Mazlan from Malaysia on February 12, 2014: I did not read peachpurple's article on baking using rice cooker, but I must admit this is totally new to me, and she is brilliant. I´ll definitely try it next time. Yummy! Cake is finished when a toothpick comes out clean from edges and center of cake. Add half the whipped egg whites to the chocolate mixture and mix quickly with a rubber spatula so as not to break the bubbles. How many cups? Will surely try this out. It makes so much sense and saves cents! I want to just make sure that the amount of batter will be correct. ketage (author) from Croatia on September 27, 2013: A pretty small one , i can only cook 1 kg rice at a time in it :) @Taylor Beall. ketage (author) from Croatia on June 02, 2013: Thank you My Cook Book , If you like the photo, you are going to love this cake, it is moist, fudgy and delicious. The biggest difference between baking a cake in a rice cooker and in an oven is that you will have to be more vigilant when "baking" in a rice cooker. There is no need to pre-heat the oven or check on the cake while it's baking. Thanks Paul, it really is a very easy way to bake a cake, and it tastes good too :) I don't have to worry about it overcooking, once the cake is done the rice cooker beeps and you have a moist, tasty chocolate cake. Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake *I used my 10 cup capacity rice cooker which inner pot is 20cm in diameter • Cream OR Milk • Dark Chocolate • Caster Sugar • Salt • Eggs *lightly whisked • Vanilla Extract OR 1 tablespoon Rum • Self-Raising Flour Thank you, Voted UP and useful. Use a spoon to mix up and down in an irregular direction.Then pour the mixed yolk paste into the remaining 2/3 of the egg whites. Up and useful. After the cake has cooled completely, remove it from the pan and chill in the refrigerator. Cooking with a rice cooker is the talk of the town, especially since it doesn‘t usually use oil. | SARAH B. HODGE. Mix well, but don’t over mix. Cut thicker cuts of meat or poultry into strips for more even cooking. What an interesting concept. When cooking is complete, use a toothpick to make sure the cake is cooked. It was delicious, soft n moist and very fluffy. This rice cooker is the epitome of technological greatness because it can cook your meals from breakfast to dinner without a fuss. A very unique way to bake a cake. You always have great looking food. Is it coco powder or cocoa? Put all the flour, spices, and fruit into a rice cooker to make a sweet spice cake in less than an hour. I never thought to cook anything other than rice in my rice cooker. Set aside. There are many brands that have integrated cake as one of their cooking options but I find Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker as one of the most reliable because of its name and proven quality.. I don't bake but this article is really awesome I might try to do it some time. I didn't realized that you can can make a simple cake in a rice cooker. It has no eggs or milk so is ok for Vegans. At least you don't have to pre-heat it and measure its temperature. One of the advantages of steaming in a rice cooker, rather than an electric pressure cooker, is you can easily open the lid to check on progress and adjust cooking time as necessary. Cook on the “cake” setting (or, if your rice cooker does not have a cake mode, use the regular rice setting to cook for approximately 60 minutes. ketage (author) from Croatia on June 05, 2013: Thanks for popping in, I was also surprised at how easy and tasty the cake turned out. when the chocolate softens add in the butter and cream, stir well. ketage (author) from Croatia on November 01, 2015: Wow, 3 hours, that is a long time, sorry it took so long, usually takes me about 1 hour in the rice cooker at normal steam rice setting. Take 1/3 of the egg whites and add the yolk paste. Place inner pot in the rice cooker. Rice cooker is a common kitchen appliance in Asia. Please consider subscribing today so we can continue offering you up-to-date, in-depth news about Japan. An avid reader, a chef extraordinaire, a mixer of exotic cocktails, and a spinner of tales. Thelma Alberts from Germany and Philippines on June 05, 2013: Wow! jessica haloi......... on April 19, 2014: Its was really super idea 2 make a cake in rice cooker i really luved d idea...... That's so different - but it sure looks delicious. A rice cooker. A rice cooker cake is usually light and fluffy, resembling a mousse, while the baked cheesecake is somehow firmer, almost like a custard. Hi again, I am going to do this today. I'm getting a rice cooker. Delicate morsel: Shūmai dumplings can be made in a rice cooker’s steamer basket. Where I Got the Idea to Cook a Cake in a Rice Cooker. Thanks for sharing. ( here is a little tip, use butter, it enhances the flavor of the cake). Coat the inner pot of rice cooker with butter and insert the batter in the pot. (Optimally your bowl would fit halfway inside the pot, the bowl touching the hot water, but not touching the bottom of the pot). Make sure to grease the inner pot, let your dough proof for a couple of rises and then select the bread or cake setting, flipping your bread partway through to ensure a golden-brown crust. And I thought, why not make a rice cooker cake? Depending on your rice cooker, it may already come with a steam (jōki) setting, which makes the process easier. This is why people bake cakes, boil soup, and cook steamed food using a rice cooker. Put the egg whites in another large bowl, beat with a hand mixer until whitish and foamy, then add the other 50 grams of sugar in two to three additions and continue whipping until you have firm peaks. Thanks. | SARAH B. HODGE. Thank you Vacation Trip, I am happy that you are going to try this recipe. 8. test it to see whether it is baked all the way through with a skewer, just to be on the safe side :), Hello, thanks for the recipe its really fudgy and very good. I tried my first cake recipe that very weekend. U.S. scientists developing nasal spray to prevent COVID-19, China’s 'Wolf Warriors' slam Australia, winning fans at home, Viral hit: 'Sanmitsu' — the 'Three Cs' — declared Japan's buzzword of 2020, Amabie: Folklore apparition generated a big buzz in 2020. I haven't tried this recipe in an oven before, mostly because I am too darned lazy, the rice cooker is just simpler for me, although; my sister has baked it in an preheated oven at 160°C for 1 hour. You can simply add water, stock or wine to the rice cooker insert to poach just about any protein, but I find it particularly useful to create simple, seasonal desserts like poached dried figs in spiced red wine, whole poached pears or quinces (karin). My rice cooker has been used to cook soups, steam vegetables, cook fish, and eggs; in fact, the list of dishes that I have cooked in my rice cooker … Yummmmm.......I always looking for tips and tricks :) really very glad to have come across this. If you’re looking for a decadent dessert, Zojirushi’s gateau chocolat delivers. When the mixture is no longer powdery, add the remaining cocoa and mix. Both types have crumbs mixed with melted butter. Sponsored contents planned and edited by JT Media Enterprise Division. Thank you for sharing. If using a smaller machine, reduce quantities by ¼. Rhonda Lytle from Deep in the heart of Dixie on May 21, 2014: I would have never thought of using a rice cooker. Add the batter to the greased rice cooker insert, smooth the surface, tap the bottom of the pan with your palm lightly several times to remove air bubbles and set it into the rice cooker. The automated rice cooker (jidō suihanki) has been a staple in Japanese kitchens ever since Toshiba introduced the first electric model in 1955. It was great fun to make. Place all cake mix ingredients together in the rice cooker bowl. The cake came out awesome!!!! you know, the type with the switch thingy and it will pop up when the rice is done?? yayang0405 lm on May 30, 2014: Nice tip. Add in all the dry ingredients while whisking the whole time. Stir occasionally. In the past, I had always baked my cakes in an oven. Paul Edmondson from Burlingame, CA on June 01, 2013: That looks delicious. Voted up and awesome. Put a pot of water to boil and put the bowl with the chocolate over the pot. The Japan Times LTD. All rights reserved. This dark, rich, chocolate cake is perfect with coffee on a lazy afternoon or as a special treat for a birthday cake. will it be the same as using your rice cooker?? I have a rice cooker at home. Put the bowl back on top of the pot and stir until the chocolate topping is smooth, Pour the topping on top of the cake while the topping is still warm, so it can mold itself to the cake. When steaming in the rice cooker, line the steamer basket with a single layer of cabbage leaves, parchment paper or foil to keep the juices from seeping into the rice. Some rice cookers will go to warm cycle after 5 minutes, allow cooker to be in that mode for a few minutes (like preheating) then restart timer for remainder time to equal 60 minutes total cook time. Put all the flour, spices, and fruit into a rice cooker to make a sweet spice cake in less than an hour. Also u can add some meat – for multicooker (if u have it) it’s not a problem. This rice cooker has digital controls that allow you to keep warm, white and brown rice function, oatmeal function, slow cook, soup and finally, a cake option. In a rice cooker bowl, spray with cooking spray if your rice cooker bowl is not non-stick. Once it does, your cake is ready to be popped out. Remove the cake from the inner pot and let it cool. Have you tried baking it in the oven? I do have the "slow" cook cycle so will try that for 1 hr, as I saw that suggest on another site. The reason behind this is because the "cook" button will pop up around five times before your cake is completely baked. Top it with your favourite frosting, or just sprinkle powdered sugar on it to 'finish' it for the table.I love the recipe as I alway seem to be out of milk and eggs, so this recipe suits my house! You may have to do this several times). Pour the mixture into the rice cooker. In a clean mixing bowl, mix all ingredients: chocolate cake mix, egg, water, oil, and chocolate chips. ketage (author) from Croatia on June 10, 2013: I use the white rice setting on my rice cooker, seems to work perfectly for me, takes about 1 hour. As soon as it is done (the cake should be set all the way through, with no wet spots, you can check with a chopstick) take out the bowl and tap the bottom — careful, it will be hot — about five times to remove the steam from the cake. Since then, technological advances like fuzzy logic (computer chips that make automatic, precise adjustments to time and temperature), induction heating, pressure cooking and steam cooking have continued to reduce cooking times and increase versatility. 9. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks and 50 grams of sugar until glossy and thick. This looks awesome. U.S. House to vote on bill likely to prompt delisting of Chinese firms, Life-size moving Gundam statue unveiled to media in Yokohama, I'm sorry, but I think you can complain a little bit better than that, 'Insta-gran' Kimiko Nishimoto discovers that it's never too late to experiment with inventive photography, Japan crown prince 'approves' of daughter's plan to marry but says financial issue must be resolved. Pretty much, you just pour the mix into the rice cooker, press start, and wait for it to beep. Most home cooks already take full advantage of handy presets for cooking sushi rice, porridge (okayu), sweet rice and mixed rice (useful for sekihan and takikomi gohan), but the versatile rice cooker can also be used to steam, poach and bake, so you can prepare a complete meal from appetizer to dessert without turning on your stove. Voted up and useful;-). idigwebsites from United States on June 03, 2013: Thanks for posting this! The cover pic dragged me here to read your hub. ketage (author) from Croatia on December 11, 2015: Real happy you enjoyed the chocolate cake @aparajita bose :). Steamed cakes are more moist than baked ones. 7. Nonetheless, they have things in common. The rice cooker is also useful for preparing steamed appetizers like Chinese-style shūmai and bao dumplings, chawanmushi (savory egg custard) and fruit custards. The non-stick coating that many rice cooker inserts employ also can help to make the cake easy to unmold and the surface very smooth and almost glossy. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. :). Put all the flour, spices, and fruit into a rice cooker to make a sweet spice cake in less than an hour. Emma Kisby from Berkshire, UK on June 09, 2013: Looks interesting, and I love chocolate cake! Break the chocolate into small pieces, throw it into a small bowl. The results were fantastic; the cake came out delicious, fluffy, and cooked to perfection. Sorry im just confused! Feb 23, 2015 - This dark, rich, chocolate cake is perfect with coffee on a lazy afternoon or as a special treat for a birthday cake. But until recently, I had never baked a cake in my rice cooker. In a time of both misinformation and too much information, quality journalism is more crucial than ever.By subscribing, you can help us get the story right. Cook on the “cake” setting (or, if your rice cooker does not have a cake mode, use the regular rice setting to cook for approximately 60 minutes. Add enough liquid so that the food you are poaching is just covered and cook on the okayu setting to provide just the right amount of slow, gentle heat. 10. Bring the eggs to room temperature; Mix and sift all purpose flour and baking powder. Sorry i had to ask i am just afraid my cake will turn out bad ^^. The cake is easy to make and cookes perfectly in the rice cooker. Check cake at 45 minutes. Fish steaks work particularly well in the steamer basket. Banana Cake Recipe Without Granulated Sugar. ... Chocolate Cake Recipes Rice cooker to make a cake? If the rice cooker pops to warm after 20 mins, do I leave on warm or switch it back to cook.? Line the base of rice cooker’s inner pot with baking paper. Combine the chocolate and 60 grams of unsalted butter in a glass bowl and place over a pan of simmering water. Add the rum and last 50 grams of sugar to remaining 50 milliliters of whipping cream, whip and garnish as desired. If there are lumps of chocolate, remove the bowl from the top of the pot and reboil the water. I love chocolate, the pic is mouth watering. Rice cookers have a preset which automatically switches from cook to warm setting once it thinks the rice is done. I have not tried baking a cake in a rice cooker. iguidenetwork from Austin, TX on November 21, 2013: That looks so sumptuous. It has no eggs or milk so is ok for Vegans. Episode 75: What will a Joe Biden presidency mean for Japan? 1) Prepare the rice cooker bowl by greasing it with butter. Even if your rice cooker is more basic, several rounds on the normal white rice setting will do the trick. Directory of who’s who in the world of business in Japan. No butter is used, so compared with butter cake: 1 serving (100 g) By inserting a plastic or silicone steamer tray (depending on your model of rice cooker, it may already come with one), you can use a rice cooker to steam vegetables and proteins like eggs, chicken breasts, tofu, steak and seafood. Place the bowl in the rice cooker and push the cook button. This recipe looks fantastic, I can't wait to try it out! Using a rice cooker to prepare dishes other than rice is very common in Asia.
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