GCSEs and IGCSEs are both level 2 qualifications commonly sat in schools at the age of 16. Phone: 01865 304 856 4 Kings Meadow Complete marked assignments and mock exams with full tutor support and feedback given to help you prepare in time for your examinations and pass with the highest mark possible. International GCSEs provide excellent preparation for the next stage in education whether taken in the UK or abroad. Homeschooling curriculum online. Phone: 01865 304856. As we continue to support English teaching and learning during COVID-19, we’re launching a brand-new series of free online GCSE English lessons suitable for all awarding bodies that will be going live from 3 June 2020 at 11.00 a.m. on the Pearson UK Learning YouTube channel. Now, the choices for online homeschooling courses for homeschoolers are endless. what they want to be once they’ve finished home education, EdPlace's English, maths and science GCSE resources, Help Your Child Develop their Formal Writing Style. All Oxford Home Schooling tutors have been DBS checked. We provide online tuition for GCSE & A - Levels Curriculum in various subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Business, Computers, ICT. Most exam boards will carry a list of relevant resources required for teaching their specific GCSE qualifications, so we would always recommend this as your first port of call. If you’re still struggling to make the decision, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the exam boards directly and either email or ring them for advice. According to a recent study by the education publication – Schools Week, the number of children being home schooled has almost doubled in the past six years in the UK*.InterHigh offers online homeschooling support for parents and guardians who have decided to home educate their children. Chatting to an actual human who knows all about the actual qualifications you’re considering might just help you to decide between two different exam boards who offer outwardly similar qualifications. We homeschool moms no longer need to wonder IF there's a course that will work for our kids. EdPlace's English, maths and science GCSE resources are also available to help your child cover the core curriculum which appears under all exam boards. Primary and Secondary Homeschooling Courses A growing number of families in Singapore homeschool their children with Wolsey Hall from Primary right through to Secondary including IGCSEs and on to A Levels.. Oxford Open Learning The homeschooling community in the UK is growing. EdPlace has a vast amount of worksheets and assessments on offer that are tailored entirely to the National Curriculum and are in line with most exam board specifications. We offer a huge range of recognised qualifications, from GCSE’s and A Levels to other higher education courses ideal for children aged 12 years old and above.. Often, parents or guardians stop homeschooling at a certain age, as they are worried that the children won’t receive the recognised qualifications they need for their future. As with everything homeschooling, you and your child have a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing what GCSE examinations to take. Improve your CV with a course that is widely regarded as the worlds most recognisable qualification. Oxford Home Schooling GCSE courses are written to match the AQA examining board specifications, so you can be sure that when your child sits an examination they have been thoroughly prepared, and that the qualification is identical to the one sat in schools and colleges up and down the country. The beauty of homeschooling is its flexibility. Take the time to read through the specifications for each examination and some of the sample assessment materials and make sure you’re choosing an exam that works for your child. Preparing a child for their GCSEs is a big task and can sometimes be a daunting undertaking for home-schooling parents. Another insider tip is to check out the examiner’s reports for your chosen exam that might have been made available on the relevant exam board website. She also benefitted from completing the assignments and past exam papers. Study Spanish IGCSE online with NEC to improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing through a host of topics including food, health and the media, family, friends and holidays – gaining practical, life-long skills along the way!. Your child is far more likely to do well, and enjoy the process if they’ve chosen subjects they find interesting. Other options include enrolling your child into college or, if money is less of a concern, hiring a private tutor or enrolling onto a distance-learning course. BBC BiteSize. For general help in most GCSE topics, look at the BBC Education: GCSE help. Oxford Home Schooling offers a very wide choice of GCSEs (and IGCSEs). But don’t worry, each and every one of them, be they a teacher or a student adviser, has the same access to our servers, tools and telephone systems that they would have if they were in the office. The Best Homeschooling in the UK & London. This extra time (as well as being a little bit of a break for you!) We offer 12 month access and tutor support for GCSE, and 24 months for A-Levels. Oxford Home Schooling and Oxford Open Learning, Educating children with Asperger’s Syndrome. Another good starting point is to check out our homeschooling guide, where we have some tips on where to begin when it comes to searching out resources for your home school. The step by step programme of study, with designated textbooks and online resources ensured that my daughter understood the concepts and their application in a logical manner. One of the pros of taking one of these routes is that your child will have access to an experienced tutor who can guide them through their examinations. Newsela is an educational website that promotes literacy using news stories. Regarding what you can do to supplement her learning - i know youve said that youve organised a maths tutor but i can highly recommend a Mathswatch cd-rom. Be you an old or new student, be assured that The Oxford Open Learning Trust will continue to work with you to help you achieve your goals. We will help students find a tutor who will be able to create a learning plan that directly targets their problem areas to make sure they are prepared for their exams. T&Cs If your child is approaching their GCSE years then you’ve come to the right place. Our curated GCSE and A-Level revision courses ensure learners get the most out of their studies. Each article … What exam board offers the best exam for my child? You can use this to assess the examiner’s comments and work out where your child can make changes to their approach when it comes to retaking the exam. They’re also not capped by rigid UK school hours or limited solely to the teacher’s scheme of work; your child can go above and beyond the content if they’re able and keen. Gaining an GCSE is a basis for many different careers as well as further study into A level and beyond. What is home schooling and how does it work? The major UK exam boards, such as AQA and OCR, will have a comprehensive list of the qualifications they offer. Wolsey Hall Oxford's IGCSE courses are excellent for students who wish to homeschool. Languages – Home Schooling UK. Oxford, Our GCSE Courses are all studied online through our online campus that allows students to work in their own time with expert tutor support. Preparing a child for their GCSEs is a big task and can sometimes be a daunting undertaking for home-schooling parents. A single GCSE course has a recommended study time of 120 guided learning hours. If you want to see in past papers, you can find a few online, and may be … Our courses start with the basics and lead them through each topic step by step. Now it’s time to plan your teaching and curriculum so that your child can be as prepared as possible before The Big Day arrives. Select age 15-16 and the subject that interest you to find a list of useful resources. Another great resource bank, packed full of teacher-made presentations, plans and printables is TES. During the revision stages, the input from you should focus on looking at good exam technique, going over past papers and reviewing the mark scheme together. The same GCSE’s studied in Schools across the UK but with the benefit of flexible distance learning. See here for more info. With eighteen different GCSE and IGCSE courses available, there’s bound to be a subject to meet your child’s needs. The first port of call is to check out the relevant exam board’s website, where you will likely find all the information you could ever need. Its like an online tutor that goes through every topic in maths gcse. When you use free online math programs, you can find full, comprehensive math courses. BBC Bitesize – Free resources from Primary to KS3. You may also find some help at the TopMarks site. Which GCSE exams should I register my child for? They act as a guideline on your ability to complete further study and your competencies across a wide range of subjects. Knowing exactly what skills and knowledge your child will need to demonstrate in order to pass can make setting up your scheme of work a much smoother process and can help to avoid the worry of whether you’ve accidentally missed out something crucial or not. Many of the main boards will have a section offering advise specifically for private candidates, many of whom will be coming from a home school education. Once you’ve decided what subjects your child would like to take, it’s time to choose an exam board. The IGCSEs were originally developed for the international market but they attracted a lot of students in private schools, where the 100% exam based syllabuses were considered more rigorous and better preparation for A levels than the traditional GCSE. Whether you’re looking for full or part time homeschooling packages, we’re here to help. £2,000.00 Chinese Surcharge for INTERNATIONAL Level 3/4 Foundation Diploma Art & Design - (Ofqual No. We are able to offer you everything you expect from a school, plus a whole lot more! Our low cost, online GCSE school for homeschoolers in the UK and around the world. Most exam boards will list the subject specification (a list of what your child will need to know) and likely even have some resources available for you. ), you’ve thoroughly explored the options and you’ve chosen the qualifications and the exam boards that are right for you. OX2 0DP, Email: enquiries@ool.co.uk Recruitment £699.99 GCSE Music Online Taught Course. Oxford Home Schooling’s suite of International GCSE courses has been specially designed and developed to serve the needs of homeschooling students aiming to obtain qualifications that will enable them to progress to A Level, apply for vocational courses, or enter the wider world of work. If you’re planning on homeschooling through a GCSE syllabus, then it’s worth checking out our top tips on how to create a scheme of work and lesson plan (complete with handy template downloads!) £699.99 Cambridge International GCSE Art & Design Online Course - Ofqual Regulated. You can check out the full breadth of our GCSE resources below. The problems lies in the fact that there are sooooo many online homeschool options. “Where do homeschooled children learn GCSE or A Level material?” Home educated children may use any number of resources in order to learn material needed to take GCSEs or other exams if they wish to take them. You tutor is there to guide you through the course and answer your subject specific queries. You may be able to get one from school or failing that you should be able to pick one up on ebay for a couple of pounds. Based in London, Mathsicademy is an online Mathematics school that provides dedicated tutoring services for homeschoolers studying up to GCSE level. It’s worth finding some model answers (check online and in the examiner’s reports) and helping your child to identify what makes the answer so effective and what skills were used to achieve it. But fear not, as always, your helpful heroes at EdPlace have got your back! Learning how to shape a successful answer is a skill that can be transferred to any topic or subject once mastered. Due to our online status, our teachers can focus on teaching for the entire lesson time, without interruption, disruption or bad behaviour, which can be experienced in a more mainstream traditional classroom setting. How to homeschool your child through their GCSEs: A guide. Online College Of Art & Design. If your child is re-sitting any of their exams it’s a great idea to pay (typically at a cost of around £10) to get your child’s initial paper back. As time has progressed, the GCSE and IGCSE specifications have become more closely aligned, although it remains true that the examination requirements for IGCSE still benefit home educators in many subjects. InterHigh School delivers a fully interactive British education to the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. Progress to A Level Courses upon completion! Full information on arranging examinations can be found here. It’s also worth downloading any sample and past papers you can find on (yep, you guessed it…) the exam board website. The report, while perhaps not the most exciting thing you’ll ever read, will give you an insight into what exactly the examiners were looking for in the most recent round of exams and thus help you to arm your child with the appropriate skills. 3D Geography – Make models and great free resources. Whilst it is your responsibility to arrange your exams, Oxford Home Schooling can offer a lot of assistance. The Oxford Open Learning Trust’s staff are now working from home. Cookies Policy BBC Bitesize have now launched online lessons, offering three new lessons each weekday, including videos and activities for Primary aged 3, through to Post School 16+. With twenty years of experience in providing Home Education, If in any doubt at all then do get in touch with the exam board, who are usually more than happy to help! Newsela. The cons, as always, include the extra expenditure. Oxford Home Schooling is your perfect partner in learning. Freephone: 0800 0 111 024 However, coursework comes with its own considerations of how you will submit the work, the added time involved and the extra time you’ve got to agonise over it, so make sure you’re 100% sure what is required for each qualification before you dive in and enter. When you plan out your GCSE teaching overview, we’d recommend ensuring that you finish the actual teaching and content part around a month or so before the exam date. Register now! You can visit the websites of the main GCSE exam boards here: You can also explore IGCSE exam boards here: Get our learning tips, guides and offers direct to your inbox, At GCSE, students should understand Lock and Key Theory, use this to explain enzyme action and apply…, Students in Year 8 and Key Stage 3 should be able to adapt their language and writing style for diff…, In Year 7, students should be able to make inferences, referring to quotes in the text in order to b…, Janna White from Funphonics.education and Mandy, Head of SEND gives tips and game ideas to make lear…, Yes, please keep me updated on EdPlace's news, advice and offers (subject to EdPlace's Privacy Policy ). So between you and your child (otherwise know as Team GCSE! Teach it Languages – KS3 and above. Breaking down a 120 hour course into 4 weeks, you would need to commit to 30 hours of study per week. OX2 0DP, Freephone: 0800 0 111 024 Both are offered by the major examination boards and both will let you progress on a range of career paths. Our GCSE courses are official GCSE’s from AQA and Edexcel. There is a free subscription and paid for plans start at £30 per year. Oxford Home Schooling offers a very wide choice of GCSEs (and IGCSEs). When it comes to entering your child for their exams and finding an examination centre where they can take the paper, your first and last port of call should always be the independent examination board website. Homeschooling your child through their GCSEs, How to homeschool your child through their GCSEs: A guide, a daunting undertaking for home-schooling parents. Please note that we will not be accepting any new Year 10 or 11 enrolments for Terms 2 & 3 – *unless pupils have been studying the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE course prior to enrolling. Families homeschooling in Singapore are both Singaporean and expatriate. With Get My Grades you can provide quality online textbook content, track progress and see how well your child is doing, from pre-secondary to GCSE level, aligned to various courses… It’s a great way to foster some independence by encouraging and supporting them to come up with a revision timetable in order to structure their own day. BTEC EQV. Which subjects does my child want to study? However, there are a number of factors to consider and research fully before leaping in and booking your child in as a private candidate. For example, different exam boards might require different texts to be studied for their GCSE English literature exams, so it’s important to make sure you’re choosing an exam with content that works for your child’s strengths and interests. As a result, we can continue to serve new and existing students exactly as we always have. Last year our students sat at 700 different centres across the country, and we maintain a database of this information for our students. Revision Courses. *We have no affiliation to OCR, Pearson Edexcel, AQA, Eduqas and these questions represent our own unique activities developed by our GCSE authors. Study GCSEs and International GCSE Courses ONLINE - Exactly the same as studied in top UK schools. Or, you can pull together resources to create your own course, tailored to your child’s needs. They are ideal for adults, homeschoolers, for people resitting or as a study aid. We are a group of experienced tutors that can provide distance learning for homeschooling to anywhere in the world. Achieving a GCSE shows that the student has a good general knowledge of a particular subject and that they can apply themselves to learning. Privacy Duo Lingo (Tiny Cards) This is an amazing free app and it has so many different languages to learn. is an opportunity for your child to start packing in the revision. Best Homeschool Geography Curriculum. Our GCSE and iGCSE courses are internationally recognised accredited qualifications, just the same as the GCSEs you would study at school. External or independent links or textbooks might not be entirely up to date or may not contain all of the knowledge and skills required to pass in a certain subject. Cambridge GCSE Art & Design Online Course - Ofqual Regulated. Online GCSE and A-level schools & colleges in UK for adults, high school teens, international students: Online GCSE courses for homeschooling students, distance learning / home study GCSE classes, professional diploma courses for mature students at home in London, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle. Ensuring your child is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in a wide variety of subjects is a big responsibility, even more so if they’re choosing subjects which you yourself haven’t covered at this level before. The I in IGCSE stands for international. Now, we need to decide WHICH course will work for our kids. We have compiled a list of some useful homeschooling resources, recommended by our teachers, that will help support your family when homeschooling day to day. However, there are many advantages to choosing home education for your child, not least of all the one-on-one tuition from you. All of our lessons are time-tabled and are delivered live over the internet by specialist maths teachers. Get the same GCSE/IGCSE qualifications you would in school, all online. The coronavirus pandemic is growing day by day, and since the 20th March, schools have been officially closed in the UK. Our courses start with the basics and lead them through each topic step by step. Doing the course over 10 weeks would require 12 hours per week. The Best Homeschooling in the UK & London. When you enrol you will be allocated a PGCE qualified tutor for each subject. GCSEs are widely recognised as the first step on the ladder towards mastering a particular subject. All lessons are recorded and stored in our online archive which students can access 24/7. Oxford Home Schooling Some students might prefer the marathon of coursework whereas others may thrive on the sprint of an exam. Another important consideration when selecting an exam board is the examination vs coursework ratio for each qualification. NEC offers one of the widest ranges of online courses at GCSE and A level in the UK, with 16 subjects at GCSE level, (including English language, English literature, maths, astronomy and sociology), and 20 subjects at A level, (including modern foreign languages, … With eighteen different GCSE and IGCSE courses available, there’s bound to be a subject to meet your child’s needs. General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) courses are subject based academic qualification normally studied between the ages of 14 and 16 in schools across the country. View our GCSE activities, revision materials and assessments. At 14 we offer a choice of eleven International GCSE correspondence courses - not just the Maths, English and Biology type subjects normally offered in school but options like Environmental Management and Agriculture which are rarely available, even as home education courses, and for which there is a growing demand from young people themselves. Encourage your child to consider their interests, ambitions and passions but also to play to their strengths as well. Students don’t need any prior skills or knowledge to start a GCSE. Oxford Level 2 Art & Design Online Course - (Ofqual Code: 501/2278/2) Online College Of Art & Design. You can choose your GCSE subjects for many and multiple reasons; from what their passions and interests are, to what they want to be once they’ve finished home education. We’ve gathered together some frequently asked questions and tasked our experienced secondary teachers with answering them for you, so you can wave your child off into their exams with confidence when the time comes. Sitemap, Copyright 2020 | Educational Web Design by Freshinc. Proper preparation from you, as well as from your child, is essential in giving them the best chance possible of excelling in their exams. Coursework allows your child to work and rework on a project before submitting, and can take the pressure off trying to cram everything you’ve learnt in the last two years into a two-hour exam paper! 500/8476/8) Please see our Guide to Singapore School Grades Compared to the Wolsey Hall Levels . to help you structure your teaching over the exam years. 4 Kings Meadow, What to Consider When Choosing a Homeschool Math Curriculum. Skype: oxfordopenlearning, About Us Our unique online school offers the best in Primary, Secondary, IGCSE and A Level courses, delivered by expert teachers. Some will have sponsored textbooks containing everything your child will need to know. The materials to study GCSEs can be obtained online; Amazon has a good range of GCSE subject student books and workbooks. They are the complete courses, providing you will all of the materials required to successfully gain your GCSE qualifications. Students don’t need any prior skills or knowledge to start a GCSE. What is the difference between a GCSE and an IGCSE. GCSE Courses Study an online GCSE Course through the Online Learning College and benefit from access to our extensive lessons and course materials in your learning. Online College Of Art & Design. This ability will stand them in good stead, whether they are entering the world of work or going on to study the subject at A-level.
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