Since 2004, Eau des Merveilles has been a key that opens the door to the wonders of Hermès. This is water! 12x $ 132. A sparkling wonder in a beautiful bottle ! Perfume lovers: 588657 Perfume Eau Des Merveilles Bleue De Hermes Edt 100 Ml $ 1,400. This scent reminds me of an enchanted forest, on my skin the scent sits very close but in my opinion that is where the true beauty of this fragrances lies as it leave you wanting more. More of a sleight of hand chemical trick than true magic, but effective nonetheless. On me, after the initial citrus blast faded into a close to skin faint of amber, and stayed that way for about two hours. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Competition can make only Elixir des Merveilles. A fragrance for winter and fall. Síguenos en Twitter @fragrantica y Facebook fan page. While I would not be displeased if someone gave this to me, I would never purchase a fb for myself. offers Eau Des Merveilles edt in various sizes all at discount prices. A strong like, but for some reason not a love. Merveilles Bleue The Hermes 100 Ml Oferta $ 3,336. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. It is in the city, though you can't hear those noises clearly. However, not all is lost though, just as I was about to list it for swap, it has proven to be a very good layering scent to add an interesting dynamic to fruity-florals, florals and citrus perfumes. On me it smells like working outdoors, pollen and all. The scent opens up with citrus. It's like if you sprayed a Christmas tree with orange oil. It’s a clean slightly sweet citrus that doesn’t go sharp or chemical. Sweet & subtle and surprisingly an amazing orange note. If you want to leave a gorgeously elegant trail behind you, then definitely add this fragrance to your collection. 67. sin interés. Although great for holidays and the cooler weather, this has a sunny disposition. Awful on me. 10 years later, it's still my favorite. Quick Look. It's a difficult scent to describe, suffice to say it is truly unique and stunningly beautiful in its complexity. I’m trying out Suhaesa’s suggestions to layer with sweeter fragrances in my collection so I’m not prepared to give up yet. Eau des Merveilles Bleue is like Yin to the Yang of the original Eau des Merveilles, and the colours of the bottles represent perfectly the different mood of each version. The vetever tends to do the same thing for me. If I really concentrate, along with the power of suggestion, I can smell orange oil soaked into the woods. Stays close to the skin. Then he started wearing a citrusy perfume which wasn't purely citruses either. Very exceptional, elegant and refined fragrance ... On my cold skin gives out a warm citrus scent namely oranges in amber, with freshly ground into dust black pepper on the top... didn't catch any prickly fir-needles or too masculine character.... A very special scent. I would say this could be unisex. Adoro este perfume, el cual gira en torno al ámbar gris. Es un gran perfume. Too much pine, barely a trace of amber, then musk and a stale sort of orangey smell that reminded me vaguely of some kind of cleaner? Dried, salty orange peel. This scent is sure to make people come closer to get a better sniff. νικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | $89.90. Gorgeous chypre. Eau des Merveilles foi criado por Ralf Schwieger e Nathalie Feisthauer. Envío gratis. The initial spray is sharp woods, mostly cedar, and pepper. I remember airports and papa's old luggage. A clairvoyant, cross-continental, telepathy! The water isn't just salty, it also somehow smells and tastes like sea creatures, all the mystery and beauty and livelihood hidden inside the heart of the ocean. However, I still like this scent because it smells exactly like my mom:) Warm, homy,very soft and comfy. The jacket you're wearing is warm, with faint embroidery. An hour or so later some fir and a little violet warm the mix. I'm afraid this just disapears on my skin. I like the plusher Elixir better, this one seems to have a very sharp and acidic citrus opening that is jarring before it mellows out to an airy ambery skin musk scent. This is such a sweet orange! It reminds me of Ralph Lauren's (VINTAGE!) It's blended so beautifully that, in a very unusual way, it almost smells like the color orange more than an actual orange: bright and sparkly. It is elegant, but with an undefinable edge. Unfortunately lots of 60+ German ladies feel the same way and I do think about their leathered sunburnt backs when I spray it in the stores...That´s alright, I don't mind. Has a very strong classic scent because of vetiver. Eau des Merveilles, es un perfume de Hermès femenino, creado desde la fantasía y la magia.. Esta firma nos desvela una sorprendente fragancia repleta de acordes de madera y ámbar. What can I really say about this fragrance?! It had no lasting power, and nothing really stood out about it to me. In love with all of them. Eau des Merveilles huele "caro y lujoso". Envío gratis. I believe I'll wait and give it to someone who's skin is compatible with it. Winter Update: I first tried this in the summer and all I could get from it was a dry masculine violet that I did not like but today, a chilly bright February, its so different.. now I can smell juicy orange, slightly salty and hammy - that sounds weird.. maybe I just mean aromatic :/ but anyway its just so refreshing and invigorating, like a cool river of orange waves.. and its so different to anything else I own. On my skin, it changes so much that until now I haven't figured out what my true feeling for Eau des Merveilles. A bit of flowers, a lot of amber - she had that huge amber necklace. What an amazing scent! A very unique frangnance that can be enjoyed by those who are more into unisex scents. Delicious citrus and woody pine scent. Top notes are Orange, Elemi resin and Lemon; middle notes are Amber, Pepper, Pink Pepper and Violet; base notes are Fir, Cedar, Madagascar Vetiver and Oakmoss. It is said to be without a single flower but fragrantica has listed violets ,,,I am not so sure about that. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. I think it is a delicate scent. it's salty not too sharp, and woody amber.. I personally like the Amber flanker more, because the original leans too peppery for my taste. Definitely not a wear alone perfume for me. There is a saltiness to it which I find amazing, but it disappears quickly. Lovely. I wanted to like this scent and gave it several tries over a period of time. This really is quite beautiful and very unique. Even though i have a bottle and have worn this numerous times i keep sniffing my wrists after spraying this on. But mostly woody pencil shavings . it's spicy in a natural way (pepper and cedar come through), making it warm but fresh at the same time. The fragrance is dry, crisp, clean and more woodsy than spicy. I think it's lovely, unisex and unique. AU $39.51 postage. I asked my husband for an Hermes perfume for a birthday. Eau des Merveilles wraps us around its finger on a cloud of fancy. I couldn't agree more with afartherroom - it's the amber gris here that defines this airy, natural and yet strange scent, especially since the orangey opening is so fleeting. Nothing for me... people always ask me what i'm wearing when i put this on! People make this sound like it is some offensive scent, but it's not. $53.95. It's kind of intresting having the bright orange scent, and then the slightly sweet amber scent. Not sure if it will be a favorite, as I prefer floral scents, but very very interesting to wear, so I won't be in a hurry to pass it on, and if I do pass it on, will keep a few mls for myself to be able to wear it once in a blue moon. It has earned a rather surprising place in my regular rotation. It’s not a stink, but that earthly smell mixed with natural scent, suede (from garden gloves or boots), and glistening sweat. My wife really adore do i..we share this bottle together :). Eau des Merveilles fue creada por Ralf Schwieger y Nathalie Feisthauer. I definitely think it’s unisex. Para uso preferente de día y tarde, en primavera y verano. I really love the entire Merveilles line from Hermes. Unfortunately it doesn't work on my skin. Unfortunately I had to stop buying this one, I fed up enjoying this for few minutes only:(. Tested it this summer and wow! I first smelt this as a free sample and thought it smelt high end and that I had to get it. It truly is the Water of Wonders. Reminds me a bit of the Molton Brown peppercorn/ black pepper recharge body wash. Reminds me of Orangina, ( a popular French bitter orange soda), laced with pink peppercorns. Perfume EAU DES MERVEILLES de Hermès. I'm transported to a northern hemisphere snowy forest, on a warm Australian christmas day. The opening is extremely fruity and fresh, through the orange and lemon notes, but then amber kicks in and it's so beautifully balanced and pretty. Beauty Almanac |. I'm a bit surprised that this receives some really negative reactions, but I suppose that's expected from a perfume that isn't wholly conventional and is a bit unisex. A total winner that can be worn year round!♡. Better sillage than you would expect - I get compliments with just one spray. I remember my dad wears this kind of scents. It's light, quiet and perfect for an everyday summer fragrance. La reseña de @Casablanca77 me representa totalmente. This will be forever with me, ever! This smells very food-like to me, maybe the mix of orange with the ginger and pepper notes evokes the scent of a kitchen. Instead, I get Incense and chocolate? They share DNA for sure but are each unique enough on their own to warrant having a bottle of each. Hermès le desvela su nueva colección de perfumes disponible solamente en el sitio de Hermès. I tend to be nauseated from oakmoss. My friend has it and I always spray from her bottle, it's addictive and VERY lovely. Difinitely not floral. Eau des Merveilles was created by Ralf Schwieger and Nathalie Feisthauer. 33. sin interés. The bottle is also one of the best and more beautiful designed pieces. It's magical. Para mi es una fragancia compleja, que en un principio me costó entender. The Elixir replaces the Iso E Super with a bunch of thick, goopy gourmand stuff -- the Eau is much better. After that, it gets a bit salty, too. The notes intrigued me, but unfortunately on my skin the citrus is sharp and sour, and the pepper note turns out to be my Kryptonite. Favor de leer los Términos del Servicio y la Política de Privacidad. I find this scent to be a mess. Me pareció un cítrico cálido, hermoso, bien femenino, delicado y tierno. Very unisex. Earlier I deemed Eau des Merveilles too masculine, but then I recalled the similar notes and thought I'd give it another try. It's a richer chypre more full bodied than others I've encountered with a woodsy quality I love. There are no floral notes and have some masculine lines in! A little. There is also pepper, and perhaps some smokiness? L'Ombre Des Merveilles Hermès perfume - a new fragrance for women and men 2020 L'Ombre Des Merveilles by Hermès is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. This is clean, bare skin against a pine needle coated forest floor, next to a babbling brook with the sea somewhere in the breeze of the forest. Not so much as candy sweet but fresh peal of an orange sweet. This is the fragrance that introduced me to the world of Hermes. Update - I layered this today with Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger (2015) Prada for women and they work well together. ceaidetei hit the nail on the head with describing drydown as an "ironed bedsheets" scent. nothing sweet or floral or ambery for me. He must, after all this time, know I love florals, but he gave me Hermes Elixir des Merveilles. I do love it and if it wasn't for the fleeting longevity, I buy a fu bottle and choose this as the scent I bring with me on my vacation this summer. Quick Look. HERMÈS Terre d’Hermès Pure Perfume. This is an absolutely fantastic smelling amber. A quick burst of bright orange soon joined by as many variations of pepper as cam be imagined. RC. out of Oh, how I love this! It's a great perfume for daily wear, it's a bit masculine, or to put it like this, it's a strong woman's scent. It's more smooth and velvety than sharp, yet it smells masculine or unisex to me, and I don't like it for that reason (atleast on myself). :(, Smells like eau duelle by diptyque except it fades even more quickly. I hated it! Elixir des Merveilles is one of my staples for winter, an all-time favourite, so it was time I tried the original as well. Ignoro qué será lo que tiene ésta fragancia de especial, pero su nombre lo dice: "Eau Des Merveilles"... atomizármelo y sentirme contenta, luego extasiada, luego de buen humor todo el rato, luego bien, bien, bien... ¡es una especie de efecto dominó! It’s fresh, yet woodsy, and makes you feel put together, but still sexy. This perfume reminds me of walking through Kensington & Chelsea in London; maybe that is why I love it so much. Something really fresh ant fit for hot summer days was the thing I needed. Someone recently made a post on the forum asking about the most "masculine" scents marketed towards women and immediately this one came to mind. Also for guys who have trust issue with purchasing a women fragerence, dont hesistate its easily unisex & can pass for a man cologne Higley recommend solid 9 :). I still love the fragrance, but that makes it very difficult to wear except of very cold days for me! Based on many reviews here n by the notes pyramid I wanted to like this so bad. Wow! So yeah I used to have this perfume, which i blind buy, then gave it away because this is not for me. It is fresh yet deep. EAU DES MERVEILLES, una línea de productos de belleza específica que Hermès ha creado para ti. Fades in a moment...a nice ginger citrus pine upon opening, but goes away quickly...where's my amber? $71.00 - $139.00. Kind of like you mixed your perfume with a lot of water and sprayed it on your skin. I tend to wear them on occasions when I know I am going to be having a good time (or on occasions when I'm going to need the self-esteem lifting memories of good times). The scent really takes you on so many different journeys with it, from the zestiness of the opening to the warm, spicy and cosy dry down. Hace tiempo que tengo Eau des Merveilles, que me encanta, pero este Elixir no me convencía mucho en la teoría, … Like a walk along the beach. HERMÈS Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vétiver Eau de Parfum. Not the best perfume to represent amber. AU $248.20. Extraordinarily unique fragrance, I recommend this one for women who tend to dislike mainstream women's perfumes because they are too sweet or heavy. The one that I adore. Has an airy quality to it that makes me think of a crisp autumn or winter morning. Altamente recomendable.
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