(1 Ton) Efficiency Rating:19 S.E.E.R. I just did a Climate-Right mini split, it comes fully charged, both units, and you install the line set and that opens a valve. Here is one on Amazon $74.99. No there is no set distance, technically the amount of refrigerant that comes in the unit accounts for the 16 foot line-set, but this should not make much difference. How To Install Pioneer 12000 BTU 230 Volts Ductless Mini Split. To extract coolant is easy peasy for a tech as he would have an empty bottle to capture the gas, again using the gauge set to connect the bottle. For example, Red would be connected to the connector labeled 1 inside and outside.   I installed the 12000 BTU 230 Volt model which the instructions called for a 20 AMP breaker. A hole will need to be drilled to run the line-set and wires to the outside unit. As long as it is the indoor wall unit it can be let loose. or operating your new air conditioning system. I am going to be installing the 9k BTU 120v today, Here is a video I did installing a Senville Mini Split which I showed the steps better. If you install a unit let us know how it goes. Adding coolant is pretty easy, albeit maybe expensive for a single job. This is easy enough, simply take your time by rolling out the copper line-set and hand tightening the connections before using a wrench. After 15-20 minutes turn off the vacuum pump and watch the manifold gauges pressure. (dual, triple, quad, and quint multi) (29 pages), Dc inverter two,three,four and five zone multi split-type air conditioner heat pump (29 pages), Multi split system outdoor units/two, three, four and five zones (111 pages), Multi-split system air conditioner / heat pump. Depending on your specific needs, you will easily find a model that suits you. This is done by removing the caps and using an Allen key turning them to the left counter-clockwise. There are many low-cost vacuum pumps and gauges which I bought some budget ones for the install. Hope we can get an answer ASAP. I had to cut my hole on the other side – left – not right . Mini Split Pad on Amazon There is a plastic protector that slides into the hole and protects the wiring and copper lines if needed. Next, the inside unit will need to be mounted onto a wall. Can’t find any info or error codes with 88. 96 ($404.98/Item) $999.99 $999.99 Anyhow i was looking up the wiring and breaker requirements for both units it says 15amp max breaker Here is the Vacuum Pump I bought on Amazon I should have used the low side but was only testing for a vacuum and leaks. fab: cooling only version DUCTLESS MINI SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER / HEAT PUMP 9,000 BTU/h. HVAC How-To, Tutorials, Reviews, Information and More, Do-It-Yourself Mini Split air conditioners, PIONEER Air Conditioner Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump Minisplit Heatpump 12000 BTU-208/230 V, ZENY 3,5CFM Single-Stage 5 Pa Rotary Vane Economy Vacuum Pump 3 CFM 1/4HP Air Conditioner Refrigerant HVAC Air Tool R410a 1/4″ Flare Inlet Port, Blue, ZENY Diagnostic A/C Manifold Gauge Set R134a Refrigeration Kit Brass Auto Service Kit 4FT w/Case, 1/4″ SAE Fittings. Anyhow your breaker is over sized should be 15amp. Puron or reon? Be sure to follow the schematics that come in the manual or on the inside door for your unit. Wire gauge can be larger but not smaller. I recently installed a Pioneer 12000 BTU 230 Volt unit which I thought I would share how I install a mini-split. The model stands at 42 x 48 x 66 inches and weighs at 315 pounds. If there is no pad one can be bought or a small cement pad can be poured. You put a 20amp with with 10g wire. The ductless mini split system makes it possible to heat or cool your room with ease without worrying about the noise level. The gauge will show negative pressure, after sitting for 20-30 minutes if it goes back up to 0 there is a leak and it needs to be fixed. Did you have to flare the copper tubing before making the connections? Brand : Midea ... peaking with the most recent wins to install sophisticated HVAC solutions in all the 12 stadiums for sports games in Brazil in 2016. Most Mini Split systems will need a 5/16″ Female Coupler to 1/4″ Male Flare to connect the manifold gauges to the unit. This all-new product line was designed and developed to bring a truly affordable heating and cooling solution without sacrificing any of the desirable features. Operates with a 2-line 208-230 VAC Standard L1-L2-G power 3. With BTUs ranging from 9000 to 36000, you can cool a small bedroom or a large garage. The wire should be stranded, not solid core. air conditioner / heat pump. While it is no secret that split air conditionersare more expensive than portable or window type ones, they do come with a long list and wide variety of great specifications that only this type can do. I let it set for several hours. Electrical Specification: 208~230 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz. A video is also posted at the bottom of the page of the install. It is soft and easily bendable. Budget 410a Manifold Gauges on Amazon One should again observe the gauge to make sure there is no leak. Thx for the reply. then call customer service if you have more questions. How much does a mini split air conditioner cost? The max distance is most likely 50 feet for the compressor motor. through 36,000 BTU/h.. Inverter+ WAS Series air conditioner pdf manual download. I bought one of these, Pioneer WAS/WYS 9000 but with a 33′ lineset, is the book correct that I need to add 16oz for additional foot, or in this case 17′ x 16oz= 272 ozs , that seems like a awful lot. Operation Mode: Cooling and Heating.Capacity: 12,000 BTU/Hr. If you are still wondering why this cost more, it is ductless which means they avoidthe energy losses that are likely to occur with air conditioning units that have ducts. The wires, line set, and drain line all need to be fed out the 3-inch hole and the unit mounted on the wall bracket. Once everything is installed the line set will need to be vacuumed out with a Vacuum pump. Ultimate Surge and Power Protection for Mini Split Systems. Yes, after leaving the pump run for 15-30 minutes the pump and valve are shut off. AHRI-listed 6. When you buy a Pioneer Minisplit Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heater and Remote online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered.Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Pioneer Minisplit Part #: WYS012G-17 on this page. The Pioneer wall mounted mini split systems come in a wide variety of BTU classes, ratings, and SEER values. Make s… 8 Reason a Furnace Will Not Work Fall and Winter Maintenance Tips, Our Picks for the Best Mini Split Air Conditioner. Let it sit for at least 20-30 minutes or more and be sure it holds a negative pressure. using either side shoes in the booklet that it is ok to do. Did you bend the copper tubing by hand or did you use a tool for this? the caps is this normal? Do-It-Yourself Mini Split air conditioners have become very popular since they are a good alternative to high-cost HVAC installations. Guess they need to update their listing. If you are looking for a powerful and energy-efficient Pioneer mini split that doesn’t cost too much money, we recommend the WYS012GMFI19RL-16 model. Using the proper mini split communication wire is critical to a properly functioning unit. After running the pump for a while and you are ready to test for leaks do you shut off the pump and close the valve on the manifold? The main thing when installing the line-set it to not kink the copper and screw it together carefully as to not strip the bolt threads. Pioneer® 12,000 BTU 19 seer 230v Ductless Mini-split with Air Conditioner & Heat Pump system full set Installation Kit Options: Choose an option 10Ft 16Ft (Default) 25Ft 33Ft 50Ft Without Installation … Most HVAC companies will install a disconnect box which simply breaks the flow of electricity when work is needed on the unit. Pioneer also has excellent customer service. Be sure the connectors labeled 1-2-3 and ground match the inside wall unit. Can’t power it off, turn it down or up with it. Whichever way a pad is set up be sure it is level and set the outside unit on top of it. I used a 3-inch hole saw to drill an opening for the refrigerant line and wiring to go to the outside unit. Most local codes require 14 gauge wire, so using something smaller will not pass inspection in many areas. Once you are satisfied that the pressure is holding steady and there are no leaks pioneer instructs you to open the refrigerant line a quarter turn for 5 seconds then close the refrigerant. two, three, four, and five zones If this happens to you simply be sure the wire color match inside and out. Pioneer WYS012G-19 Wall Mount Ductless Inverter Mini Split Heat Pump, 12000 BTU-208/230 V By pioneer 9.8 View Product 9.8 2: PIONEER Air Conditioner Pioneer Mini Split Heatpump, 12000 BTU … After this you can evacuate the unit. I have a question about the evacuation process. I never guessed that there were this many little things to factor when installing these units. There are some tools that will be needed such as a Vacuum Pump and Manifold Gauges. The line-set can be left rolled up in a loop close to the unit or if the line-set is shortened the unit can be checked with gauges to be sure it is operating correctly. also, you can download the manual and read the install instructions before you buy the product. Yes, after evacuating the system, turn off the pump and close the valve on the manifold. PIONEER Air Conditioner Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump Minisplit Heatpump 12000 BTU-208/230 V. The unit will come with lots of information such as user manual and installation instructions. Unit is level on pads now, just want to know if it needs to be secured with expansion bolts, etc.. Its not necessary as they don’t move but guess it couldn’t hurt. It took me 3-4 hours to install everything. It shouldn’t move at all if its done right. LIVO 12,000 BTU 1 Ton Wi-Fi Programmable Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Kit - 115V/60Hz The LIVO Wi-Fi Programmable High Efficiency The LIVO Wi-Fi Programmable High Efficiency Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump system is compact, quiet and comes in … through 36,000 btu/h. The blue side is for low pressure. The AC’s high efficiency comes from the variable speed compressor driven by a DC inverter. Name brand packages are also a good option but the price will reflect it. SEER High efficiency 4. Senville SENL-12CD Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump. Thanks Earl. Feel instant relief the moment you enter your room with Pioneer’s latest Diamante series high-wall mini split heat pump. $709.99. The amount of refrigerant would be fine. Also when you boil the system down, or vacuum it down (water will boil under vacuum and be extracted from the system) vac it down, mark it on the gauge with tape, and leave it overnight. I assume you did not need to flare the copper tubing simply because you did not cut the tubing for a custom fit. Now the gauges should show a positive reading. Ductless DC Inverter High Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioning and Heating System. Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Full Set, 12000 BTU 115V Summary Pioneer Mini Split systems are good units and a good fit for those looking for a low-cost solution to cooling and heating a space. What kind of refrigerant did you use? Ductless mini split system air conditioner / heat pump 9,000 btu/h. I am wondering if there is any special consideration for this when connecting the outside line set? For starters, thank you for making such an easy to follow video. I bent the tubing by hand. Or is there another step that I’m missing. Are you even aware that you are boun… Be sure to follow the Installation manual that comes with your unit. Ductless mini split system air conditioner / heat pump 9,000 btu/h. 12,000 BTU 1.0 Ton 208/230V Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner - Inverter, Heat Pump, Remote and 16 ft. Copper Line Set The Hessaire 12,000 BTU 1-Ton Mini Split The Hessaire 12,000 BTU 1-Ton Mini Split provides improved efficiency ratings up to 16.7 SEER and delivers high performance from the moment it's activated. The unit comes as stated pre-charged for the expectation of a 16 foot lineset. Once certain there is no leak the refrigerant can be totally released. Installing the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split was not that difficult and falls into a handy person Do-it-yourself category. the reason that I ask is that in researching I thought that I had read elsewhere that you needed an additional ounce for each additional 6′. Again follow the schematic that comes with the unit. It should hold a negative pressure if not there is a leak that needs to be fixed. There are a few things that need to be done before it can be mounted. The L1 and L2 go the circuit breaker for power. Always follow the manual that comes with your unit for the wire Gauge and breaker Amps. It starts at around 13 minutes into the video. Screw the nuts on by hand carefully making sure not to strip the threads. ( “Additional refrigerant/Liquid side 1/4″/per additional feet:0.16oz/ft”). look on YouTube and read the directions.
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