2 You deny that you made any complaint as to the raising of troops, the requisitioning of sums of money, the tampering with the legions, and the sending of despatches across the sea. 1908-1909. . The translations of letters to Atticus are based on the version by E.O.Winstedt; the other letters are based on the version by W.G.Williams. Description: 51/2x8 1/2 155540264x 868 page paperback - Cicero letters translated into English by D.R. So far she has avenged her injuries by the death through your agency of a despot; nothing could be more splendid. March 22nd, 44 B.C.]. CICERO, Letters to Brutus - Epistulae ad Brutum: Loeb; translation and text; Cic:Amic CICERO, de Amicitia translation → text; Cic:Arch CICERO, Oratio pro Archia Loeb; translation and text; Cic:Att CICERO, Letters to Atticus - Epistulae ad Atticum: Loeb; translation and text; Cic:Balb CICERO, Oratio pro Balbo Loeb; translation and text Mag. 2 And yet, if I am not mistaken, the present position is such that the ultimate issue of the whole war depends apparently upon D.Brutus; if once he succeeds, as we hope he will, in breaking out of Mutina, it looks as if there would be nothing left of the war. L  . "I don't think so at all, for you won't be safe." So naturally we hope to see you in Italy as soon as possible. As to Brutus, because he is nearer, the reports about him appear to be more trustworthy. 43 (for three last months), Q. Fufius Calenus, P.   [Pompeii, May 3rd, 44 B.C.]. If you have the strength, it is a praiseworthy and popular thing to do; if you absolutely lack that strength, you will find it easier to stand people's gossip if you stay away. Consider rather whether this was not his reason for calling on me, that, when he had performed an action very like those which I myself had done, he called me above all men to witness that he had been an imitator of my exploits. he succeeded in defeating a Parthian invasion of Syria. In camp, May 7th. On March 15th 44 B.C., Caesar was killed in the senate-house by a group of senators, led by Brutus and Cassius. 2 There is nothing certain so far about Spain, indeed no news at all. Calpurnius Piso, M. Acilius Glabrio.   |   Od. Dictator 2 For the present I do not suppose that you need any encouragement from me to defend us while we are away, and the Republic too, as far as in you lies. Was I the instigator whom Lucius Tillius Cimber followed? 2 Here (I'll send you something of a letter after all) we have on our hands the death of P. Sulla senior; some say it was brigands, others indigestion. If, however, you are planning some scheme worthy of your glory, I should like to see it carried through while I am yet alive. Letters to Atticus, with an English translation by E.O. So, although I had no doubt even before, now I have still less - that I must fly away from here as fast as possible, "Where I may hear no more report of Pelops' sons." 6d. . [2.32] What is the matter? Am I then called wicked by you because you suspect that I suspected something; and is he who openly displayed his dripping dagger; named by you so that you may do him honour? Letters to Atticus; with an English translation. So I do not so much as recommend him to you. [7.23] Cicero to Atticus, greeting. We, who could not brook the master, are the slaves of a fellow-slave. I accept your advice and have no intention of flight myself. [12.9] Cicero to Cassius Perseus: Letters to and from Quintus. 3 But of this later on. And yet why am I excusing myself to you, when your men come to me empty-handed, and return to you with letters ? Cicero: Letters to Atticus; With an English Translation, Volume 1: Cicero, Marcus Tullius, Atticus, Titus Pomponius: Amazon.sg: Books Perseus provides credit for all accepted Cicero was declared a "virtuous pagan" by the early Church, and therefore many of his works were deemed worthy of preservation. Coss., C. George Bell and Sons. Am I embarrassing you?   [Rome, (?) Claudius Pulcher. Magister Equitum, M. . With this before your eyes, see to it that your aims are of the highest. [11.1] D.Brutus to M.Brutus and C.Cassius For the swordsman is bent on bloodshed, and imagined that he would make a beginning of it with me on the 19th of September, on which day he had turned up ready primed, after studying his speech for several days at the villa of Metellus. . (Cambridge, 1965–1970). We indeed credit you with having made that denial in all good faith; at the same time, however, we refuse to acknowledge the truth of a single word of those allegations, and it surprises us that, though you kept silent about all this, you were so little able to control your anger as to reproach us with the death of Caesar. I have no doubt but that Caesar is on the point of entering Apulia and that Pompeius is on board ship . So, as I wrote to you before, the universal impression was that (as is his habit), he spewed rather than spoke his speech. But all that left me unmoved; I had better things to think about. [Formiae, February 11th, 49 B.C.]. Cassius, as tribune of the plebs, supported Pompeius against Caesar. W. S. Watt, Ciceronis Epistulae ad Atticum I–VIII (Oxford Classical Text, 1965). 3 Our friends are terribly alarmed about us; and although they are fully assured of your good faith, still they are obsessed by the reflection that a mass of veterans can be more easily driven in any direction by anybody else than held in check by you. Letters to Atticus, with an English translation by E.O. Shackleton Bailey. Coss., L. For it is hard to convince men that "the good is to be chosen for its own sake"; but that pleasure and tranquillity of mind is acquired by virtue, justice, and the good is both true and demonstrable. Of the rest of their conduct you may judge from the fact that they have robbed your legate of his travelling allowance. What everybody is saying however, I suppose because they wish it, is that you are in Syria, and in command of forces. I said all I could about you in a ringing voice that filled the forum, and the shouting and applause of the people was - well, I never saw anything like it! After Crassus' defeat and death at Carrhae, Cassius led the remnants of the Roman army back to Syria, and in 51 B.C. For the former applied the torch of war to universal public disorder, the latter to peace and victory. Coss. L  If you are well, that is good; I and my army are well. 3 As for my dear friend L.Cotta, yielding to a sort of irresistible despair (his own expression) he attends the Senate less regularly; L.Caesar, most admirable and gallant of citizens, is prevented by ill-health; Servius Sulpicius, a man of the greatest influence and soundest sentiments, is away from Rome. So I pretend to busy myself with other things, to prevent Plato's emphatic reproach from ringing in my ears. Meanwhile convince yourself of this, that both in the interests of the Republic which has ever been most precious to me, and in the interests of our mutual affection, I have nothing more at heart than your position in the State. 55 But if our enemies are defeated (and I hope so) before you arrive, even so your influence will help the Republic to lift up her head, and be established on some tolerably firm basis. sine collega. Coss., Cn. Mindius Marcellus and Attius the perfumer are highly delighted at having lost a rival bidder. Thank you for visiting the Cicero Translations website. It follows that in your opinion they are deliverers of their country, since there can be no other alternative. C. Iulius Caesar V. Cicero was 20 years older than Cassius, and by the time this correspondence starts, he was already a prominent statesman. Caius Cassius, a man of that family which could not endure, I will not say the domination, but even the power of any individual,- he, I suppose, was in need of me to instigate him? B.C. The result is that people are thronging round me, and for the first time, by supporting a really sound measure, I find myself a popular hero. What a pitiful state of affairs! Caesar went off to Spain, where he fought the last campaign of the civil war, against the sons of Pompeius. George Bell and Sons. Cicero, Epistulae ad Atticum (English) [genre: prose] [Cic. And not only that, but measures which he himself would not carry through were he alive, we approve, because we suppose that he contemplated them. Pedius, mort., P. Ventidius. "How about our philosophy then?" r.p.c., C. Iulius Caesar III. .   [Rome, early February, 43 B.C.]. Why were the games of Apollo celebrated with incredible honour to Marcus Brutus? There was nothing else for us to do now except to keep him out of danger: by so doing we should have some safeguard for the republic too. . L  I should like you to have invited me to your banquet on the Ides of March; there would have been no leavings. For it seemed that you not only back me up - that you have always done, both for my sake, and the sake of the Republic - but also that you have shouldered a burden of anxiety, and feel seriously perturbed about me.
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