It’s super productive and great grown as a spray. Plant Needs. King’s is just gonna have to ramp up production after this post 🙂. Instead, two hard pinches prove to be sufficient for getting nice blooms for wedding work. I’m afraid we no longer grow mums at our farm and so we don’t have any cuttings. And when gardeners try to transplant these mums into the ground late in the season, chances are they won't make it through winter and become perennial. This Is My Garden is a gardening website created by gardeners, for gardeners! Most importantly, to me at least, is that they make a very tough and long lasting cut flower. Hugs to you too, Nancy! Heat delay can cause irregularly formed flower buds, erratic flowering, deformation of the plant’s crown, and other developmental issues. Native to China and prized for over 2,000 years, the name “chrysanthemum” comes from the Greek words for gold (chrysos) and flower (anthos) and is often affectionately shortened to “mum.” This short-lived perennial plant is usually treated as an annual for providing color in early-season flower beds, containers, and window boxes.Petals can be just about any color from white to almost black, and everything in between. Instead of Hortonova, they were using 10′ long metal concrete reinfocement panels with the long sides bent down at 90 degree angles and then placed over the beds as their growing supports. For fall-planted mums to have a better chance of survival in cold areas, you need to give the roots and crown of the plant extra protection. 🙂 Hope that helps! Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Spider – Appropriately named for their long, curling petals that look like spiders sitting on top of stems, spider mums are one of the more unusual chrysanthemum plant types.Examples include Anastasia and Cremon. The pinched piece gets dipped in rooting hormone (also available from King’s Mums) and then rooted on a heating mat in a deep plug tray. Mums can suffer damage from aphids, thrips, and spider mites. Simply so, are Belgian mums Hardy? Early-blooming mums can be cut back or allowed to flower. Your post here was very helpful. Awards 'Warm Igloo' - University of Georgia Best of the Best. Definitely a keeper! In warmer climates, consider heat delay. A new cultivar to us this year, but firmly in the favorites list and definitely a repeat, this very warm peachy gold bloom is superb for wedding work. Mums sprout in early spring and then start to grow in a bush-like fashion, sometimes. The buds are huge and a true purple; great for corsages and boutonnieres. 5) Mocha When garden centers sell blooming potted mums in the fall, they are usually used as annuals and discarded when the blooms fade. 10) Seatons J Dore Plant mums as soon as the soil warms in the spring. Apparently she’s a finicky plant that doesn’t like to overwinter so the team at King’s Mums has a hard time getting enough cuttings to sell. 7) Honeyglow 3) Candid But mums can definitely do well out in the open field if you don’t have a hoop house. I would love to grow Moira Chrysanthemums in my garden (from being swayed by the pictures on this page!) These unique plants are equally useful in the kitchen (teas, soups, salad greens, etc) as they are in combating garden pests (mums are a key ingredient in the organic insecticide, Pyrethrum). A large lush white irregular incurve that blooms early on tall stems. It’s super productive and the best of the many whites I’ve tried over the years. It’s a striking accent in centerpieces, and I love to pair it with warm soft pinks and peach blooms along with purple kale. Mums prefer some humidity, but if the humidity is high, make sure they have good air circulation to prevent rot or disease. I’m officially inspired to experiment with growing some mums next season! Best grown under cover if you can but perfectly fine out in the field too. To bypass this problem in hotter climates, look for cultivars with higher heat tolerance. Other common names for these colorful fall characters are based on the shortened version (\"mums\") of the genus name. It’s worth it though if you’re a farmer florist looking for that perfect warm purple bloom for your autumn bridal bouquets. Tamp down the soil gently. Your email address will not be published. I think this is fabulous, like Peonies of the fall. I’m saving cuttings of my own in desperation. I’ll put that up in the blog post as I forgot to mention it earlier. It is a genus with amazing diversity, both in blooms and uses. Two of the most common causes of premature budding that are within the growers' control are stress from lack of watering or from lack of fertilization. Early season mums will initiate flowering during longer days, and late season varieties initiate flowering when day length is shorter. I use potting soil — ProMix BX to be exact. Would you say in zone 7 late March it would be okay to plant out rooted cuttings from King’s in low tunnels due to cramped indoor space? Mix a few of these in with Apricot Alexis and Candid in a bouquet or centerpiece for instant drama and color harmony. Now in the fourth season of mum production at the farm, I feel like I’ve got a good handle on which varieties work best, particularly for wedding designs. Hi Patty – I’ve actually stopped growing mums because I decided I wanted to wrap up my season at the end of October each year, rather than push through to Thanksgiving. About This Is My Garden. Pick a Healthy Mum One of the only flowers I know that displays a true gold quality at the tip of its petals. Minngopher is ruby-red with 2" to 2-1/2" flowers. They have a wide range of bloom color, size and petal formation, but they also have different bloom times. Fill the bottom of the new pot with good quality potting soil. These hardy blooms can handle light frost without flinching and many have the same dramatic beauty of dahlias. We often use it before it’s fully open though and absolutely love the very warm red and gold color mixed in with other warm autumn tones. This dusky purple flouncy bloom was new to us this year. Thank you for spending the time to demystify mums for me. I do that with my dahlias and far prefer it over the netting! I”m speaking for mums out in the field. Thanks again for all the great info. You’ve probably wrinkled your nose at the idea of mums in any bouquet other than the ones you grab at the market while shopping for dinner ingredients. Tough Liriope can be divided easily, some varieties produce variegated foliage. If you are purchasing multiple potted mums for a front porch or for fall landscape decorations, choose several varieties so that you will have continuous blooms. The color is a really nice warm tone so it mixes nicely with Candid and Seatons Ruby for autumn centerpieces. I was also thrilled to see I chose so many of the cultivators you mentioned above. Make sure you have soil, not air surrounding the roots. You can do no wrong as a designer when Apricot Alexis is at your disposal. Jennie, Refer to the A-Z Quick Reference Guide to determine the approximate flowering date for each variety. Here in zone 7 in Philadelphia, we don’t rely on overwintering and just plan to order new plugs each spring. These flowers only grow about 4 inches in diameter, making it a petite mum to add to your garden that won't take up too much space. Make no mistake, chrysanthemums thrive in full sun. As flowers became bred to withstand long distance shipping and rough handling in super markets, the thousands of unique mum cultivars available got nit picked over until only a handful of super sturdy (boring) button mums and even fewer “football” mums remained in mass production for cutting. Would you consider selling a few rooted cutting next spring?thanks. Thus, a particular mum variety may be early-, midseason-, or late-blooming. However, in warm climates, the plants often appreciate some shade during the heat of the afternoon. Beginning in the 1920s, U of M researchers were selecting and breeding mums for early flowering; none bloomed before Minnesota's killing frosts. Patty. Comes to Must Have Perennials from Aris Horticulture, Inc. Awesome, Kelly! Even while loathing the many (many!) Unfortunately, the mums for sale in garden centers in the fall have been coddled in nurseries and coaxed to set buds for September blooms. Click to see full answer. Established plants should not be fed after July, so new growth is not injured by frost.
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