch nebari Large Itoigawa Shimpaku, propagated from cuttings of special cultivar of Itoigawa imported from Japan, approximately 8 years old, field-grown, excellent deadwood potential. Pinching the tips keeps it very compact. Bonsai Trees for sale online. Native to Japan. Custom Field. Get Started with a DIY Bonsai Kit . AU $70.00. Many varieties of the Chinese juniper are sold as cultivated varieties. Juniper Trees are diverse, with between 50 and 70 subspecies. It has a twisting live vein with tight itogawa foliage. Assorted Bonsai Pots. Tree develops robust, green foliage. Item information. Needle like foliage. Bonsai enthusiasts will love this dwarf juniper as it has that classic ‘wind-shaped’ look that can be easily maintained. AU $30.00. Very popular and easy to care for bonsai. Growth Habit: Spreading. Perfect size for a bonsai lover with access to a patio or balcony and who only wishes to have top quality trees in their collection. About Shimpaku Juniper - Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' Juniperus Chinensis 'Shimpaku' is a slow growing shrub that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3A through 9B. The Japanese Shimpaku Juniper is a needled dioecious evergreen meaning there are separate male and female plants. Garden Size: 3'H x 6'W. Juniper Bonsai for Sale with Bonsai Shop Australia. Sunlight: Full Sun . As per photos Pickup from Cremorne or I can courrier to you for 10within Sydney Elsewhere based on postcode Approximately 28cm high and 20cm wide, 1261699049 The foliage is needle-like on young trees and scale-like on older trees. Shop All Bonsai ; Shop All Broadleaf Evergreen; Shop All Deciduous; Shop All Narrowleaf Evergreen; Bonsai Tools; Sale; View SOLD Bonsai; About Us; Contact Us ; Learn; News; Home / Bonsai / Shimpaku Juniper #3 Bonsai … It prefers rocky, well-drained soils. 5 Black Pine 20″, Semi Cascade 15x12x5 Rect Brown . Our pre-bonsai are old enough to work with but young enough to shape to your unique vision! dirk hoorelbeke Omono. Excellent rock garden plant. Choose Options. Juniper Shimpaku Bonsai Tree 4720. sku: Juniper Bonsai Tree #1336. Bonsai Shimpaku Juniper $300. SHIMPAKU 'ITOIGAWA' JUNIPER BONSAI Juniperus chinensis This juniper was developed by the top US bonsai master "Suthin". Easy to work on, the leaves are soft to touch and not prickly. Wonderful variety for bonsai with its irregular form and exposed, pealing bark. We offer a diverse array of species both traditional and those native to North American. Juniperus chinensis ‘Shimpaku’ Size: #3 Height: 3 feet x Width: 6 feet Zone 4 Full Sun to part shade. My very first plants of Kishu came from Mr. Ishii of Chikugo-en in Gardena, CA. Pomegranate. Oak. Also works extremely well in containers or landscape beds. AU $170.00. It matures to an average height of 2 feet to 3 feet and an average width of 4 feet to 6 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. Features exposed peeling bark. Shimpaku Juniper imported from Japan. Both are from the same family of Juniper and make an excellent choice for bonsai. Great detail in this compact tree with aged shari and jin. Shimpaku Juniper This versatile, vase-shaped Juniperus chinensis ‘Shimpaku’ develops upright, fountain-like branches that are covered in robust, green, awl-shaped foliage. Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' is native to Japan. This Item: Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' Dwarf Chinese Juniper. Shimpaku is a naturally irregular vase shaped Juniper and this specific tree has been trained to have a coiled trunk and coiled branches. And they generally will not grow from cuttings. Chinese juniper is an evergreen conifer, that in the wild can grow into a tree form. Reactions: Bonsai Nut, Vance Wood, and 2 others. JAPANESE BLACK PINE. Juniper Trees are native to several regions throughout the world, including North America, Africa, Central America, and Asia. Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' - Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Tree for sale at Bella Bonsai Nursery. ‘Shimpaku’ Juniper. Shimpaku Juniper bonsai/Sargent Juniper bonsai are very cold hardy, and unless your winters include temperatures cold enough to freeze the pots, these trees do not need to be sheltered. Add to cart. The fruit is a small, hard, bluish berry. Wood can be great material for carving. Condition:--not specified. Shimpaku Chinese Juniper ... Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' is a versatile conifer with green, upright, vase-shaped foliage. Local pickup. 4 Quince 22″, Informal 15x11x4 Oval Brown. AU $25.00. Roy's . FOR SALE. In its natural range, it is most often found growing near the sea. Local pickup. Juniper Trees For Sale. The Shimpaku Juniper is a native of the Japanese Kurile Islands, and thus its natural habitat is prostate. Shimpaku Bonsai Tree For Sale In Lava Rock – Large (juniper chinensis) $ 69.95 Buy Product Shimpaku Bonsai Tree For Sale Water/Land Container – Small (shimpaku itoigawa) Pre … During the early years of its popularity, there was an extreme shortage of Shimpaku, particularly compared to the mainstream trees used for bonsai at that time, such as Japanese red pine (Akamatsu) , Japanese black pine (Kuromatsu) and Japanese cedar (Sugi). Local pickup. Originally native to Japan, they were first collected in the 1850s in Japan. Deep green soft scaly foliage to about 3 feet x 6 feet makes a very dense flat mound. This exquisite, mature juniper bonsai would be a great addition to your collection. Local pickup. With every size, from a low-shrub to a tall tree, Junipers will fit the needs for most homeowners. I have grown, trained and propagated the Kishu shimpaku for over thirty years. The longer prostrate branches tend to intertwine. Bonsai trees for sale. Grafted on California Juniper Roy's . Add to Cart. Cork Oak. or Best Offer. Shimpaku Juniper - Pre Bonsai Tree. SKU: CS-1 Category: Pre-Bonsai Tags: bonsai, itoigawa, shimpaku. 2 Juniper Shimpaku Group 4 Trunk 13″, Group 12x8x2 Rect Brown. Varieties Itoigawa and Kishu are two natural strains of shimpaku that are used extensively for bonsai and niwaki. to . SHIMPAKU JUNIPER. 7 Juniper, Kishu 23″, Informal 14x10x3 Rect Brown, Tokanomi. One of the best characteristics of Shimpaku is its hard resinous wood; ideal for advanced sculptural techniques such as jin, shari and sabamiki. Sale Price $135.00 $ 135.00 $ 180.00 Original Price $180.00 (25% off) ... Bonsai model Imitating real "Juniper shimpaku" Bonsai tree model Sculpture handmade decoration for you home and gift anniversary. Adding to your cart. The fruit is a small, hard, bluish berry. It is called “King Juniper” because it is the best. New Website Launch! Local pickup. Ships in 4" grower's pot. Pre Bonsai Pomegranate Specimen Pomegranate.
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