To keep this aggressive vine at least partially contained, you can cut back to about a foot from the ground, or not! I have pruned it right down so their wasn’t much vine on it before, but that was in May. Choosing a vine for the garden is a tricky business. Our photograph shows two plants planted in early June blooming in September of the same year. Do maintenance pruning—to train or control—on silver vine (Actinidia polygama), variegated kiwi vine (A. kolomikta), and other ornamental actinidias after they flower. Vines that flower in summer and fall - such as your Silver Lace vine. It’s beautiful. My silver lace vine is on a 8′ tall X 16′ long trellis. Hardy, carefree vines are covered with thousands of light fleecy flower sprays from mid-September until fall. Russian vines, or silver lace vines as they are often called, are vertical climbing vines that grow vigorously. Cut the vine down to the ground level in early spring with pruning shears. There’s no other way to fix it and I dont want to lose it. Save severe or renewal pruning for late winter to early spring when the vine … The Silver Lace Vine grows up to 12 feet the very first year. Lightning conductors, downpipes, eave gutters, and the like should not be reached by the plants, so growth supports should have a distance of at least 1.5 m to all such building structures-- to the side as well as to the top. Vines that flower in the spring. Hanging baskets overflowing with vining plants like pothos (Scindapsus and Epipremnum sp.) As a general rule, these vines bloom on last year’s growth — prune them shortly after flowering. Prune grapevines during the winter to reduce the risk of infection. While silver lace vine is not as vigorous as wisteria, it still has plenty of power when it starts to grow. Silver-Lace Vine (Polygonum aubertii) produces clusters of small; white to greenish-white flowers in August and September, which turn pinkish at maturity and remain effective for a long time. Flower on new wood. The vine is a rank grower and is becoming invasive in some areas. Pruning while the vine is dormant also makes it easier to see without all of the leaves in the way. (Many gardeners find it needs a very hard pruning to keep the size under control.} It’s September. Silver lace vine is a late summer blooming vine that grows quickly to cover fences and trellises. Tips. and ivies (Hedera sp.) Plan out a strategy for controlling its growth before you plant it, not afterwards. It blooms on new growth of the season and the pruning helps stimulate new wood and more blooms by keeping the plant vigorous. Silver lace vine needs sturdy and rigid rod-like growth supports designed for the anticipated plant height and width. My question is, can I do this in September? The dense foliage is bright green. Infection from wound damage caused by pruning is less likely to occur while the vine is dormant because the vine has more time to recover before the next growing season. Actinidia species, kiwi, silver vine. The perfect vine would be one that is beautiful, easy to grow and stops at the end of the trellis. With vines, the real issue is control, not worrying about the niceties of “proper” pruning … It’s broken the 4×4’s holding it up on one side. I need to replace 2 of the 4×4’s. You can prune any vine at any season. These vines bloom on the current year’s growth — prune them in early March before growth begins. The Silver Lace vine will always win the race and smother other valuable plants. Silver lace vine can be pruned back as hard as desired in the early spring each year. How to Prune an Indoor Vine. Trim back the top one-third of the vines as they become overgrown past your trellis or other support system periodically throughout the year using pruning shears.
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