The most obvious distinction between the Pros and Cons list that many of us have made outside of DBT is that instead of having just two columns labeled "Pros" and Cons," there are two additional sections. 12 Dialectical Behavior Therapy tools and worksheets to help clients practice radical acceptance coping skills. In the course of conducting standard DBT and teaching DBT skills training classes, I … Therapy – Accelerated (DBT-A) program is drawn primarily from the work of Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D. Dr. Linehan developed DBT for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). For most When you do this particular worksheet, you want to look at all of the following to help you make an informed decision. I would be able to continue to feel what I was used to feeling, which sometimes brings comfort. This can help us to “hang on” to our plan in times of stress or temptation. Cons. Seth R. Axelrod, PhD, 1-27-2004 adapted from Marsha Linehan’s (1993) Skills Training … Pros and Cons The majority of mental health treatments focuses only on changing events that cause distress. Use the grid below to evaluate both sets of pros and cons (this type of grid is also used in Distress Tolerance Worksheet 3). Target: _____ Option 1: Keeping Things As They Are My instructor might not let me come back to class or at least, there would be tension between us Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is part of the cognitive-behavioral family of therapies. Pros. 12 Dialectical Behavior Therapy tools and worksheets to help clients practice radical acceptance coping skills. Pros. the pros and cons of both changing and not making a change is one way to help us make sure we have fully considered a possible change. Little attention has been paid to accepting, finding meaning for, and simply tolerating distress. Opposite to Emotion Action Worksheet (HW) 59 V. Distress Tolerance Skills 60 Crisis Survival Strategies 61 Self-Soothe with the 5 Senses 62 Improve the Moment 63 Thinking of Pros and Cons 64 Pros and Cons Worksheet (HW) 65 Urge Management 66 Observing Your Breathe Exercises 67 Pros and Cons Think of the positives and the negatives about acting out and not using distress tolerance Make the table seen below for yourself (let the group work on an example using this table) This exercise helps you better analyze the situations, re-approach the … Below , write in the r easons that you can think of in each of the boxes. It was originally developed to treat seriously and chronically suicidal patients and has evolved to treat patients who meet criteria for borderline personality disorder and problems of emotional regulation. If the pros and cons worksheet helps you choose coping behavior over crisis behavior, be sure to keep this worksheet where you can find it and review it again when you are in crisis. I would have to put effort into self control. Cons. Or you can use the type of grid seen in Distress Tolerance Worksheet 3a and in the pros-and-cons worksheets for other modules. Weighing the Pro’s and Con’s of a particular belief, behavior, habit, relationship, or situation. Feeling of success that I was able to use my skills.
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